Sunday, June 21, 2015

4TH Week of June 2015: Fox Business News AM, Outnumbered and Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Sandra Smith, Nicole Petallides and Lauren Simonetti @ Fox Business News AM caps/pictures/photos, sent by "DJ".

Sandra Smith and Andrea Tantaros @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos, sent by "DJ".

Anna Kooiman @ Fox and Friend this weekend and previous F&F caps/pictures/photos.

Monday: Sandra Smith and Andrea Tantaros @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Tuesday: Harris Faulkner and Andrea Tantaros @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Wednesday: Harris Faulkner and Andrea Tantaros @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Thurssday: Ainsley Earhardt and Andrea Tantaros @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. "BRAVO for Anna Kooiman for the entire Fathers Day weekend on Saturday and Sunday; June 20 and June 21 respectively! Great leg show Anna!"

    I agree 100% on your comment above.

  2. Drive, drive, drive me crazy. They are not just driving me crazy but nuts. I only watch Fox News to see these ladies. I don't care about the news...

  3. Anna K. and Nicole P.
    you two are the Fox Foxes.

  4. Harris Faulkner is stacked. She's crazy thick with nice breasts. Her Nick name should be chocolate thunder. Keep bringing the heat Harris, you have a new fan.

  5. Agreed 1,000 per cent!!! btw, what a coincidence; the two top foxes of Fox News their combined first names of a former late comedienne "Anna Nicole" or "Anna Nicole Smith!" One example of a legend living on!

  6. WuuuHuuu MILF Alerts big time re:the above caps; especially with Anna K.!!! Keep on driving me super wild!!! Anna K. is just how Gretchen c. used to be when she was on Fox and Friends!!!

  7. Lauren Simonetti and Nicole Petallides are a delicious sight early in the morning. You're getting The best of both worlds. Nicole is tall with long legs and thick thighs. Lauren is short with awesome calfs and thick thighs. I love when they oil their legs and thighs up. It's good to see two, of my favorites get they're time to shine.

  8. Monday Fox and Friends ATSS: no Heather Nauert on curvy couch. Tuesday Fox and Friends ATSS; outside standing only; Heather Nauert conservative day. A little let down re: Heather Nauert for the past two days.

  9. Correction re: Heather Nauert letdown; make that Tues no curvy couch presence and Wednesday outside standing only and conservatively dress.

  10. Wednesday Outnumbered; bravo!

  11. You got to love Anna K. she follows Gretchen's footprints.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree!!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth!!!!! She puts all those other former hotties from her home state to crying shame!!!

  12. Anna is thee best!! If only she could rub off on the others. These ladies have the goods but they don't show it.

  13. Ainsley and Andrea looks great on those Thu caps. Its true that it takes a lot of money before these ladies notice you. Do you guys agree?