Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Week of Oct 2015: Fox News Business AM and Fox and Friends.

The Outnumbered Fox News is on the right.

Nicole Petallides and Cheryl Casone @ Fox Business AM caps/pictures/photos.

Weekend: Anna Kooiman @ Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson @ The Real Story caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Anna Kooiman rules the F&F now.

  2. Ladies of Foxnews your all awesome, do
    Really wonderful work. Charities, cancer,
    Veterans, etc.. If your name is not on our
    List of top 10 hotties, just to many of you
    Ladies. It's not possible to put you all on
    The list at once. But you all are very
    deserving rightly so, we just have our
    Favorites. I personally have the 5:00 a.m.
    Ladies as my Favorites. F.B.N. & Firstlook.
    Its a schedule thing, what i get to watch.
    Nicole Petallides, Lauren Simonetti.
    Ainsley Earhardt, Heather Childers are my
    Favorites. Special mention Cheryl Casone,
    Lori Rothman, weather gal Maria Molina.
    These are ladies i luv and enjoy getting my
    For the morning from. :) these ladies are all
    Beautiful, do awesome job for fans.

  3. Agree 1000% Anna Kooiman is the new
    Queen, she rules F&F my friend & will only
    Get better as she gains experience on set.

  4. Heather Nauert please move to Firstlook
    At 5:00 a.m. when Ainsley is out on
    Maternity leave.Hey! Girlfriend keep those
    Hem lines of your dresses 2 " above those
    Pretty knees of yours. Keep us fans on
    The edge of our seats with those pretty,
    Lean, Tanned legs of yours. I wish
    You were hosting F&F Mon-Fri sitting on
    The curvy couch, then i would be a very
    Happy camper, wink! Luvin me some
    Heather Nauert, oh well! One can hope,
    i guess.

  5. Gretchen showed off those legendary thickness today on the real story. Tight green dress, leopard print heels.This beautiful Milf drives me crazy. I would love to rub those luscious thighs down with baby oil. I don't understand all the recent criticism aimed her way. This woman has shown her panties more times than all the current Fox news ladies combined. Her clips on you tube are classic. We have yet to see a Nicole Petallides or Andrea Tantaros panties. Just to name a few. Gretchen has earned the right to be conservative every once and while. Let's face it, unless the real story gets a couch, we probably will never see another Gretchen upskirt. As long as she doesn't go full school girl, I'm fine with her showing of those amazing thighs. Forget about the haters Gretchen. Keep doing your thing !

  6. Fox 28 local hired a new female anchor
    Named Karen Brown & Courtney Khomeini
    Team traffic. I miss Terri Sullivan, she was a
    Amazing female anchor for Fox 28.
    Karen Brown is very attractive & i think will
    Do a nice job. I had to dvr the 8:00 a.m. show
    On Fox 28 watch it this evening. I gotta say i
    Really dig this new chick Courtney Khondabi
    Team traffic. This morning's show Courtney
    Was wearing a blue dress, very chic & classy.
    Courtney looked amazing, luved the dress.
    Karen was looking very pretty also. Thanks!
    ;) ladies keep up the nice work. Sending you
    Ladies some luv, well done.

  7. Elisabeth better start stepping her game up or sooner rather than later Anna is going to take her job.

  8. Ok! this is for whom ever is relaying
    information to Fox28 behind the scenes. I
    Posted specific comments on purpose yesterday with regard to Fox 28. Know 101
    & 3rd party (monitor's) kindly explain how
    This site has not updated those comments
    Yet. But Fox 28 ROOKIES are discussing my
    Comments that haven't been posted yet on
    Reporter 101. Tisk, Tisk, Tisk you naughty
    3rd party security monitor's. Your fooling
    No one. Remember anonymous comments
    Are considered "Not Credible" legally.
    Have a nice day, been hip to y'all forever. Later.

  9. Attention! Their are no Gretchen Carlson
    Haters here, are you kidding me. This blog
    Site has always been supportive of the
    Sexy Swede, Panty Queen, Her Royal
    Thighness. Hell! She is hall of fame status
    Royalty along with Laurie Dhue, E.D.Hill
    I am stunned that you would think that,
    We often discuss our displeasure/ disappointment that Gretchen has tamed
    Her game since the move to her show. But
    I can assure you Gretchen Carlson will always
    Be my # 1 all time favorite FoxNews anchor.
    Especially 06 - 13. Does this post help with
    Clarity about Gretchen. I hope so. She has
    Shown her entire panty (silk) panty collection
    To the entire world male population. No
    Other Foxnews female anchor even comes
    Close. Lol

  10. Nicole Petallides i luved you standing out
    On the floor of the stock exchange. Dam_
    (Nic) all the trading action just makes you
    More sexy. Sending you some fan luv. ;)

  11. Ainsley Earhardt & Heather Childers mmmm
    You ladies looked awesome for the 10/27
    5:00 a.m. show. When you two Southern
    Sweet hottie's sit beside each other on set
    And do the show we think you two
    compliment each other nicely. You two
    Ladies really gel together nicely, warm's
    Us fans hearts.

  12. F&F Mon-Fri Consumer Savings expert
    "Andrea Woroch" cute & sexy amazing
    Camera presence. Should have her do
    A weekly segment from the couch with
    Liz. Ratings would soar, Andrea resonates
    With middle-class Americans debts/ best
    Bargains to save money.

  13. F.B.N 5:00 a.m. show 10/28 Cheryl Casone,
    We fans luved your bright yellow themed
    Dress. Nice choice :) thanks you looked very
    Pretty this morning, yet very professional
    For your show. Sending you some positive
    Fan feedback. Your sweet tart sweet! Cheryl.
    All in good humor.

  14. Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy (G) Guilfoyle. I bet you
    Been almost dumb foundered about how you
    Could only resonate 10th on the list of
    FoxNews hotties. It's simply K.G. you started
    Listening to the committee of "they" behind
    The scenes of FoxNews. You have a very
    Sweet, very sexy, very soft feminine side of
    Your tv personality that resonates with your
    Fans/viewers. Yeah! Your super intelligent,
    Super tough prosecutor lawyer background
    Only makes you average at FoxNews. Thats
    The problem with Foxnews that's all they
    Hire, stick them all in a room together and
    Poof, they all know best and suck all the
    Oxygen out of the room and suffocate.
    Brilliant huh! We fans luv the occasional
    Funny, playful, comedic Kimmy (G). Hell
    You radiate sexy, hell i don't really care if
    You ever show a shapewear gusset again
    At FoxNews, i already have your best gusset
    Material, the only way it could get any better
    Is if you were a lollipop and my nose got
    sticking from the lollipop. lol be yourself
    Daily, consistently nothing over the top. You
    Should have been #1 on the list of hotties ?
    Latino money maker baby!

  15. It was great to see Kimberleye Guilfoyle on Wed. FAF. However it was such a huge letdown the fact that she dressed ultra conservatively! I wish when she shows up she wouldn't do that! She should stop listening to the committee of "They" as well as stop usng crazy glue!

  16. Agree 1000% nuff said!

  17. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies of all Foxnews
    Program's/shows where ever when ever
    On tv. When we fans blog our comments
    It is only for your tv personalities & tv air
    Time. The comments are to "NEVER" EVER
    Be associated with your real lives outside
    The FoxNews headquarters period. Please!
    Remember this very important bit of info.

  18. The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson Wed Oct 28 edition was a real let down because the location was Washington D.C. with her sitting entirely behind the desk! Bummer!

  19. Kimmy (G) Guilfoyle a wonderful adult
    Themed Halloween costume for you
    Would be the following description. You
    Dressed as a super sexy shy librarian
    With stiletto heels, super tight skirt with
    slit up front with fishnet stockings. Button up blouse With push up bra, black birth control glasses,Your hair up in a bun. super bright
    Red lipstick Mmm twoToned black/white
    lace panty/bra combo.Oh yeah! Kimmy
    forget the naughty nurse Costume
    for altogether. Climb up on the latter baby
    To reach the top shelf.

  20. Gretchen is still the QUEEN of Fox News! Nuff said my friends.

  21. These ladies really drive me crazy!

  22. Agree 1000% nuff said :)

  23. Cheryl Casone is on the set of Mornings
    with Maria giving News Alert commentary.
    Cheryl is wearing a chic form fitting
    blue dress. She is standing on set beside
    The very pretty Anastasia Amoroso talking.
    The camera gives us fans a side profile view
    Of Cheryl, :) Wow Cheryl "honey" baby you got
    back. Cheryl you got some nice junk in your
    Trunk. I never paid attention to you before
    This side profile shot. Thick n juicy. ;)

  24. Trish Regan & Deirdre Bolton F.B.N on in
    The afternoon. Guys these ladies are so
    Sweet & professional, do a awesome job.
    Both are extremely sexy very beautiful &
    Have awesome shows. Sending you ladies
    Some fan luv. Mmmm awesome

  25. F.B.N is AWESOME this morning, Maria
    Bartiromo Morning's show has Rachael
    Campos Duffy "The libre Initiative" on the
    Set this morning. This lady is so wonderful
    & is the mom of i think 7 ? Her husband is
    In govt. Public official. Rachael is such a
    Sweetheart and her dedication to her cause
    Never lacks passion.Awesome beautiful lady.

  26. This is for the show "The Five" 10/29. Guys
    Your show was one of the best shows ever.
    I realize every show can't be hillarous. Gotta
    Pay the bills, but Greg, Juan, Eric, Melissa &
    Kimberly, fans of your show don't often get
    To see all of you laughing and having a
    Blast. Guess what, you guys still covered
    Politics, the show was really fun to watch
    Your guys interactions with each other
    Was hillarous, reminded me of Bob B.
    When he was apart of the show.

  27. I hope nobody got to our girl Nicole. The last few days that hem line has dropped to her shins.

  28. This is for our Southern Sweet gal pal
    Ainsley Earhardt. We miss you on set already,
    best wishes from us A. E. fans extended to
    You & your family. Your little angel is about to arrive, happiest times are ahead.
    Pretty lady!

  29. Good morning ladies, you all look fabulous
    This morning, Yes, you 5:00 a.m. ladies have
    Us fans attention, cause your all hottt.
    Heather Childers, Maria Molina, Nicole
    Pedallides, Cheryl Casone. Special shout out
    To Maria Bartiromo, amazing show pretty
    Lady. It's new to me, still familiarizing myself
    With your business format. But thumbs up
    So far, heck Nicole & Cheryl that's a + positive.

  30. Guys, Trish Reagan / Gretchen Carlson both
    On at 2:00 p.m. Trish F.B.N, Gretchen
    FoxNews both competitors competing for
    Viewers & ratings. Guys, take today's show
    For example Trish has Bill Hemmer on set
    Discussing politics. Trish is setting on set
    With Bill, no split screen. Trish looks fantastic
    For the show WOW! Gretchen is interviewing
    Alex Conant Marco Rubio campaign Rep.
    Split screen. Guys! Trish Regan is out
    Performing Gretchen Carlson daily. Trish
    Has a much better set, better camera angles
    Showing the entire hosts top to bottom.
    Gretchen's camera angles are largely only
    Upper torso, split screen. So Gretchen fans
    Trish Regan is moving onward & upward.
    She is out performing Gretchen with ratings
    And a better show. I'm just saying, facts are
    Reality. At this point as far as I'm concerned
    Trish Regan rules the 2:00 p.m. time slot.
    Sorry! Gretchen Carlson & Gretchen fans.
    If you doubt these comments then tune in at
    2:00 p.m. see for yourselves. Later.

  31. Hey, guys we fans/ viewers blog on
    This site about our lovely Foxnews fav
    Female news anchors. Guys certain Fox
    News producers/ "They" are editing out
    Alot of the best tv footage of our fav
    Ladies. Its really silly due to all ladies are
    Now wearing shapewear underneath the
    Dresses they wear."laughable" is the first
    Word that comes to my mind. Ok! Take
    Megyn Kelly The Kelly File & Justice with
    Judge Jeanine two classic examples.
    Of what I'm talking about. Theses two
    Ladies sit on set wearing very
    provocative/sexy dresses sitting at either
    glass tables with open fronts facing
    Outward toward camera's. Producers
    Want to promote the illusion of the set
    Camera shooting right up these ladies
    Skirts. Actually it won't happen, & even
    If it actually happens we fans really only
    See spanx/shapewear. SAD what a bunch
    Of twisted Hippocrates, using the HYPE of a upskirt which will never happen anymore to Gain tv ratings. FoxNews does realize
    If they went out of business Tommorow.
    The sun would still rise & set, the world
    Will still spin. These comments are for
    "The committee of THEY" behind the scenes at FoxNews. You su_k.

    1. That is so true and such a good point! The committee of "they" are really spoiling all of us male viewers' fun and hence, helping the respective show ratings to plummet! In plain English, I wish "they" would just stop it and get a life!

  32. Saturday FAF Anna Kooiman was absolutely no disappointment! My favorite North Carolinian southern sweet belle sure delivered her goods big time I her little royal blue dress!!! Yumm-oh! What a big show!

  33. Special acknowledgement to America's
    News HQ & Fox Report weekend ladies.
    You ladies are all babes, we fans luv each
    & everyone of you beautiful ladies.
    Shannon B, Elizabeth P, Julie B, Arthel N, Uma P.
    Your all eye candy, nice work ladies.

  34. Heather Childers Nicely done filling in
    For Julie B. America's News HQ & Fox Report. We fans really enjoy our Julie
    B. On the weekends. We missed you
    Being on set Julie, you always do such
    A wonderful job for FoxNews on the

  35. Re: Sunday FAF I didn't miss a thing! Juliet Huddy sat in for Anna Kooiman! Guess Anna Kooiman ran the NYC marathon and I hope she wins because she deserves it! Love you and miss you my favorite Southern Sweet Belle!

  36. All these Fox News Babes; a/k/a the ones who don't listen to the committee of "They"; hence are always ready and willing to go commando (like real combat soldiers) never need to worry about their public safety because virtually nobody from the public has any physical access to them!