Sunday, December 2, 2012

This December: Fox and Friends caps.

Fox and Friends first caps sent by "Ranger".

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends sent by "DJ".

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends sent by "Ranger".

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson and Supermodel Petra Nemcova caps @ Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Nothing to see at Fox and Friends today so here's Fox and Friends 1st.

Friday: Gretchen Carlson and the Ladies of Fox and Friends 1st.

More of Gretchen Carlson caps from last week sent by "DJ".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. I like the Fox and Friends ladies caps, only if I can wake up by 5 am I can watch them but I'm still dead asleep at that time.
    Gretch looks so delicious on that purple dress.

  2. To December 2, 2012 10:44 PM: DITTO!!!!!

    All of the above caps are MILF Alerts!!!!!

  3. Baton down the hatches bous cuz we've hit the annual holiday upskirt drought...Its okay just keep tuned as it will pass...

  4. HELL YES!!! I am so glad that I was watching this morning. The Sexy Swede, The Blonde Bombshell, the woman who puts the curve on the couch, our Lady Gretchen gave us a double take up her dress. She starts this week in a giving mood. HELL YEA!!!

  5. Welcome back the real Gretchen Carlson!!! Monday she is hot and lovely beyond words in her little red and skirt!!! She is really making up for lost time and taking extra dosages of her aphrodisiacs raising the show's ratings by also raising her hemline!!! Cap man; taker note---especially 7:20 am when Stuart Varney enters the room!!! Wuuuhuuuu!!!!!

  6. Too bad Monday's ATSS was taken entire outdoors; with our fair Swede standing.

  7. Gretchen was all hot and sexy today. She gave us a quick upskirt also. When Stuart Varney was walking up to the curvy couch Gretch got up to greet him and bam white panties. I hope "DJ" or Capman caputured this lovely moment.

  8. Bad news...The 5 may have a new set and it covers up what Kimberly does best, show her eatable thighs. Hope its not permanent.
    Gretch's dress is short but could always be shorter. Unfortunately she had her inner thighs glued shut. Hope during the ATS segment she loosened them up. What do we do if the conservative channel gets more conservative?
    Say it aint so!!!!

  9. Please someone tell me that there are a few HD caps of Gretchen's upskirt on today show, she was really hot with that red and black minidress

  10. Stuart got an eye full this nice!!

  11. It's ok for me for Gretch to wear long sleeves as long as its a very short skirt.


  13. Heard this morning in the PAB dressing room:

    Gretch - I am unworthy to fasten the sandals on your feet.

    PAB - Gretch, I know that you are blonde, but these are pumps. Now get them off and get my toes painted with the wine color.

    PAB is THE queen!

  14. Mama Mia...
    Uh lala...
    Gretchen you are the queen...

  15. Wow! 2 days in a row this week,are we lucky or not?
    And who says its a upskirt drought. Gretchen will never do that. She knows when the ratings are going down she'll do everything to make it sky rocket again.
    Yeah Gretchen is the real QUEEN.

  16. 2 blurry, far off "up"s in as many days, I'm sure that'll be it for a year at least now

  17. To December 4, 2012 11:53 AM comment: REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING???

    Wednesday morning, the tables are turned surprising enough! My gal pal Gretchen decided o reverse with Dana Perino. Dana decided to take aphrodisiacs as well as raise the show's ratings by dressing like the Swede Queen and Gretchen decided to be like Dana's old self and forgot to take her aphrodisiacs. Oh well. I'm still waiting for a surprise from Gretch!

  18. Luv Gretch in purple, look closely at the pic of her with a devilish grin while that shrink is gawking at her gorgeous gams, she KNOWS she blew his nuts!!

  19. The guy in picture 18 (from Mondays caps) looks like he just had a pleasant surprise, lol

  20. Lets hope for Gretch to pull off the hat trick and give us a 3rd shot up her skirt.
    Watched The 5 and even though their new set (hope its temporary) severely reduces the leg show, Kimberly was doing her best to show her goods but whoever's running the camera would cut away whenever Kimberly would try to share her deliciousness with The 5's viewers. The cameras spends too much time on Greg as it is so they need to change that. I need to figure out how to fire off a email for The 5 to remedy that.

  21. I can't believe how conservative old Gretch has been both yesterday Wednesday and today Thursday. She was indescribably hot on Monday but than the following days she was ultra conservative by covering everything. To keep thew ratings up yesterday supermodel Petra Nemcova and this morning Ainsley Earhardt were really the ones who saved the show's ratings and raised it even higher whereby if both beauties were absent, the show would have taken a dip on both respective days.

  22. Yes, on The Five our favorite "The Five" gal pal was hotter than ever. Mr. cap man, more The Five caps, please!

  23. Brilliant cap work this week...this site has to have the best relevent upskirts ever! SALUD!
    and in a rebelious move, while on The 5 Andrea has chosen to pull her legs from beneath the new set table and point them towards the camera & her thighs look magnificantly delicious! VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

  24. To the cap man re: Thursday caps and comments:
    Thank you much for the Fox and Friends first caps and you are so right that there was nothing to see re: Thursday Fox and Friends!

    btw, Gretchen Carlson made up for the last two ultra conservative days be taking her aphrodisiacs Friday morning by raising the show ratings in the way that only she knows how! Way to go Gretch by ending the week beautifully! Nice weekend!

  25. On Thursday Fox and Friends first Ainsley Earhardt had stolen the show and single-highhandedly raised its show ratings sky high!

    Who says this South Carolina southern belle isn't hot! Anybody who has any complaints about Ainsley Earhardt needs to have their heads examined!

  26. On Friday's FAF ATSS Gretchen Carlson was HOT HOT HOT!!! Between those dance moves and her working the curvy couch, she was indescribable!

  27. Yeah, great dance moves and caps from Gretch this week. I hope more to come next week.
    Happy blogging and weekend everyone.

  28. Watch Saturday Fox and Friends ratings soar as the lovely Fox and Friends first weekday co-host; who gave that show a high rating; Ainsley Earhardt substitutes for the Italian girl-next-door-from the Jersey shore! What a pleasant surprise!

  29. Heather Nauert IS high on aphrodisiacs IN HER LITTLE BLACK DRESS IN THE TOP CAPS! I love those poses!

  30. Our favorite southern belle on Saturday was bitten by the conservative bug and decided not to take her dosage of aphrodisiacs. What a letdown this Saturday morning on FAF.

  31. I can't wait until Sunday morning to see who the lucky hostess or co-host of Fox and Friends will be. Stay tuned, folks. I call this viewers' pot luck!

  32. Alisyn Camerota is back on the curvy couch this Sunday morning on Fox and Friends.

    BTW, here's hoping the Swede Queen does not forget to take her aphrodisiacs because she's been unpredictable lately. I'm tired of the sometimes up and sometimes down ratings! I hope she decides to keep them up the entire week as well as to not be absent during the week.

  33. well, a penny for your thoughts, folks.

  34. I can't wait to see Fox and Friends First because at least one of those co-hosts never lets us down! That show's ratings almost never takes a dip! You can count on it!