Sunday, November 11, 2012

Isla Fisher and Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Isla Fisher caps @ Chelsea Lately Show sent by "DJ".

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson on a long red dress, caps @ Fox and Friends.

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson and the Ladies of Fox and Friends 1st.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson and the Ladies of Fox and Friends 1st.

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson and the Ladies of Fox and Friends 1st.

Friday: Gretchen Carlson and the Ladies of Fox and Friends 1st.

The Ladies of Fox and Friends First, pictures sent by "DJ".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Nice caps of Isla Fisher, she's so hot on that dress.

  2. To November11, 2012 10:21 PM:

  3. It's another conservative Monday;
    Even though Gretchen is here today;
    She chose to be a school girl;
    But I still love her anyway;
    And still she gave up the Gold!

    Just Gretchen Carlson's presence alone on her normal post will raise the show's ratings; or at least keep it steady.

  4. Fox and Friends first decided to be a little school girlish as well; at least with one of the hostesses. I guess the producers of this lead in show is taking for granted or deciding that now that the show has caught the male viewers with the foxy girls, the girls decided to become conservative.

  5. Isla is defintely a piece & extremely adept at showing off her flesh...
    Only to swtich to way too many pics of Alisyn is sort of like a cold shower...a downer.
    I didnt catch F&F this am but hopefully Gretch at least displayed her juicey thigh meat. Heres hoping for a leggy day by Kimberly and/or Andrea on The 5. Geez do I need a life.

  6. The 5 was a dud as well... blame it on Monday. Hump day should be good, I hope, I hope I hope.

  7. Looks like old Gretch decided to lower her hemlines on yesterday's red dress as well as her purple dress she wore this Tuesday morning. Is this going to be her trend from now on? Is this the end of her aphrodisiac diet and hence, hot days?

  8. Out of both Fox and Friends shows, Fox and Friends First takes the cake this week according to the above caps! Way to go 5-AM girls! The entire show's cast wins the Gold Medal this week!

  9. Didnt cath but a moment of F&F and only saw Gretchs dress wasnt showing any cleavage, hopefully the bottom 1/2 is short and she sluts it up. Why dont you guys mail her some high end shoes with the strict requirement that she try them on while on the air.

  10. Mama mia! WuuuuHuuuuu!!!!! Love those Ladies of Fox and Friends First pics!!! The best I've seen ever!!! Love those poses; especially the third frame (bottom left)! Super MILF Alerts!!!

    Fox and Friends First is now eating Fox and Friends' lunch!

    The Sexy Swede art this point has stiff competition and other fine Fox ladies are willing to go for the gold these days! So Greth, you might want to get back in gear!

  11. & FYI...unless its Fox's way to farm out a replacement for Gretch, cuz she cant be our girl forever...Fox & Friends 1st is a total bust. That said, I'd probably send Ainsley to the majors. The rest can just go home.
    Another FYI, Andrea was smoking juicey hot today on The me she's the ultimate in sensualness...mmmm mmm!


  12. Not worried about Gretch. She will be back teasing us with her lovely assests soon. I know this because, she is a freak and she loves showing off her hot body. On another note, Heather N. is super sexy. I love her long legs, and her b*obs look great in that grey top. I hope she makes another return to the curvy couch. I have faith that she will show more next time.

  13. Well, this Wednesday morning our fair Swede is back to her old self! I like the comment made November 14, 2012 12:37 AM! So reassuring and true. Today is living proof!

  14. Lisa Kierny from CBS news also on 7AM show THE COUCH. Short skirt and thigh high leather boots. Freaky. Check out THE COUCH now an then

  15. This guy, November 14, 2012 12:37 AM, just nailed Gretch, she is a freak through & through, & thankfully so. otherwise I wouldnt be here with you fine nutcases.

  16. Caught a quick glimpse of Kimberly on The 5 today...ay yi yi she was hot & fyi shes another c-teezin freak who loves controlling the blood flow of able bodied men. She had pantyhose on under that short black dress but her meat was still looking delicious. She beggin for an agressive lover.

  17. Number 1: Wednesday ATSS sucked! Everybody including Gretch stood to their feet
    Number2: Tuesday FAF first also sucked! Based on the above pics the girls were all school girls! Is this the end of FAF First girls giving up on their aphrodisiacs and giving up their hotness now that they got people including gents to wake up at 5 am? If that's the case, I quit watching FAF First!

    So much for my soapbox complaints!

  18. Swedish "Lady 'G. C.'" still not quite as hot as she could be this Thursday morning. However, still not a school girl either.

  19. Great After the Show Show Thursday morning! Gretchen Carlson was on the curvy couch all by herself! It was one of the hottest (yet one the shortest) 52-second-ATSS in Fox News History! Yet, there was good quality time and viewing!

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  21. Hey you, November 15, 2012 3:32 PM! If you can see, type (2 fingers is all you need) and love women in short dresses then thats all the brain power you neeed here. You're wasting your talents if you have an English lit backgroud and choose to hang around cheesey blogsites. In other words hit the bricks pal and go lust afer an old copy of War & Peace. Dont rain on our parade because you think you're smarter than any of the loyal participants of this blog page.

  22. And This week's Fox News Gold Medalist is:Lauren Simonetti! She's the hottest of them all!!! A picture of hers is worth 1,000 words!!!
    Our fair Swede has some really stiff competition from Ms. Simonetti! Keep on driving me wild!!!!!

  23. Oh, Gretchen in white with the dark nail polish. I wonder if her intern boy even survived!

  24. I agree 100% with the comment made on November 15,2012 4:05pm !

  25. Gretchen showed off those amazing thick thighs of hers today. She ended the week on a high note. I guess, she will only be on the curvy couch Monday and Tuesday, since Thanksgiving is next week. I hope she puts on site next week, that will have us craving more.

  26. Yes, Gretchen show her hotness again this Friday morning.
    And don't listen to this guy who write a comment here yesterday that "ѕomе of theѕe responses here aρpeaг like cοming from braіn deаd".
    I enjoy blogging with you guys.
    Have a great weekend fellow bloggers.

  27. Yep, our fair Swede ended the week on a high and hot note and raised the show's ratings the highest it's been all week! Hope she continues throughout next week! Nice weekend guys!