Sunday, November 25, 2012

Last Week of Nov: Fox and Friends caps...

Lauren Simonetti and Juliet Huddy caps sent by "Ranger".

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Sandra Smith, Heather N. and Ainsley Earhardt caps @ Fox and Friends 1st.

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson, Cheryl Casone and Ladies of Fox and Friends 1st.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Friday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. I haven't watched F&F since Gretchen wasn't there. I'm upset I missed Lauren Simonetti on the curvy couch. She has crazy sexy appeal and those thick thighs are amazing. I hope she becomes a regular guest on F&F.

  2. Lauren Simonetti has been and always on a regular aphrodisiac diet! Juliet Huddy is absolutely no match for this beautiful Staten Island, New York hottie! I say this because they are both pictured together on the curvy couch and need I say more, folks?

  3. Slim pickins already... boyyy Gretch better return in a mini skirt, braless with me waitin in her dressing room to wreak havoc on that sweet bottom

  4. I agree with you, Huddy is no match with Lauren S.
    Alisyn this weekend try her best to raise the ratings.

  5. Well, it's another conservative Monday with Gretchen Carlson. (Like the currant pop song; "It's Another Manic Monday!")

    Although I'm always glad to see Gretchen return to the curvy couch after a week's hiatus, I'm always disappointed when ever I see her not taking her aphrodisiacs. Although just by appearing she maintains the show's ratings, without her aphrodisiacs, the show could take at least a slight dip!

  6. Oh, what going with Gretchen today? I hope tomorrow will be much better.

  7. BTW, who is that nice tall tootsie gracing the curvy couch with Gretchen Carlson Monday morning? I like that pose and move with her hands she did just before sitting down; hence, another Nicole Petallides move which made her famous!

    Also, cap man more Fox and Friends First caps, please!

  8. Guess what, folks? Well, it's another conservative Tuesday for our Gemini Swede Queen! I give up on her. I'm going back to sleep.

    BTW cap man, we're depending on you for FAF First caps because the new Fox News hottie and Gold Medal winner the lovely aphrodisiac consumer Ainsley Earhardt along with Heather Nauert are really putting Gretchen Carlson to shame these days by raising their show's ratings to the roof!

  9. Gretchen could have stayed on vacation. Lauren puts Gretchen and every other chick on fox to shame this week. I turned to Telemundo for my visual stimulation today.

  10. I totally agree with statement November 27, 2012 8:20 AM!!! Gretchen COULD have stayed on vacation (and entertain her husband at home)! Lauren REALLY put all those Fox News chicks to shame!

  11. It's so nice for the REAL GRETCHEN CARLSON returned from her vacation today Wednesday Nov. 28, 2012---finally returning to take her aphrodisiacs!

  12. I'm happy to say yesterday's history or "her-story" repeated itself. The only difference is she wore a hot little red dress and the sexy swede took an even bigger dosage of the love medicine than yesterday!!!

    Gretchen Carlson, you go, girl!!!

  13. Gretch @ 7:20 this am ,interviewing Dr. Siegel, sizzling red hot leather dress hugging her buns. Full monty shots of her luscious legs, leopard skin pumps flexing her calves. Spectacular!!!!

  14. Hello, cap man.Please post Thursday FAF caps as well as Fox and Friends First caps; especially the former with Gretch at her best! Thank you!

  15. Gretchen in red leather skirt this Thursday. Hot, hot, hot mama...

  16. Friday....well um...seems like another conservative day, aphrodisiacs-free with our beloved Swede Gretchen Carlson. Need I say more, folks?

    I guess this weekend will be the same ho-hum weekend as well.

    Nice weekend to you folks; never-the-less

  17. I'll have to give it to the Italian girl-next-door from the Jersey Shore. She's been doing more with what she's got to keep FAF show ratings high than the Sexy Swede's been doing lately. I mean Ali-cat has been on the love potion more consistently than old Gretch. Stay tuned.

  18. Saturday morning December 1, 2012 is really ho-hum! Not only Alisyn Camerota is absent but she's got a real ho-hum substitute---SKINNY LEGS AND ALL; (as the late Joe Tex said it in song in 1967)! I won't mention any names.
    I mean FAF weekend producers, at least hire a beautiful, ratings-rising hostess with the right assets! Stay tuned to tomorrow, folks!

  19. After yesterday's substitute hostess on Saturday FAF, it is so nice to have Alisyn Camerota return to her place on the curvy couch this Sunday! The Italian girl next door from the Jersey Shore is at least 10 notches higher than yesterday's substitute co-host or hostess! What do you guys think?

  20. You guys try to make nice when it really dont make a difference. Gimmie Gretch in a short dress with her legs spread enough to show her panties or nothing. Cover it up anyway that makes you comfortable but thats what we all really want. Gretch! Time to get nasty for your boys!