Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kiran Chetry and Christine Romans caps @ CNN and Fox News Fox and Friends caps.

Attention: Due to some technical difficulties today 06/26/11 I wasn't able to post Fox and Friends caps for Saturday and Sunday. All caps will be posted on 06/27/11 later in the evening or as soon as we get more storage for our website. Thank you for blogging with us.

Kiran Chetry and Christine Romans caps @ CNN American Morning Show.

So, CNN really added the curvy couch to their morning show set just like Fox News Fox and Friends. What's with the curvy couch? Why do morning shows need them?

More caps from CNN this week.

Saturday: Molly Line caps/photos/pictures @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 6/18/2011:

Sunday: Ainsley Earhardt caps/photos/pictures @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Martha MacCallum caps/photos/pictures @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show 06/20/2011:

Tuesday: Martha MacCallum caps/photos/pictures @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 06/21/2011:

Wednesday: Martha MacCallum caps/photos/pictures @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 06/22/2011:

Thursday: Alisyn Camerota caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends Video 06/23/2011:

Friday: Molly Line caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Well, congratulations goes out to Ainsley Earhardt as achieved the title MILF of the Weekend! She really did it in her LITTLE RED DRESS!!! I'm telling you, she is trying so desperately hard to take the title away from that loveable and super hot Swede Queen, Sparkles!

  2. They need the curvy couch for the ratings, its a way to display the ladies. News from the curvy... that's the trend today.

  3. Agreed. Ainsley had super hot dress, still needs to move aroud some more, or cross uncross once in a while

  4. Yes I agree with how the curvy couch helps the ratings with the ladies sitting there!

  5. Whelp, another Monday morning without Gretchen Carlson! What a disappointment! Show ratings take an occasional drop! At least it became minus one viewer; me!

  6. Tamsen Fadal's little song in her head as she appeases every single male viewer:
    "He's a good guy,yes he is ! Just as sweet as he could be! Well, I don't care what the people say! I'm gonna show my lovely legs! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...he's a good guy, yes he is! (To the tune of old 1964 Motown girl group the Marvellets song "He's A Good Guy, yes he is").

  7. The song in my head is 'it dont mean a thing if i cant see that panty thing.' & why tamsen is the winner. ainsley looked hotter in that green dress from last week. showed great cleavage and showed the outline of her caboose which by the way, quite nice.

  8. Who is that blond on Fox and friends - boooooring. I am starting to like the blond on Good Morning America. Always wearing tight short dresses. Plus she does all the special features so we get to see her moving around

  9. Whelp, Tuesday is a repeat of Monday without Gretchen Carlson and another semi school girl. I guess the show could afford the competition of other stations to beat it's ratings today. So sad!

  10. Looks like both CNN and PIX 11 have much higher ratings and are eating Fox's lunch so far this week! So far, Monday and Tuesday had nothing but school girl alerts on FAF. No Gretchen Carlson and the other women were only school girls. I can't tell what's on Wednesday FAF yet.

  11. If we can't have Gretchen, by all means keep Ainsley on for more than just Sundays. She's clearly learning from the master, and is a classic "well built" Southern Belle. Cute smile too.

    As for Martha.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz. She dresses like a 60 year old church lady. She could be best supporting actress in the movie "Gran Perino".

  12. CNN ladies rocked it wed am on their curvy, the blondy on hln rocked it. wasnt any need to flip any further between those 2. great cameron diaz on the tonight show. shes got a lazy way of sitting so eventually she'll give it up. you want upskirt, thigh galore? check out this spanish speaking dating show called 12 corazones (12 hearts)most of the girls are pretty hot & sit on barstools & they show a lot & who cares what they're saying anyway. check it out it'll change your life.

  13. Wow. The comment above is right on the money. CNN ladies are on fire this week. Never was a big Kerian fan, but she's made me a believer this week. Carol Costello is the blond milf filling in for Christine Romans. Ms Costello has been putting on a leg and thigh show all week. She should be the permant co-host. 12 Corazones is awesome, the host and most of the female guests are hot. Speaking of spanish Hotties, check out a show on Telemundo called Levantate. It's a spanish morning news show. Raschel Diaz is the star of the show. She's gorgeous and has an unbelievable body. Even with that said, I can't wait to see Gretchen back on the curvy couch. Her. Birthday was on June 21st. I know she's going to come back hotter than ever.

  14. So nice to see the Italian Jersey-girl-next-door Alisyn Camerota to help raise the show's declining ratings for the week!

  15. The leggy ladies from CCN Have stepped up this week to fill the void by Gretch's absence.
    Martha Mac is filling in for Gretch and she's a huge disappointment, she is content to down play her beauty & physique. She has so much potential if she were a bit more bold & daring.
    On the rare occasion when she lets her hair down she looks stunning!!

  16. Still dont get the devotion to Alisyn, to me shes a weak link as far as something to look at.

  17. Molly Molly Molly. Great leag show Friday. Check out the Gerelado segment. Great leg uncross and cross. DAMMMMMMMMM

  18. The icing on the cake for FOX for the whole week so far was when Miss USA gave the weather report for extreme weather conditions! The really helped the show's declining ratings for the week! Can't wait for Gretchen's return on Monday hopefully. She's FOX's original Miss America!

  19. And the winner of the week is....the ladies of CNN! CNN had had numerous MILF alerts this week! PIX 11 takes second place and FOX News takes third place. Hopefully when Gretchen Carlson returns to burn FOX will jump back to number one! Let's see what FOX has to offer this weekend!

  20. Wow! What a nice ending this weekend. Molly Line made my Friday morning. She looks great this Friday. Hope to see her again.

  21. Saturday morning is a semi school girl alert. What a disappointment!

  22. Great caps as always. Molly is growing on me, much like my pants are gowing - hehe

  23. I want to see Molly Line more and more.
    I hope when Gretch is out she's on Fox and Friends.

  24. I hope there are Sunday caps for FAF. I missed it. Somebody help me out there on viewer land. Was it a MILF alert or School Girl alert?

  25. What happened to Gretchen Carlson? I just learned that Alisyn Camerota will be hosting FAF this coming week Monday -Thursday.

  26. Weekend sucked and Gretchen not in Monday. sunday had so much potnetial with Ainsley and even had dog segment. But she just stood there. At least Erika Tarantal on NBC on Monday. she sits behind the a glass desk and teases us with legs open thru the glass. Cap man, if you can ever cap between 430 am and 5 AM, they always do a segment where they go to commercial and show side view of desk. Usually around 445am

  27. I have two questions: What times during the day does CNN feature its curvy couch?

    The other question is how do I download the Fox and Friends after the show show for the same day it is shown? All I see are past ATSS.
    Please help me out there.