Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Week of June: Tamsen Fadal, Molly Line, Ainsley Earhardt and Gretchen Carlson.

Tamsen Fadal best caps last week @ PIX 11 Morning Show.

Tamsen Fadal caps from previous PIX 11 shows:

Saturday: Molly Line caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox News Fox and Friends Video:

Sunday: Ainsley Earhardt caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox News After The Show Show 06/05/2011.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox News After The Show Show 06/06/2011.

Gretchen Carlson 06/06/11 Youtube Video.

Who can forget this red dress? Is this the same dress this Monday?

And this cap of Gretchen dancing is from summer of 2008.

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 06/08/2011:

Thursday: Molly Line caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends Video:

Friday: Alisyn Camerota caps/picture/photos @ Fox and Friends:

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. The PIX caps drive me in the ditch thank goodness I'm driving a hammer. Looks like PIX overtake Fox this time.
    Anyway nice to see Molly Line on gym outfit and Ainsley this Sunday.
    Gretch should do something to make the rating high for Fox and Friends. Let's see what the queen of morning show can do this week.

  2. Finally a h*rdc*re p*nty shot from the PIX girl, extremely decent leg shot from Ainsley, & Molly is just plain pretty. Monday am woke up and saw Gretchs dress was relatively short, would've been fun watching her trying to keep her legs in check with that thing on but FAF comes on at 3a out west & I need my beauty sleep. Hope Gretch gave up the cr*tch even for a quick chance glance.

  3. had a fast but great dream featuring Gretch, she was alone on the curvy making hot poses in front of the camera lifting her skirt and revealing her under carriage. crazy

  4. Molly and her workout, plus Tamsen showing she doesnt wear Spanx, doesnt get much better than that.

  5. Wow!!!
    Tamsen, Molly and now Gretch. Yeah, I agree doesn't get better than that. And its just the start of the week;

  6. I think its the same red dress, right guys?
    This red dress is pretty old that cap of Gretch dancing was about 3 years old I believe. Unless she bought the same dress again.

  7. Tuesday has potential for Gretch. Note to FOX. All we need on the ATSS is Gretch and Steve on the couch. Not standing, no musical guests, and no otehr guests. Some nice closeups of GRetch. Plus she tends to ad lib and move around when it is them two and she gets bored. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

  8. Wuuuwuuuuu!!!!! MILF MILF MILF ALERT ALARM!!! "eeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!! (like a ambulace alrm sound)!!!!! For all of the above caps including Tuesday morning on FAF featuring Fetchin' Sparkles in hot little blue outfit!!! The show's ratings went sky high as well as the tow truck business!!!

  9. That cap is that old??? Oh well who cares, she looks pretty bangable in that dress & I'm sure her husband took care of her that afternoon.

  10. What can we ask for, PIX 11 delivered the goods and so as the Fox ladies. What a great week to start.

  11. I like the montage of shots of Gretch all by herself & she has to do what we want her to do...extremely stimulating. Genius work by whomever

  12. Alisyn Camerota is doing a great job raising the show America's Newsroom's ratings to the hilt! She is 100 % better than the usual host! She always delivers!

  13. I dont get the attraction to Alisyn at all, shes kinda pretty in a painted talking head sorta way but past her head she offers nothing...but to each his own if she does it for you than party on Garth. Gretch has it all, shes got some bad girl in her from her past that surfaces in how she parts her thighs & thats why she looks so good in red. To quote Bob Seger 'its the fire down below.'

  14. I can't wait to see what the Sexy Swede finishes the week like. She is going for broke and looking exceptionally hot this week. I guess that she is looking at her competition and making sure that she keeps her fans glued and wanting more. I know that I am, can't wait for tomorrow. MILF of the Year!!!

  15. A rough draft of a song dedicated to Gretchen Carlson:

    Old Fetchin' Gretchen,
    Is a beaustiful catch for the guys to be fetchin her!

  16. No Gretch today but the beautiful Molly was in...shes just a classy looking broad. She announced her engagement to the luckiest male g*netalia in New England... Not sure what she displayed today but me thinks in lieu of her announcement she remained conservative in showing her wears... Hope I'm wrong.

  17. A continuation of the Old Fetchin' Gretchen song:

    Old Fetchin' Gretchen,
    Is not shy at all,
    Whether alot or a little,
    She loves to deliver it all!

    Old Fetchin' Gretchen,
    I love her smile,
    When she leans back, laughs, moves around,
    My eyes are glued to her all the while!

    Old Fetchin' Gretchen,
    Loves to get spanked,
    So athletic and agile she is,
    As she kneels, bends, and arms make body to flank!

    Old Fetchin' Gretchen,
    Doesn't care what the people say,
    She's always going to display her goods,
    To all her admirers anyway!

  18. Thot I saw Alyson on F&F today...if so may I suggest the capman check out to see if Tamsen gave up the goods cuz guaranteed aint no way Alyson gives up a, nada, zilch, nutin...never has-never will. What, is there another reason to visit this website?? I cant think of any.

  19. The Italian Jersey girl next door is still not a school girl although she's no Fetchin' Gretchen! Nice to see her on her old FAF weekday post!

    To continue the Old Fetchin' Gretchen song:

    Old Fetchin' Gretchen,
    Arms make body flank,
    As she did her push-ups in skirt,
    Just begging to get spanked!

    Old Fetchin' Gretchen,
    All alone on curvy couch with Steve,
    As she fetched him a pen,
    It was such an exciting sight to please!

  20. Wow, Tamsen Fadal of PIX that's why I find myself watching more at PIX 11 than in Fox News these days. But I still want to Gretch and Molly every morning on TV.

  21. I like the following comment:

    June 10, 2011 11:13 PM
    Anonymous said...

    Wow, Tamsen Fadal of PIX that's why I find myself watching more at PIX 11 than in Fox News these days. But I still want to Gretch and Molly every morning on TV.

    The above mentioned Fox News anchor women seems to be fiercely competing with each other as to who could raise the show's ratings the most as well as help the tow truck business!

  22. Pretty Molly on this Sat morn showing more leg than usual. Her dress was short enough that if she moves just right we'd get a view of her veiled auborn peach...doubt that would happen since she seems pretty cautious about displaying her goodness. A man can dream cant he?

  23. Yup, Molly Line and Gretchen Carlson are raising the show rating.

  24. Gretch brought back her "legendary" red dress, but was it really a red flag?
    Perhaps she's responding to the challenge from CNN? The new couch has had a dramatic effect, lots & lots of gratuitous legs from Chris Romans & Kiran Chetry.
    They can barely contain their enthusiasm and eagerness to "gam it up" and cavort on their new boy toy.

    Kiran has always been leggy since her Fox days, but Chris Romans has really elevated her game. Her "wardrobe" is more bold & daring each day. Who could blame her, cuz' her luscious legs are spectacular!!
    Chris & Kiran are one helluva' hot tag team duo, perhaps Gretch needs some help?
    The suits @ Fox should consider replacing the 2 buffoons on F&F, with another leggy lady. Any suggestions?

  25. Nice job on the Tamsen pics, she is bringing some serious heat right now. Molly Line is really bringing her A game right now. She is getting sexier with each appearance. I need more Gretchen asap. She is the Top Milf, when it comes to morning news. I hope she will be back on the curvy couch soon.

  26. On Sunday June 5th, is Tamsen without p__ti_s?

  27. We need more of Ainsley ass show