Monday, October 19, 2015

Middle of Oct 2015: Fox Business AM and Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

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Nicole Petallides and Cheryl Casone @ Fox Business AM caps/pictures/photos

Heather Nauert and Ainsley Earhardt @ Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos sent by "Ranger".

Weekend: Heather Childers @ Friends caps/pictures/photos sent by "DJ".

Heather Nauert and Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos sent by "DJ".

Thursday:Heather Nauert and Anna Kooiman @ Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Friday: Heather Nauert and Kimberly Guilfoyle @ Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Nicole Petallides is amazing !! I'm gonna start waking up at 5AM just to watch the her, and I hate waking up early !

  2. Wow! Drive me crazy again.

  3. Nicole
    Petallides will go down in history like
    Laurie Dhue did on one fine day back in 2003 (dressed in her mega mini)!

  4. Oh baby!!! Keep on driving me wild!!! Nicole P. is beyond words to describe!!! Men just drool over her like crazy---and she knows it and loves it!!!

  5. Ainsley Earhardt; you sweet southern "thang" you!!! I can't get enough of you either!!!

  6. Nicole P. Is by far the best gal on Fox News. Those legs are amazing! I wish we got 3 hours of her a day. I missed my girl Anna over the weekend but It was nice seeing heather and Juliet. Heather has some great legs and booty!

  7. This is for our so fine, southern sweet gal
    pal Ainsley Earhardt from South Carolina.
    Mmmm Omg! Girlfriend please! Keep taking
    Your aphrodisiac/ neonatal vitamins
    Girlfriend, ;) where has this Ainsley been
    Hiding, we red blooded american males have
    Been following your last couple of Foxnews
    Shows & caps. Wow! Ainsley your 9/11, 10/5
    F&F shows to include your Fox firstlook 10/19
    Show were incredible, you were sexy as h_ll.
    If i were a cat & you were a bowl of delicious
    Milk, mmm "Got Milk" Milk Mustache, ;)
    Comes to mind. Your awesome, beautiful, &
    My favorite Southern Sweet gal pal. I get up
    5:00 a.m. daily fresh cup java & Foxnews
    Firstlook Ainsley Earhardt. Get my news and
    Start my is good! ;) thanks to you pretty
    Lady. Luv your work, tv persona. Best wishes!

  8. Oh guys! Stuck my foot in my mouth with
    Comments about Heather Childers filling
    In for Anna Kooiman. Heather is beautiful,
    Intelligent, sweet but is to shy with respect.
    Anna Kooiman is just so sweet & sexy. Her
    Being so athletic running working out. Anna
    Kooiman rules F&F weekends period for me.
    Anna in a super snug dress, her money
    maker and thick juicy thighs, mmm sure does
    It for me. Anna baby! Yeah, your married off
    The market, but we fans still luv your work. :)

  9. My ultimate jersey greek goddess nicole
    Pedallides, caps above say a picture is worth
    Its weight in gold. Baby, if i watch your show
    And drink a cup of freshly brewed coffee it
    Makes my pulse race, :) in a good way honey!
    I just wish i could watch just one of your
    F.B.N 5:00 a.m. shows and remember the Dow
    Jones & stock market #'s, D_m your short mini
    Dresses, thick juicy thighs & stilettos cause me to become light headed. Lol,
    We loyal fans luv our Greek Goddess Nicole P. mmmm:)

    1. Yes! I totally agree! I just wish I were sitting next to that Greek beauty and human aphrodisiac just one time!!! She's a total freak and I love her for that!

    2. Actually, Nicole Petallides is a Queens girl; hence, a Queens New York native from Astoria!

  10. These ladies are really driving us crazy just like you guys always say.

  11. Wed. FAF first and FAF was a total bore! The only FAF worth watching regularly is weekend FAF with Anna Kooiman! Otherwise, the week days are a total hit or miss; mostly misses!

  12. Gretchen Carlson was ok on Wed. The Real Story. She wasn't a total disappointment.

  13. If only Heather Childers weren't so shy, man would she be a total knock out!` She ought to take lessons from her fellow southerner Anna Kooiman!

  14. The following are not shy and always cross their legs on the correct side to make the viewers happy: Anna Kooiman, Gretchen Carlson and Nicole Petallides! They are the pros on the best poses to help the ratings!

  15. Our 5:00 a.m. ladies are "AWESOME" i no
    Longer watch Foxnews after 6:00 a.m. due
    To busy schedule & tired of presidential
    Politics. No longer DVR the "FIVE" either.
    Nuff said, the saying goes.

  16. Hello fellow bloggers, i don't know how you
    Guys feel about our hall of fame gal pal
    Gretchen Carlson aka her royal thighness,
    Panty queen, & sexy swede. We fans have
    Always been very supportive of her. Since
    the real story, she is super conservative &
    really doesn't provide much to comment
    or blog about since leaving F&F Mon-Fri
    In 2013. Do we table comments about her
    or continue to talk about nothing ?
    What do you guys think ? Does anybody have
    A clue or reason as to why her behavior has
    did a 180 degree turn from panty daily 06-13
    to just a little thigh action & thats that ? 2+ yrs.

    1. I know what you mean! I really hate the change Gretchen Carlson has made on The Real Story! I bet it wouldn't do her a bit of harm if she behaves the same way on FAF weekdays on The Real Story!
      Yes, I think we should all continue to comment about her on The Real Story. Perhaps, she would eventually get the message and stop using crazy glue and take her aphrodisiacs like she used to!

  17. Heather Nauert caps above, Wow! Heather
    Nauert is so hotttt, she could single handedly
    Put the company v iagra out of business
    Wearing that tight snug form fitting dress.
    Really shows off her best assets, them long
    Lean sexy well tanned legs we fans luv.
    Ps. Heather don't think we fans didnt catch
    You watching yourself in the moniter on set.
    Its such a rush to be a sexy empowered,
    Intelligent female isn't it. Enjoy these moments
    Now when they happen in front of the camera's.
    We fans think your such a babe! Need oven
    Mitts to handle your sweet sexy _ss ;)

    1. I wish Heather Nauert was always this way rather than being sometime-sh!

  18. Sorry to say Heather Childers is in the group
    Of the hottest babes at FoxNews. But she will
    Dress sexy, has amazing pretty legs, super
    Nice tight butt, amazing smile. She is like the
    Super nice sexy girl in high school that is
    Gonna get your pulse racing on a date but
    Is never gonna let you get to first base/her
    Showing off her panty, she doesn't roll like
    That, gotta respect her reservations.

    1. That's a good observation about Heather Nauert! She's nothing but an occasional tease who never lets anyone get to first base! Btw, where the heck was I that day she wore that nice short, tight fitting orange dress with her legs finally crossed so that the right thing shows? That must have been an ATSS which I missed.

    2. Both Nicole Petallides and Anna Kooiman outs Gretchen Carlson to shame! The former sexy queen ought to take lessons from them at this point!

    3. Oh, sorry type o! I meant Heather Childers! She's really too shy to suit me! I'm sorry!

    4. I totally agree one thousand percent! People like that I would like to just write off! She's a total frustrating tease! I can't stand teasers because they just frustrate the hell out of their admirers; hence the "Look but don't touch "attitude! She might as well just cover up!

  19. I've written off Megan Kelly at this point because she is way too conservative to suit me! The only asset she has is a drop dead gorgeous face!

  20. Nicely done ladies Nicole P. , Cheryl C. ,
    Ainsley E. , Heather C. Really good shows
    This morning, very informative news topics.
    Special shout out For our Goddess Nicole
    Pedallides, ;) "lollipop" sweetness baby!
    & global warming. Mmm... lol

  21. Guys, do we ratchet back the hype/comments
    With regard to Gretchen, we acknowledge she
    Is elevated to hall of fame status for past
    Contributions, along with Laurie Duhe
    E.D. Hill etc.. caps/pics of The Real Story are
    Just in my opinion done out of respect of her
    Past accomplishments on set of F&F Mon-Fri
    U tube has all her out dated older panty vids.
    Maybe we should concentrate on a hottie
    Named Trish Regan Fox Business she is hottt
    And is showing off her pretty legs. I have
    Seen her reveal her lace panty to viewers on
    The set of Maria Bartiromo recently. When
    Have any of you Gretchen Carlson fans seen
    Even a hint of spanx or shapewear in the past
    Two years. Just saying reality is reality. Feedback

  22. F&F Mon-Fri might as well sign off as boring
    Crap! Format is horrible. Even with say Anna
    K. Hosting Heather N. Backing her up Foxnews
    Producers behind the scenes are editing out
    Alot of the video. They are fully aware of sites
    Like this one showing caps of the lady's
    Spanx. Laughable! shorts basically worn
    Under a dress. Fine if your 50+ Honda K. Or
    60ish Kathy G. Talking on set laughing about
    Camera's filming your sweaty crotch. Gross
    If you ask.

  23. It's always such a pleasure and pleasant surprise for Anna Kooiman to come in as a week-day fill-in and this Thursday was certainly no exception! She delivered her goods well in her dark navy blue outfit! Heather Nauert looked good too on the curvy couch during ATSS! It's too bad most of the time Heather N. is shy and crosses her legs so that nothing shows! Cap man, please post ATSS picas as well as all Anna Kooiman pics of Thurs FAF! Thank you!

  24. Hey guys agree 100% about giving our sexy
    Swede more time. I guess she does still have
    Moments on set where she will show off her
    Thick juicy thighs. Mmm

  25. Heather Childers was in on the weekend
    Filling in for Anna Kooiman on a Saturday.
    I got the episode on my dvr. Heather was
    Evidently tired of being left out of the loop.
    She dressed real sexy, super tight, super
    Short very snug dress shown in the caps
    Above. She sat on the curvy couch with her
    Legs crossed loosely leaving a nice gap
    Showing her shapewear gusset black. The
    Caps above don't show that, my dvr vid when
    I zoom hi definition tv shows Heather Childers
    Gusset about as close as you can get, yes
    Guys it looks even better than any of you
    Can imagine. Heather Childers is shy and
    Really has no panty caps to date. Maybe
    She will come out of her shell in one of the
    Shows in the near future. She has one of the
    Tightest a_ses at FoxNews. ;) thanks!
    Heather Childers.

  26. Hi Ainsley, how the heck are you still hanging
    In there on the set of Firstlook. I noticed a
    Couple of instances lately where your in a
    Little discomfort being pregnant. Hang in
    Their pretty lady we fans luv your work &
    Send you our best best wishes for you and
    Your soon to arrive little angel.;) ps your still
    My favorite southern sweetie pie, you made
    Me spill my coffee on your 10/5 show at 2 hrs
    9 mins pretty lady, had to visualize the
    moment, no problem got the gist of it. Thanks!
    See you at 5:00 a.m. Firstlook ;)

  27. Nicole P. & Cheryl Casone luv both you ladies
    Work on F.B.N 5:00 a.m. Nicole you rule and
    We guys drool, you know that already. How
    About uncrossing/crossing those pretty legs
    Of yours a couple times during the show.mmm
    That would be such a sweet gester on your
    Part our Greek Goddess. I know you wear
    Shapewear not spanx, kool i see it when you
    Raise the hem line of your dresses. Your
    Co-host Cheryl won me over the other day
    When she wore that cute chic sexy little
    Black dress on set. She is very conservative
    But i can be very patient, hopefully she will
    Come out of her shell sitting next to your sexy
    _ss on set, hopefully she will follow your lead.
    Thanks ladies.

  28. Special shout out to Harris Faulkner who
    Walked 26 miles on Saturday & 13 more
    Miles on Sunday 39 miles for her aunt
    With stage 4 breast cancer. Nicely done
    Harris ;) best wishes & many blessings
    To yours in this very dire health crisis.
    Without getting to personal.

  29. Special shout out to Harris Faulkner who
    Walked 26 miles on Saturday & 13 more
    Miles on Sunday 39 miles for her aunt
    With stage 4 breast cancer. Nicely done
    Harris ;) best wishes & many blessings
    To yours in this very dire health crisis.
    Without getting to personal.

  30. I was given information by a friend of
    Mine tonite.Kimberly Guilfoyle aka
    Kimmy (G) from the blog will be sitting
    On the curvy couch hosting F&F Friday
    Morning show 6 a.m.- 9:00 a.m. Well
    Kimberly if the tommorow F&F show is
    Anything like your last boring
    appearance due to producers behind the
    Scenes putting restrictions on you taming
    You down to the point we fans dose zzz
    Off. You might as well call in sick & let
    Doocy & Kilmead host the show, heck just
    Add another dude to the couch why don't
    To fill in for you. Listen Kimberly your
    Last appearance was so lame, hold up
    Not your fault, it was as if you were a
    three legged Philly racing in the famous
    Kentucky Derby. That's how
    uncomfortable you looked on the curvy
    Couch. Once outside playing beer pong
    You lightened up a bit. Sad, true watch
    The footage, submitting with respect.

  31. Wonderful informative Firstlook show this
    Morning. Ainsley i luved that black opaque
    Dress with you in it ;) southern Sweet baby!
    Im all about 51 mins into the show you are
    Talking about Lamar Odom, standing on the
    Set. Mmmm nice. Sending your tv persona
    Pretty lady some luv & best wishes. Thanks!

  32. Heather Childers nicely done this morning. I
    Really enjoyed watching you do your thing
    This morning. I must say that super tight form
    Fitting green dress was a perfect choice for
    The show. You are such a hottie, i really was
    Hoping you would give us fans a camera
    Angle from your side. I wanted to see that
    (PHAT) tight juicy _ss of yours in a tight dress.
    Luv your tv persona & your shows, you were
    Especially sweet doing commentary, luv it when
    You bat them eyelashes for fans, baby!
    Anyways your such good sport CONGRATS
    On your grandmother celebrating turning 98
    Yrs young. Oh yeah (PHAT) is a nice
    compliment Heather. Later

  33. This is for our beautiful sexy gal pal
    Heather Nauert. Heather you have been so
    Hot & sexy on set, caps above really show
    Off your best assets, your long lean toned
    Tanned legs.mmm you slip on a super tight
    Short dress, flash that pretty smile, stiletto
    heels. Omg, that nice squeeze able juicyfine
    _ss of Yours really makes us guys pulse race.
    The only thing better is you sitting down on set
    Legs uncrossed showing off your juicy thighs
    And shapewear gusset (moist) we fans hope
    From you watching yourself in the set minister.mmmm Heather your sweet _ss

  34. Does anybody else hate when the ladies wear stockings? Let's see those beautiful natural legs ladies. Kim G is so beautiful but I cant stand those stockings.

    1. I totally agree one thousand per cent! I prefer the natural bare legs myself! That's what's really appealing and the real rates raisers!

  35. Agree 1000%, but Kimberly wearing hosiery
    Just makes our other F&F sweetie pie
    Heather Nauert legs look so much better.
    Look at the caps guys, Heather Nauert legs
    Are well tanned, toned, athletic and pretty.
    Heather Nauert wins this round, :) she is
    Such a hottie guys, in my humble opinion
    She passes Kimberly Guilfoyle on the list of
    FoxNews hotties, my point watch the Friday
    Episode of F&F where the hosts compare
    What candy is favorite during Halloween.
    Watch the video from 2hrs - 39mins to
    2hrs - 41mins curvy couch, Heather rocks!
    Of course guys having hi definition tv with
    Picture options will help see my points. ;)

  36. Watching F&F weekend Our Southern Sweet
    Hottie Anna Kooiman on the curvy couch.
    As they cut, go to commercial the music
    Playing on the set is "Free Ride" by Dan
    Hartman as the camera is pulling away
    Our Southern hottt gal pal Anna raises
    Her right hand and gester's to fans/viewers
    Like she has her hand on a steering wheel
    Of a car, she is giving us Anna fans a free ride Anna baby! You are driving us crazy
    In a good way, you are in control, so far we like
    What you have been doing on set of
    F&F weekends, We luv, 8/20 show mmmm ;),
    8/29 show yummy!, 9/5 show white dress
    yellow sash was especially a favorite of Mine.
    Anna Kooiman you rule the F&F weekends.

  37. It is so nice to see Dana Perino on the set of
    F&F weekends. I am a huge fan of Dana P
    Past couple of yrs. Dana is amazing, feisty,
    & extremely intelligent. Although, very pretty.
    Dana has a smalltown/main st. Appeal being
    From Utah, which is great. I never have comments about Dana being sexy because
    She comes across as a lady who doesn't
    Need/want attention in this category.
    But still enjoy her being a host at Foxnews.

    1. Agreed ! Very good point! Dana Perino is not what one wopuld call a MILF and not exactly a ratings raiser either. But she is elegant and very pretty and I must say she went somewhat out of character on Sat morning FAF when she showed some leg! That's very unusual with her!

  38. How do guys rate our top 10 Foxnews
    Hall of fame Laurie Duhe, E.D. Hill,
    Gretchen Carlson.
    #1 Anna Kooiman & Nicole Pedallides Tie
    #2 Andrea Tantaros
    #3 Sandra Smith
    #4 Trish Regan
    #5 Heather Nauert
    #6 Heather Childers
    #7 Deidre Bolden
    #8 Megan Kelly
    #9 Gerri Willis & Harris Faulkner
    #10 Kimberly Guilfoyle
    Note: pregnancy/honorary passes
    For Southern Sweet: Ainsley Earhardt &
    Lauren Simonetti.
    Special mention Weather Hotties
    Maria Molina & Janice Dean

    1. Agree! Esp. Anna Kooiman and Nicole Petallides tie! also add Jedediah Bila as #2a.

    2. Agreed! And I'm glad Elisabeth isn't even on the list. She has so much potential but just doesn't bring it.

    3. Ha ha, Liz is on the list.

    4. Ha ha, Liz is on the list.

  39. I sure enjoyed Anna Kooiman on FAF Saturday morning as usual! Keep up the good work North Carolina southern sweetie! I love you !

  40. No comments today!
    The Oklahoma home coming accident was
    to horrendous/tragic.

  41. Nicole petallides, good morning luv the
    Dress. Lori Rothman, good morning &
    welcome to the set of F.B.N . Yes i have
    Always been a fan of yours, just didn't
    Know where you were working,
    Or have been lately. Lori you look amazing
    As always, luv the color of your dress.
    Later ladies

  42. Good morning Ainsley, ;) looking good
    Pretty lady. Wonderful show this morning,
    Cup of coffee was perfect. Missing
    Heather Childers being on set. Later

  43. Oh, Anna Kooiman! I miss you Sunday Nov 1st! Than again, knowing how healthy and athletic you are, you probably ran in the NYC Marathon! Hope you had A GOOD ONE! Love you and miss you! Stay sweet and hot! Love and kisses!