Monday, June 29, 2015

End of June 2015: Fox and Friends and Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Heather Nauert caps/pictures/photos sent by "DJ".

Weekend: Anna Kooiman caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Sandra Smith and Andrea Tantaros @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Tuesday: Sandra Smith and Andrea Tantaros @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Wednesday: Sandra Smith and Harris F. @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Thursday: Sandra Smith and Ainsley Earhardt @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Friday: Sandra Smith and the Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Hot, hot, hot. Pictures and caps again of gorgeous Fox News Ladies. Keep driving me wild.

    1. Ditto!!!!! Keep those rates rising!!!

  2. Sandra Smith is by fa rconsistently the hottest babe on Outnumbered!!! I love the way she sits and she always crosses her legs on the right side to please male her viewers as well as her rising hemlines!!!

  3. Heather Nauert and my favorite southern sweetie Anna Kooiman take on center stage for Fox and Friends! They are both hot Aquarians who lone to please their male audiences!

  4. How about some Heather Childers?

    1. If she were a little less shy with all of her potential she would too be another southern favorite!

    2. Too shy these days.

  5. Nicole Petallides is crazy hot. Her dress was super short on 6/29/15. She loves showing of her sexy legs and thick thighs. Why the hell is FBN AM on at 5:00 Am ? Nicole , Lauren and Sandra deserve a better time slot.

  6. Carolyn Bruck our local Foxnews 28 reporter here in Columbus looking very sweet this morning. Carolyn
    giving us loyal fans a much needed upskirt peek at her spanx gusset/panty. mmmmm Carolyn Bruck a real babe!

  7. Congrats! Ainsley Earhardt 5 mos along with child,WOW, never would have guessed that one.
    You look wonderful Ainsley on set these past mos.
    Goodluck! Best wishes from us fans who will always
    luv our southern sweet South Carolina gal pal. wink!
    A true Hottie and a babe always mmmmmm.....

  8. totally agree with ya! Nicole Petallides is a greek goddess, she has always been one of the prettiest
    gals at Foxnews, definitely #1 when it comes to being
    a real babe, pretty legs & dont mind showing them off
    for ratings.Nicole your Sweet _ss Honey! We fans luv your show Nicole, your a real sweetie Thanks. mmm..:)

  9. Cudos Ainsley Earhardt, Awesome Friday Fox & Friends show, nice way to end the week. We fans
    luv the short white dress, nice touch. Ainsley your
    our Southern Sweet South Carolina gal pal. wink!
    5 mos with child, mmm you still rocked that short white dress while sitting on the curvy couch. Ainsley
    you still got a pair of the prettiest legs in the news business, thanks! pretty lady, happy fourth of july. :)

    1. Totally agree!!! Best of luck with your first baby! Can't wait to see you return!!!