Monday, September 27, 2010

NBC Today Show and Fox News Fox and Friends.

More NBC Today Show caps.

I did not able to do some Gretchen caps busy checking other morning couch so here's what they got. You be the judge.

Fox and Friends Afer the Show Show 10/01/2010. Elizabeth Hurley and Ainsley Earhardt.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox News Fox and Friends.

We almost got another one this Monday but they cut it off at the end of ATSS.
Anyway, there's always another day.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show 09/27/2010.

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox News Fox and Friends.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox News Fox and Friends.

Friday: Ainsley Earhardt caps/pictures/photos @ Fox News Fox and Friends.

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps/pictures/photos @ Fox News Fox and Friends.

Nice to see Courtney Friel this week.

Enjoy the caps as always...

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Ditto.I'd say Gretch has gotten a little cooler since her return from her vacation; not as hot as before her vacation and much less compared to a year ago September.

  2. A little schoolgirl alert for Monday September 27, 2010.

  3. E.D. Hill was the first and original MILF of Fox and Friends. Gretchen Carlson is slowly becoming a school girl to be and an ex-MILF.

  4. Guys,
    Gretchen has been put out to pasture by producers who are getting to many emails from ticked off women around the country who dont want to see another females crotch while watching the news.:)

  5. I wish Fox would bring back E.D. Hill! Perhaps the ratings will rise again!

  6. A penny for your thoughts, guys for the above comment. Maybe I'm wrong.

  7. Buy buy, Ms.American schoolgirl! I'm switching to another station! Farewell, my love! Good bye!

  8. Mr. Beaver, True fans stay. You can go . . .

  9. I guess every now and then, the old hot Gretch appears again! She threw us whining men a bone just to shut us up! That happened on Tue Sept. 29, 2010 After The Show Show! I liked her blue outfit and there were nice shots, cap man!

  10. All those complaining women who complain about Gretchen Carlson only to make her shy should GET A LIFE!!! They need to stop being so envious and catty!

  11. Guys,
    Relax, we can still go to plenty of other websites on the web to surf for our favorite images.:)

  12. Much potential as Gretchs skirt is kinda short but right now shes got those delicious thighs locked tight. One leg switch and we're on the way to Beaverville. Do it Gretch do it!

  13. Today's ATSS sucked because there was standing room only. Wed. Sept.29,2010

    The Whiner

  14. Hi Guys,
    Lets face the facts, no more upskirt action at Foxnews. So, just move on and watch Natalie Morales , Amy Robach at NBC. Gretchen Carlson is old news, she had a decent run, but is over 40 yrs old now anyway. Lets check out some younger babes on different networks.

  15. The ATSS Thur. Sept. 30, 2010 was the worst ever! Why? No Gretchen Carlson and men only! I still miss Gretchen when she was in her prime--which was only until about a month ago.I'm going to keep on whining until there is some change with her!

  16. Lots of Fox News fans here so I'll continue to post F&F that's what this blog is for.
    Thanks guys.

  17. I watched enough tv news to realize that F&F is the only place I've seen panties on these broads. Not even on Red Eye will you get a panty shot. Keep doing your thing Capman

  18. No Gretchen Carlson on Friday October 1, 2010. Ainsley Earhart, however was there and was lovely and hot! She took lessons from the old Gretch!

  19. The Friday Oct. 1, 2010 ATSS was nice and hot for a change! Everyone was sitting on the curvy couch including Ainsley Earhart and another hot guest; although quite old but still flaunted what she had.

  20. Hi Guys,
    Cudos to the caps man, lets show some other babes, Amy Robach, Natalie Morales Nbc. Foxnews is not the only news show in town. The other networks have pretty babes, competition is looming on the horizon, about time caps man, thanks. Make Foxnews earn the #1 slot again.

  21. Both Saturday FAF and ATSS on Oct.2,2010 were nice and hot! Alisyn Camerota was doing what she does best in addition to reporting and being nice! I loved her little purple outfit and the way she carried herself! The ATSS was again on the curvy couch with sitting room only!

  22. Looks like Alisyn Camerota took over Gretchen Carlson's title as number one hottie on FAF as well as old Gretchen's song in her head; especially from her performance on this Saturday's ATSS (Oct.2,2010). Alisyn is very sweet and the girl next door type with no hang-ups. She's also not shy and doesn't care what the people say!

  23. Quick Ainsely panty shot (bright white) on Sundays ATSS right after her weak little attempt at cheerleading. It happens after she sits back down and crosses her legs. Keep your eyes on the prize or you'll miss it. Not as good as when Gretch plays with her shoes but for Ainsely its great.

  24. Very nice ATSS with Ainsley! Looks like she's trying hard to move her slot up from number three to number one hottie of FAF! Somehow even though her dress when she stands is a little long, somehow, she lets it ride a little high when she sits!