Monday, April 13, 2015

This Middle of April: Fox News Outnumbered caps/pics/photos.

Andrea Tantaros, Kennedy M. and the Ladies of Outnumbered, caps sent by DJ.

Monday: Andrea Tantaros and the Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Tuesday: Andrea Tantaros, Ainsley Earhardt and the Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Wednesday: Andrea Tantaros and the Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Friday: Andrea Tantaros and the Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Wow!!! Great caps to start the week. Keep them coming. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the caps of Kennedy, I've been waiting for this to happen.

  3. WuuuHuuuu!!!!! Super red ho MILF Alert!!!!! OOOOHHHH BAYBEEE!!!!! Kennedy, I love you!!!!! You're following Gretchen Carlon's footsteps!!! Such super sweet eye candy!!! Thanks so much for delivering your goods!!! Keep on driving me wild!!!

  4. Outnumbered truly puts week day Fox and Friends to shame! Also, on Outnumbered if one or two girls have conservative days, there are always the other two to take up the slack! This show has all the estrogen in the world; a roomful to boot; to make up for an entire week of Fox and Friends!!! I wish I could be the lucky guy just once!!!

  5. The other caps are awesome as well!!!

  6. Looks like Kennedy gave up the super glue and have been taking lots of aphrodisiacs !! Now for the other Fox News girls o follow suit!!!

  7. Thanks Dj, caps are the best panty shots of our sexy
    gal pal Kennedy since Gretchen. Gretchen Carlson
    is our all time great fav panty queen. Guys! Kennedy
    wears silk panties, not spanx or shapewear, has been
    serving up her delicate danty panty for the camera's and fans for month's. The producers of Outnumbered have been editing out her panty shot's. Thanks Kennedy for giving us fans of Foxnews some good old fashion panty shots. Ever since Gretchen Carlson left the Fox&Friends show in 2013 for The Real Story. We fans have been asleep at the wheel waiting for some Hot Babe to come along at Foxnews and liven the place up with some upskirt & decent panty shots. We luv ya Kennedy and really enjoy your
    shows on Foxnews. Ps My vote guys is for Kennedy's
    caps out doing Andrea Tantaros caps as viewed above in caps sent by Dj. Thank you Dj I have been
    commenting about Kennedy for months.

  8. Ainsley & Heather our Southern Sweet gal pals on Firstlook at 5:00 a.m. :) 4/14/15 show was perfection
    ladies, Ainsley & Heather your dresses were fab (chic) Ainsley wearing purple,Heather wearing red.
    Both dresses very form fitting and short showing off
    those pretty legs ladies. mmmmm We fans luv your
    show ladies and you both are our favorites, Ps. Ainsley you and Heather have the best T/A at Foxnews.Heather Childers we fans luv your big
    thick juicy PHAT _ss. mmmm pretty hot and tempting.
    :) all in fun pretty lady.

  9. Guys, who thinks its about time for Andrea Tantaros
    to put out or get out. we dont have not one good panty shot from this gal to date. Ainsley, Anna, Kennedy, Elizabeth, Kimberly, Heather n. all our Foxnews gals give us a panty shot at some point, not
    Andrea, someone please steal, hide or replace her superglue lol. :) all in fun one can hope.

  10. Thanks, Mrs. Liz Hasselbeck for a Gretchen Carlson
    moment on 4/14/15 Fox&Friends show at 42 mins
    into the show when the judge walks on the set. Elizabeth, the producers keep pulling the camera angles back far enough to prevent you from showing
    off your shapewear.Its not that your not doing your
    part being sexy like your predesessor Gretchen. Your
    showing off all your pretty charms for ratings, the show is editing your panty shots, not your fault Liz.
    You rocked that red dress this morning, gave us the
    very best opportunity for a great panty /upskirt shot.
    Mgt just edited it out of our grasp. Thanks Elizabeth
    your a Class act. bangin hot bikini body baby:) all in good fun

  11. Thanks Foxnews ladies, your all luvable, likeable,
    lickable, most of all pure sweetness ladies to watch daily. You all contribute to global warming with your
    different levels of hotness for the camera's & fans.
    We fans all have our favorites & our picks for different
    reasons. Top Ten ladies are as follows.
    Gretchen Carlson Hall of (silk panties) Fame.
    Ainsley, beautiful Heather C. her sexy phat _ss
    Andrea T. goddess Kennedy sexy & spicy hott
    Anna K. total babe bangin hot
    Kimberly G. salsa hott Elizabeth H.:) Bikini hottt.
    Harris F. Choc. sweet Melissa F. smart sexy
    Heather N. sexy shy Nicole p. lolipop sweet
    Julie B. mm forever hott Megan K. ouch hottt!:)
    Martha Mc. white choc. sweet.mmm
    Arthel N. tasty sweet
    For the rest of you FoxNews babes not named on our
    list wear shorter skirts & show off them pretty legs
    ladies. Let your panties breath some fresh air on set
    for fans. Ps. Bikini Liz is my favorite sexy babe :)

  12. Fox&Friends 4/16/15 Mrs. E. Hasselbeck right out
    the gate at start of the show announces High Five
    Thursday today. Brian, Steve, & Elizabeth all high five
    Brian gets up walks in front of the camera to high five
    camera operators and Joel. Elizabeth decides to give us fans a very seldom seen sweet panty/shapewear
    treat uncrossing those pretty legs and having a Gretchen moment sharing with us a very nice shot of
    her Blk lacey colored panty. mmm bikini hot Liz. Thanks fun fun fun ladies.:)

  13. Guys what's up with Hoda Kobt & Kathy over at Today show at 10:00 am. Hoda has really been gussetting up lately showing her moist spanx covered
    gussett off to tv land and fans, every show lately. The
    50 yr is definitely trying to help ratings at NBC. Goodluck Hoda Baby! best of luck. DVR is recording shows.:)

  14. Kennedy had Andrea T. on her evening show 4/15/15
    at 10:00 pm. Andrea dressed in all white looking like
    a goddess lickable as usual. Kennedy looking fine as hell clowning, very potty mouthy for this show. Kennedy gives Andrea a pocket knife as a gift, please
    Andrea do me a favor don't ever open the knife and expose the steel blade AGAIN, like Kennedy did on set before handing u the knife. Funny but alarming.:)
    funny stuff.

  15. Carolyn Bruck Fox 28 local mid west news gal,, decides to give her male co host Pete S. & fans a sweet little upskirt panty shot while sitting at the high top table reporting on top 5 things you should know.
    This California Gal is fine as _ell, great rack, thick & juicy in all the right places. A couple of weeks ago Carolyn Bruck gave the best "hall of fame" panty shot ever, Fox 28 to date. never seen such a wonderful sexy site on normal tv. Thanks Carolyn u rock :) ps lu your stuff.
    and perfect.

  16. Kennedy M. is now part of the same league as Gretchen Carlson! She loves her aphrodisiacs and doesn't listen to the committee of "they!"

  17. Its Kennedy M. and A. Tantaros' week so far.

  18. Yes, capman,please post caps of "Hoda Woman" from Today Show; especially when she has her "Gretchen moments!"

  19. Guys, I think we all agree this site rocks, Dj sends
    the capsman the best panty shots of our pretty Foxnews gal pals. Thanks guys

  20. Heather Childers 4/17/15 Firstlook
    show 5:00 am. Heather mmm baby! We fans luv the sexy, hot, sensual new you. We noticed your dresses are
    tighter, shorter and your showing off those pretty legs
    for fans to the max. Heather we also like that your raising your hemline of your dresses right even with your waist, Heather your finally ready, viewers can see you squirming on your seat during the show. Your gusset moist baby, your enjoying all the attention & compliments. Soooo Heather
    what will it be, upskirt gusset shot of your delicate panty or will you just continue to squirm on your seat
    during future shows, panty gusset nice n moist.You see Heather we pantyholics have already
    won really, even if you dont show us your panty, we still know your enjoying the attention. :) ps Heather your Southern Sweet, and you have
    the most juicy thick _ss in the business at Foxnews.

  21. Oh my Brooke Baldwin CNN has been seeking attention from viewers trying to up stage
    our Foxnews gals, raise ratings. believe me guys watch her daily at 2&3 pm. You wont be disappointed.
    this chick is smokin hot, watch

  22. Andrea and Kennedy M. completes my week. Thanks for this great caps.

  23. Hi Guys, Fox&Friends is just to hot and cold no balance for loyal fans. When Gretchen was there
    06-13 on the curvy couch doing show, viewers & fans
    were never disappointed. Gretchen brung the heat, aired her panties, gussett's, thick juicy thighs. Gretchen always raised the bar, the Fox&Friends show was the #1 greatest morning show ever.The reason why (Gretchen Carlson) our Miss America,
    Panty Queen, best ever all time news reporter at Foxnews. Thanks, Gretchen Carlson, fans luv ya and
    miss your sweet sexy blonde _ss sitting on the curvy couch. :)

  24. Hubba,Hubba,Hubba Anna Kooiman really raised the
    hemline of her dress for Saturday's show. I think Anna
    was teasing her future fiancee being a total hotty.:)
    Thanks Anna one _ell of a show, & your a smokin hot
    babe with a bangin hot body, dress, shorts, jeans it doesn'nt matter. You have a marathon fit figure pretty lady, your future hubby is one lucky mick/aussie.:)

    1. I couldn't agree more!!! Anna Kooiman is my favorite FAF gal; especially on Saturdays! I just love how she raises her hemlines and never pulls her dresses down!!! Keep on driving me wild; you sweet as sweet potato pie southern gal!

  25. Local Fox 28 news here in the mid west was boring,
    no pretty Maria Durant on set. We had a sub news gal
    nothing to talk about as far as the show. Put me to
    sleep, Maria Durant & Terry Sullivan always keep
    viewers on the edge of our seats. These two pretty ladies are real news veterans and know how to keep
    male viewers attention on the show and their gusset's/ panty.. The sub Katie Garner is really a weather gal, does a wonderful job on the weather map. Katie is not ready to fill the high heels of Maria or Terry. Sorry Katie, all in good time pretty lady.

  26. Gretchen & Ainsley on the set of the real story together, gave me goosebumps remembering the good old days of F&F 06-13. Gretchen ruled Foxnews
    sets. Cudos Ainsley & Gretchen nicely done show, very infomative and funny ladies.:) luvin me some Gretchen & Ainsley fun, fun ,fun

    1. Agree 100%!!! What a combo; although Gretchen outdid Ainsley and showed off more!

  27. totally agree 4.19.15 12:59 am. Ainsley has been
    bringing her A game to Foxnews, helping keep ratings
    sky high. Ainsley Earhardt is talented, intelligent, & a
    total babe. Thanks Ainsley :).....

  28. Mrs. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is doing a wonderful job
    on Fox&Friends, very classy, sassy lady. Liz you have
    an amazing fab fit figure. Having three kids has'nt harmed your firgure, you have stayed fit and active
    all these yrs. I have watched F&F daily since 06- to
    date. I have enjoyed you being a hostess on the curvy couch. Liz you do wonderful job, look fab chic
    daily, have good interaction with viewers & guest during the show. Thanks Liz :) Im a fan

  29. A have a request for some Fox and Friends First Ainsley and Heather Childers caps because for some reason I rarely if at all could ever catch reruns of FAF first videos with either of them seen crossed legged.

  30. he Outnumbered show is the new fox news entertainment for men how!

  31. Kennedy evening show 4/20/15, WOW ! Kennedy
    wearing pants on set guys. Awesome, to late Kennedy you already shared your panty with Outnumbered viewers nationwide. mmm luvin some
    Kennedy panty :)...

  32. Ainsley & Heather 5:00 a.m. 4.21.15 show was a wonderful show. Heather Childers was (awesome)
    for this show, luved the dress. Heather you rocked that dress, very sexy, your pretty legs looked amazing
    on our tv screens. You have raised your hemline of your dress up around your waist, honoring the
    request of fans. Thanks Heather, hopefully you honor
    fans request to share your gusset with fans. :)...
    Your Southern Sweet and smokin hot baby.

  33. Elizabeth Hasselbeck 4/21/15 F&F show. "wow"
    another upskirt blk lace shapewear panty shot as Dana Parino walks on set. We fans luv your bikini hot figure, you rocked that
    green chic dress on set while setting on the curvy couch. You interviewed the Miz & Summer rae
    from WWE, Summer Rae is a wrestling Diva, very pretty and sexy. Liz we fans were comparing the two
    of you, comparing your _sset's with hers T/A. Liz you
    win hands down" winner". Summer is a diva, but Elizabeth you
    rule the F&Fset, the curvy couch with your sexyness/sex appeal. mmm luvin us some Liz Hasselbeck shapewear gusset action

  34. Outnumbered 4.20.15 Melissa Francis our sexy smart
    Foxbusiness gal pal. Melissa really helped ratings and
    raised her hemline of her dress up around her waist.
    Thanks Melissa, luv your pretty legs.:)...