Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Oct 2015: Fox Biz AM and Fox and Friends Ladies caps/pictures/photos.

The Link for Outnumbered Fox News is on the right.

Nicole Petallides and Lauren Simonetti @ Fox Business AM caps/pictures/photos, sent by "DJ".

Weekend: Anna Kooiman @ Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Monday: Ainsley Earhardt @ Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Wednesday: Heather Nauert and Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos.

Thursday/Friday: Heather Nauert, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Anna Kooiman caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Amazing!!! Nuff said.

  2. WuuuHuuu!!!!! MILF Alerts!!!!! The MILFs are what makes Fox News' world go round!!! The above caps are no exceptions!!!

  3. Anna, Anna, Anna F&F weekend rocks with you
    Back on set. Amazing, Yep! Nuff said

  4. This is for my 5:00 a.m. ladies Nicole (Greek
    Goddess) petallides, Lauren (smoking hotttt)
    Simonetti, & Ainsley (southern sweetie) earhardt.
    We fans pour our first cup of java and sit back
    At home and totally enjoy watching you fox
    News beauties update us with the top news
    Stories. You three ladies are eye candy and
    Awesome to watch at five a.m. you definitely
    Know how to keep our attention and focus
    On your shows, we fans don't have to worry
    About nodding off to sleep, especially with
    Nicole petallides showing off her pretty legs
    Wearing very chic short outfits mmm.. thanks

  5. It is so nice to see Ainsley Earhardt sitting in for Elizabeth H. this first Monday of October 2015! Now, watch the show ratings go up with this pregnant, hard working and dedicated southern sweetheart doing what she does best! I LOVE YOU AINSLEY EARHARDT!!!

  6. Ainsley Earhardt was a bit of a let down on FAF this Monday Oct.5. As far as I'm concerned she's way too conservative to suit me these days and today was no exception. I would have much preferred to see Anna Kooimana on the curvy couch this morning! Nuff said; now I'm off my soap box!

  7. Ainsley Earhardt 10/5/15 F&F show was
    Awesome pretty lady. We fans can't ask for
    Any better performance than you gave us this
    Morning. Ainsley you rocked that chic green
    Dress, really opened up to fans and viewers
    In front of the camera's. You gave us Ainsley
    Fans exactly what we wanted the way we needed it .:) Thanks pretty lady sending you
    Some much needed luv and admiration.
    Oh, our thought's & prayers go out to your home
    Town of Columbia, Sc. Wishing you & your the
    Very best speedy recovery.

  8. Nicole petallides 10/5/15 F.B. am show was
    Really good, lived the dress & you always
    Pulling the headline up for ratings. Mmm your
    Sweet! But you already know we fans luv your
    Tv Fox business personality. Your a babe, we
    Luv you show. But there is a catch, this morning
    Lauren Simonetti was absent and Cheryl
    Can some was filling in for her. I am not a Cheryl
    Capstone fan :( & almost changed the channel.
    Nicole i suffered through the show listening to
    You, ignoring her verbally. Hopefully Cheryl won't be a fill in anytime soon again. Your
    Kool, she is not. Comes across snooty! On
    Camera to fans prissy!

  9. Heather Nauert looking really sweet this
    Morning sitting on the curvy couch. Heather is
    A babe always raising F&F ratings. Heather is a real sweetheart, very sexy & eye candy. :)

  10. Hey, Steve Doocy quit looking like such sour
    P_ss on the set of F&F Mon-Fri when you think
    Your female co-workers show to much leg.
    If it bothers you so much morally why don't you
    Walk upstairs to mgt. And have a conversation
    About it. Make a change, stop being such a
    Hypocrite about it. You enjoy & benefit from
    These lovely ladies wearing revealing outfits
    And showing off there goodies to fans. Sad
    Steve, your as much the problem as the
    Problem. Think about that when your sitting at
    Your desk behind the scenes. F&F is your baby
    So it's your fault for not speaking up for the
    Ladies. Chew on that Stevie!

    1. that explain why at least 50% of the times the women co-hosts acts and even dresses like little school girls and then in effect, causes the show ratings to go down!

    2. FAF Tuesday was totally boring! Both Elizabeth H. and Heather Nauert were totally conservatively dressed. I bet the show ratings plummeted as a result!

  11. Andrea Tantaros has been looking so sexy lately. Sexier than normal. Showing off more thigh. Her toned legs look amazing. Greek Goddess indeed.

  12. Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy (G) Guilfoyle :) the 5.
    I don't know how much FoxNews is paying
    You, it's not enough! One more thing (chick filet)
    Sandwich & the my milkshake is better song
    Had me rolling on the floor laughing. Your the
    Real deal Kim G. You really can take it, & dish it
    Out as well :) you have a wonderful sense of
    Humor, great personality. Thanks! For being such a good sport. If more people were like you
    The world would be a much much better place.
    Yeah! I heard your comment about the (moist)
    Chicken sandwich, cudos you got me back. :)

  13. F.B. a.m. 10/6/15 our beautiful & sexy greek
    Gal pal Nicole Petallides looking fabulous as
    Usual. CONGRATS Lauren Simonetti & family
    On birth of baby :)
    Omg Cheryl Casone is filling in for Lauren, WOW!
    I'm just not into this lady, never have been. So
    Know she is sitting opposite on set of the greek
    Goddess Nicole Pedallides looking totally
    Uncomfortable looking like this is her very first
    Week at F.B.N. The issue is Nicole & Lauren
    Have raised the bar so hi by dressing chic &
    Sexy showing off their pretty legs for ratings &
    Fans. Guys this women isn't even in the same
    League As our regular gal pals. Oh well! Im
    Depressed, but still have Nicole to look at she is
    Eye candy.

    1. Oh yeah! Totally agree re:Nicole P. being sexy beyond words and proud of it showing off soo much of her beautiful legs!

  14. Agree 1000 percent! Andrea T. Outnumbered
    Is definitely shortening the hem lines of her
    Dresses, showing off much more of her
    Pretty tanned legs. Guys Outnumbered is
    So finished, i thought it was going to be so much
    More when they announced the show in the
    The beginning. Lately! The show is just flat, yeah
    It does have moments where the ladies are
    Funny and sexy, on task. I quit watching the
    Show in Sept. The same with F&F Mon-Fri both
    Shows are stale & boring for me. I do however
    Still watch (5) and F&F weekend with our
    Southern sweetheart Anna Kooiman. I luv the
    F.B.N. 5:00 a.m. Nicole Pedallides. Mmmm she
    Is Soooooo sweet, lollipop sweet. :)

  15. Gretchen looks ultra hot in that green dress. Those amazing thick thighs. Those sexy legs. Your one sexy lady Gretchen !

  16. Thanks cap man for finally posting Gretchen Carlson pic again AFTER A LONG TIME.

  17. Kimberly Guilfoyle was hot on Tues the 5 beyond words! She finally decided to cross her lovely thick legs on the other side so that viewers could get a better view!

  18. Gretchen was lovely wearing her black outfit on Wednesday's the real story; shown interviewing Deborah Norville!

  19. Wednesday FAF ATSS was great with Heather Nauert looking good seated in her light purple dress!

  20. Yeah! Drive, drive, drive me crazy ladies.

  21. Guys i gotta say Nicole Pedallides is so freak in
    Hotttt at 5:00 a.m. I really don't know how she
    Pulls it off. This beautiful lady comes into Fox
    Daily and never has a off day. Hair, makeup, &
    Outfits always perfect. This lady is in
    My opinion a true 10. Awesome sexy!
    Intelligent hard working career woman & a mom.
    Unbelievable. Nicole Pedallides is such a
    Joy to watch at 5:00 a.m. She always sets the
    Tone for fans to have a great day. Such a hottie!
    Thanks! Nicole you are such a BABE ;) & a
    Tease we fans luv your tv persona. Best pair of
    Pretty legs in the business. Mmmm nuff said!

    1. Oh yeah,baby!!! I totally agree!

  22. Hi Ainsley Earhardt mmmm yummy! ;) yeah!
    Still check in ya out at First look, you still got
    It baby!. Hang tough, you look very pretty
    And still are sexy as h_ll, granted your very beautiful, very pregnant. Just a little while
    Longer, hang in there pretty lady ;) your angel
    Will arrive from heaven.

  23. Omg Kim aka kimmy g from the blog. Your
    10/7 show the (5) was hillarously funny. You
    Looked amazing in your dress, luved the color
    Of your dress & those pretty legs of yours ;)
    We fans never get tired of watching you on tv
    For the following reason's. Your super intelligent,
    Your Latino money maker/super juicy fine _ss of Yours will make any mouth water keeping us
    Us fans sitting on the edge of our seats. We luv
    That you luv bacon/pork mmmm real women
    Luv real food. Your eating segments on the show are awesome, you should do a cooking
    Show & book about latino recipes.

  24. Goodluck! Best wishes Nicole Pedallides,
    Ainsley Earhardt, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Anna
    Kooiman, Heather Nauert.Im signing off of the reporter 101 Blog site, not enough fellow bloggers. Have tried to carry the blog comments directing them to your tv personalities only!.
    This will be my last entry ladies, you all have been very good sports with regard to blog comments. We will still be viewing your show's just will no longer blog comments. It's been fun, later ladies.

    1. I enjoy reading your comments on this blog. Sad to see you sign off.

    2. Aw, please don't go! I enjoyed reading your comments!

  25. Gretchen is still hot as ever. Nothing has ever changed.

    1. I agree 100% !! She's aging nicely. Her legs and thighs still drive me crazy !

    2. That goes double for me!! Her legs and thighs still drive me crazy as well!

  26. Anna Kooiman was super-super hot on Saturday edition of FAF!!! She should be on during the week and get paid double! I be the ratings would go over the roof!

  27. Well, this is for the Foxnews babes for which
    This blog was started. Ladies the trees are fell and the timber falls to you, it's up to ya ladies to give us red blooded american male loggers the "woody" to blog about on this blog! Wink ;)
    a little humor for ya ladies to :) about, let's have some sexy babe HD DVR material to blog about. Were not talking porn ladies, the internet is filled
    with that crap! We loggers want you ladies to
    know we think most of you are babes! real hotties, Mmm.. you feel me ladies. We
    want you sitting on set feeling randy baby!
    Lol, movie randy!
    Feeling that very pleasing little tingling
    between your legs that gives you a warm
    fuzzy feeling all over your body! causing
    you ladies to squirm in your seats, panty
    moist, causing your voices to waiver. You gals know who were talking about, you follow this blog, so it's really up to you babes to decide for yourselves if you want to play along with us, have some fun & laughs
    with your TV personalities. Not listen to
    The committee of they at Foxnews.
    So in closing give us some sexy non porn
    Material to blog about, as follows, thick juicy thighs, shapeware gusset's, none of you have it in you to wear a solid silk panty anymore, no
    Warriors left. later babes!

  28. What a pleasant surprise for the lovely Latina beauty Kimberleye Guilfoyle to provide such sweet and hot eye candy on this Monday Columbus Day! She looked really foxy also when she stood outside and tossed beer bottles! Her derriere is so big, round and beautiful! Cap man, please take pics and post! It'll go down in history! Watch this edition of FAF go sky high!

    1. Yes indeed. Kim is stacked. Those boobs and that booty ! Damn !

  29. It is so nice for Heather Childers to sit in for Heather Nauert on this Columbus Day; looking so hot and lovely! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE atss AND HOPING IT TAKES PLACE INDOOR ON THE CURVY COUCH!

  30. The Columbus Day ATSS was good. Too bad Heather Childers didn't sit on the curvy couch; though.

  31. Whelp, so sorry to say that the Columbus Day 2015 edition of The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson was a huge huge letdown! Our gal pal decided to dress super ultra conservatively and exposed absolutely nothing! In fact, she was that close to dressing up like NUN! Why didn't Gretchen CARLSON TAKE THE DAY OFF AND ENJOY THE COMPANY OF HER FAMILY INSTEAD OF SHOWING UP TO WORK DRESSED THE WAY SHE DID? Or better still, let Anna Kooiman sit in for her?