Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 2015: Fox News Ladies caps/photos/pictures.

Sandra Smith, Nicole Petallides and Lauren Simonetti @ Fox Business News AM caps/pictures/photos, sent by "DJ".

Ainsley Earhardt @ Fox and Friends cap/pictures/photos.

Weekend: Elizabeth Prann @ Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Monday: Harris F. and Andrea Tantaros @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Tuesday: Sandra Smith, Harris F. and Andrea Tantaros @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Wednesday/Thursday: Sandra Smith, Harris F. and Andrea Tantaros @ Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

The white dress of Ainsley Earhardt @ Fox and Friends cap/pictures/photos, sent by "DJ".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Wow!!! nuff said.

  2. FBN a.m show 7/6/15 30 mins into the show Lauren
    Simonetti crosses her legs and gives us fans a long
    awaited perfect upskirt spanx/gusset shot. mmmm
    thanks! Lauren must be getting tired of all the Nicole
    Petallides Greek Goddess conversations.

  3. Terry Sullivan Foxnews 28 local female reporter
    filling in for Carolyn Bruck this morning here in the
    midwest never disappoints fans. This morning Terry
    as usual is always dressed very chic/sexy for her news broadcasts. This morning was a pleasant surprise to see her filling in for Carolyn, we fans know
    Terry Sullivan always brings her A game to the set.
    Terry is always aware of camera angles making sure
    she sits perfectly allowing camera to accidently shoot
    right up her skirts. Terry always gives up the best spanx/ gusset shots in the business. Terry Sullivan what a babe & a hottie.

  4. I love me some Anna K on F&F weekend but Elizabeth Prann didn't make me miss her too much! We need more of Elizabeth asap!


  5. Wow!!! MILF's alive!!! Fox News Babes gone wild!!!

  6. On 7/6/15 and 7/7/15 Gretchen Carlson reminded her fans why she still is the Queen. Amazing thigh display on both days. She even crossed her legs while sitting at the desk. I haven't given up on you Gretchen. You have earned the right to have conservative days. However, your loyal fans love it, when you show us those amazing thick thighs !!

    1. Well, I still remember and prefer for Gretchen to give us loyal fans of her reassurrance that she is still the queen!

  7. WOW !!! nuff said !!!

  8. Ainsley should still wear a white dress like that even she's 5 months preggy.

  9. Aiinsley Earhardt is and always will be Southern Sweet, regardless of her being 5mos preg. Ainsley
    is currently beautiful, has always been a Southern Hottie, & is still the prettiest/most classy lady at Foxnews. We fans luv us some Ainsley Earhardt, great sweet lady! :) Thanks Ainsley mmmmm.....

  10. Kim Guilfoyle my fav Latino Hottie, gave us one of her
    best performances on 6/1/15 F&F show. Kimberly is sitting on the curvy couch at exactly 2 hrs & 1 min into the show is talking with Brian & Steve Doocey about how crowded Times Square is with tourists. Kimberly listens to Brian complain leans over reaches
    out her right arm & hand grabbing Brian's chin. When Kimberly leans over her legs open wide and reveal a super crystal clear (black)panty gusset surrounded
    by black lace, if you zoom in close enough you can see nicely trimmed latino _ _sy hair peeking thru the lace of the panty. Thank goodness for dvr's. Luvin me some Kimberly Guilfoyle #1 on my list
    of all time favorite Foxnews Hotties. capsman missed
    that one didnt ya :) wahoooo mmmmmm.... yummy Kim G.

  11. I still agree with this comment 100%:

    "These ladies are just plain hot and sexy. It takes a lot of money to make these babies notice you."

  12. amen brother, leg war FBN am Nicole vs Lauren mmmmmmm. Who cares who wins. Both these ladies
    are real babes/ hotties. Nicole is sweet _ss honey
    Lauren is luvable, lickable, likeable.mmmmmm :)

  13. Gretchen still drives me crazy every time I see her on her show. She still got it.

  14. WOW!!!! Maria Durant Foxnews local 28 reporter
    here in the midwest really giving us loyal fans a
    wonderful Sunday 2 hr show. Maria dressing very
    chic/sexy for her show's this morning. Maria wearing
    a violet colored knee length dress open toed heels.
    Maria kept raising the hem of her dress showing off
    those pretty thick juicy thighs for fans. Maria inched the hem of her dress all the way to her waist during
    the showing giving us fans a really nice sweet view
    of her spanx gusset.mmmmmm Maria Durant what
    a hottie, we fans luv your (phat) _ss, what a babe :)

  15. Ainsley Earhardt F&F show Monday was a wonderful
    show. Ainsley looked fab chic and rocked her dress
    she was wearing for the show. We fans did not miss
    Elizabeth due to Ainsley filling in nicely.? Mrs. Ainsley
    U have showed off more of those pretty legs & panty on more than one occassion the past couple of months while being preg. You have been a real hottie,
    babe if we may. Why havent U been this way all along while working at Foxnews. Thanks Mrs.Ainsley
    your Southern Sweet as Honey :) all in good fun.