Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Week: Fox News caps/pictures/photos.

Megyn Kelly caps sent by "Ranger".

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday and Tuesday: Ainsley Earhardt and Gretchen Carlson caps.

Wednesday: Lori Rothman and Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Juliet Huddy and Lori Rothman caps @ Fox and Friends.

Friday: Juliet Huddy caps @ Fox and Friends.

Last Friday Nicole Zaloumis from NFL Network caps sent by "DJ".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Triple MIL Alerts for:

    Super hot Megan Kelly caps of her beautiful derrier!

    Gretchen Carlson starts off the week beautifully and hot in her beautiful little dark red dress (I' wondering if that's the same one she wore on December 3)!

    Both ladies took their aphrodisiacs!

    Ratings are rising; folks!!!

  2. Watch America's Newsroom ratings rise as the lovely southern belle and one of FAFF's Heather Childers sits in for Martha McCallum!

    What a rare treat!

  3. Damn ! Megan Kelly has a nice onion. Gretchen looked hot this morning in her little red dress. Even Clayton Morris and his stupid computer couldn't stop Ms Carlson from showing off her goods. I'm gonaa wath the F&F Christmas special tonight. I hope Gretchen wore something sexy to the party !

  4. Wuuuhuuu!!!!! That Christmas Special is the best I've ever seen in the history of Fox News!!!Gretchen Carlson is in rare form and hotter than she's ever been all year long!!! That little grey cocktail dress is HOT HOT HOT beyond words!!!!! Merry Christmas Gretchen Carlson and all and Ms. Carlson keep on driving me wild and keep those ratings rising higher and higher along with your aphrodisiac diet!!!

  5. Hey cap man please don't forget Fox and Friends Christmas Special caps!!! Thank you!

  6. Dear Santa

    All I want for Christmas is Heather N. And PAB ties up in bows under my tree!

  7. Let me start of by saying this, the things I'd like to do to Gretch are not allowed to be stated per the moderator(s) of this blog. Suffice it to say she & I wouldnt be clothed, but enough of my dirty thoughts.
    Merry Christmas to all you chance glancers of whoever decides to expose themselves to the camera lens. We all need to get a hobby. Many thanks to the contributers who without this page wouldnt exist.
    Take care gents, take time to say a prayer.

  8. Alisyn Camerota is also in rare form on the Fox and Friends Christmas special!!! WuuuuHuuuu!!!!!

  9. Watched The 5 & at least for 1 segment Kimberly displayed a lot of those mmmmmm mmm! tastey thighs of her. If the cameraman had positioned his camera a few paces to the right her lady lump would've been in full display. They must've told her something because the next time I switched to Fox news her hemline was pulled down. Ay yiyi mamacita!

  10. On Tuesday Christmas Day the lovely and hot and our favorite southern belle Ainsley Earhardt graced the curvy couch and kept the show's ratings rising with her hot wardrobe and incredible charm! Merry Christmas Ainsley Earhardt! We all love you!

  11. The day after Christmas on Fox and Friends, my gal pal Gretchen Carlson is at it again doing what she loves to do best---entertaining us guys with her sweet and thick eye candy in her little grey outfit! She took her aphrodisiacs this morning as well!

  12. Two rords. Anna Gilligan. You need to see when she is on FOX5 in NY. Her skirts are so short when she sits they disappear

  13. Hope your capping Gretch Claus today, she's handing out her "stocking stuffers" with a hint of cleavage.
    Interview at 7:45 w/fitness gal was an awesome thigh shot.
    Gretch is no grinch, she's got a devilish grin cuz' she KNOWS she's puttin' on a show.

  14. Thanks capman for all your hard work ! Can we get some more caps from Wednesday show please. Gretchen ended the year on fire. She had those thick thighs on full display the last 2 weeks. She loves to please her loyal fans. I can't wait to see what her royal thickness has in store for us in 2013. I'm wishing all my fellow bloggers, a safe ,healthy and Happy New Year !

  15. Although I miss Gretchen a/k/a "her royal thickness," (only to be substituted by "skinny legs and all"); the queen of the curvy couch has had a hot two weeks and I guess she deserves a break every now and then for her beauty rest!

    Btw, I totally agree with comment of December 27, 2012 8:53 AM!

  16. Megan Kelly's new trademark is her nice, sweet onion!!!

  17. Huddy, knobby knees, boney legs & looks like she's lost weight...dont wanna look at her or boney-yucky Ann Coulter...ever & never did. Best to get classic and post 'best of' pics of E.D. Donahue? Hill? or S.E. Cupp if you can find any of her. Anyway just by opinion that happens to correct. Have a nice day

  18. Oh, its Huddy again.

  19. Huddy is back Saturday and perhaps she'll be back tomorrow Sunday. I don't know.

    I have to give it to her, though. This morning she really is flaunting what she has to keep the ratings steady although she's no match to Gretchen, Ainsley or the Heathers, Laura or Kimberly!

  20. If your a Huddy fan (I am not), you have to be happy. The last two days, she has made a big effort to show off what she has. At least she's trying. I hope all of our favorite ladies are enjoying the holidays. I expect big things from the ladies of Fox News in 2013. Have a great weekend folks !

  21. I like Huddy. Don't Huddy hate! Gretch is the best IMO, but the best fill-in is the very rare but always a F+F special treat: The lovely Anna Kooiman, 2nd hottest lady on the channel behind the viking queen.

  22. Some of you guys defy logic. Huddy, Alisyn could be the 2 nicest people on the planet, good for them, we could always use nice people in this world. But neither one of them are hot. Both are way too lean and simply not attractive enough. The real reason we visit this blogsite is to check out the hotties with a chance glance up their skirts, the nastier the better. So its not necessary to say something 'nice' about those 2 ladies just because they lack some physical qualities. Give it a rest willya.