Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 2015: Anna Kooiman, Andrea Tantaros and Other Fox News Ladies.

Ainsley Earhardt, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Anna Kooiman caps, sent by "DJ".

Andrea Tantaros caps/pictures/photos @ Outnumbered, sent by "DJ".

Weekend: Anna Kooiman caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Wednesday: Andrea Tantaros and Ainsley Earhardt @ Outnumbered caps, sent by "DJ".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. That's one lucky dog, Anna K. was hugging. Andrea T. is on fire. And the other ladies looks great as well. Thanks of the caps.

  2. Ditto!!!!! Anna Kooiman puts all those other FAF ladies on the curvy couch to shame; although they are still lovely eye candy!!!!! Andrea Tantaros is on super hot fire!!!!! She's an extremely proud super MILF!!! In fact, Anna Kooiman is in the same category as Andrea Tantaros!!!
    Thanks so much 4 the caps and keep on feeling better!


  4. Welcome back reporter 101, hopefully health crisis/issue is good. Missed blogging on your web
    site, after all you are on the inside.
    luv the Anna Panty caps, those were some
    awesome mornings with friends. :) Anna Kooiman is a
    tasty treat & always so sweet. lol

    1. Yes!!! Luv those Bermuda triangle/Beaver Assylum caps of Anna Kooiman!!!

  5. Howdy fellow bloggers, I have become a huge Kennedy fan. This pretty lady is scumptious & spicy all rolled into one. The last three months she has really came into her own. I luv her show "Kennedy" in the evenings. She has of late been raising the bar of fashion on sets at Foxnews by dressing fab (chic) wearing very cute little adorable dress outfits showing lots of panty & legs for fans. Take 4/9/15 Outnumbered show, Kennedy was wearing a very short chic pink dress sitting legs uncrossed the whole
    show letting the camera shoot her panty, the producers of the show wouldnt let the camera shoot footage below the waist. Thats ok the camera man behind the scenes had a very good day today. Kennedy has fabulous taste in the panty selection department. Everytime she has shown her panty to us fans its been a real panty not spanx. Yeah Kennedy thats what we like a real woman who doesnt
    mind sharing her silky lace panty with fans. Guys I really dig this chick, she's way kool & evening thow she is off the market, still manages to keep me on the edge of my seat.:) all in good fun thanks pretty lady you rock.

  6. Hello Gretchen Carlson, AKA The Panty Goddess &
    future Panty hall of famer. :) Mrs. (G) you gotta renovate your set please, come on Gretchen please change your set. Us fans / pantyholics are having some serious panty withdrawal symtoms out here in tv land. Gretchen you always enjoyed teasing us male fans driving us crazy with your pretty legs and silky panties. I also know that between 06 &13 your panty was always moist/wet by the end of every F&F show. Gretchen you gotta come back on stage for a repeat panty performance at some point, why not now. come on when you were on the set of F&F we fellows never needed viagra, cialis miracle grow etc..
    all we needed was you in a short skirt, leg cross, panty shot wahle life was good.. lol fun fun fun miss u doll.

  7. Hello Ainsley 5:00am Southern Sweet gal.
    Ainsley luving those tight figure flatering pastel colored dresses on you, mmmm shorter the dress better for fans. Ainsley you look so delicious on set sorta like a sweet breakfast pastry. When you try to bite it, you just get the sweet icing all over your face. So you just end up licking the sweetness off the pastry ending up all sticky sweet mmmm. :) all in fun Ainsley Ps You are a real sweetie pie.

  8. It's Andrea Tantaros this week. She does not want to stop showing them. I hope she sits at the other side of the couch soon.

    1. Ditto!!! Btw, love those super short mini skirts Andrea Tantaros wears thus showing off her lovely legs!!!

  9. Hi guys, Elizabeth Hasselbeck is looking really bikini
    fit on the set of Fox and Friends last couple of months.I really wish Steve Doocey would relax & let the ladies of Fox & Friends run wild for the camera's and fans. I am a Elizabeth fan and happen to enjoy watching liz every morning on the curvy couch. Liz really brings her A game turning up the heat on the set of friends wearing very tight ,short, form fittting little dresses that show off her pretty legs & spanx. She also has a
    bangin hot body, looking very sexy daily. luvin me some liz. lol get rid of the spanx liz, bring on the panty shots like on the view.

  10. Tantaros, Tantaros, Tantaros sexy _ss Andrea what a tease Tantaros. What can one say except she is a
    hugh teaser, a crowd pleaser a real sexy news lady.
    This pretty greek goddess is sexy perfection, best legs in the business, best figure in the business. thanks Andrea fun fun fun mmmm now cross them pretty legs for the camera, get rid of the superglue pretty some spanx please!

  11. What I love about Outnumbered is that it is full of estrogen and not to mention the over dosing of aphrodisiacs!!!!! I can't begin to imagine the thrill every "one lucky guy" gets being in the room with all that estrogen energy!!! Boy, I wish I could be the one lucky guy every time on set!!!

  12. Heather Nauert end of Fox & Friends show gives us
    fans a real good leg cross & spanx shot. Come on ladies get rid of the spanx, get back to the silk panty action, Gretchen Carlson style. Gretchen's a mom with a couple of kids & still rocked short skirts/dresses wearing a sexy silk panty under her outfit, no spanx. That's what helped keep Friends ratings sky high and got her a show of her own.

  13. This is for Outnumbered show, you dress the ladies real sexy for the show. Making it a point to shoot camera footage of their sexy short dresses and pretty legs. But when a lady shows her (Spanx) upskirt you dont show her from the waist down. What are you people thinking, put them behind a desk & dress them in slacks. Oh Yeah! I forgot you would'nt have a show then would ya. Nobody would watch your show if Andrea Tantaros was dressed in pants or slacks and did'nt sit on a couch wearing a very short chic dress showing off her pretty legs for fans. Heck you got NBC Hoda & QVC ladies showing more spanx than your ladies, really guys. You have the prettiest ladies but don't manage the camera angles properly.

    1. Get rid of all the spanx and put the spanx industry out of business; justas the crazy glue industry ought to be!

  14. Andrea Tantaros and Anna Kooiman are the grand prize winners this week followed by Ainsley Earhardt in her little black dress!!! hey kept their respective show ratings high by"" aphrodisiacs and really being such sweet eye candy as well as starting to let go of super glue!

  15. Ainsley Earhardt is looking sooo hottt these days on
    FirstLook & the set of Outnumbered.
    Southern sweet wearing those bright pastel
    colored extremely tight form fitting dresses.
    mmm Ainsley! Yeah baby you are bringin your A game sweetie pie. Ratings are thru the roof thanks to you pretty lady. I watch your show FirstLook daily at 5:00 a.m. you do a very nice job for being on so early. I don't care for the Outnumbered show because they put you on the wrong side of the couch. You & Andrea Tantaros should be next to each other, not say Melissa F. We fans would luv to see you and Andrea Ainsley in a pretty leg dual for ratings. On a more serious note, news segment
    on spring break was alarming/shocking to say the least. thanks Ainsley all in good fun pretty lady. PS shorten them dresses up say about 1" shorter mmm that would be a real treat for Ainsley fans. lol:) show
    off them pretty legs for us loyal fans pretty lady.

  16. Heather Childers my Soutern Sweet blonde bombshell on with Ainsley Earhardt at 5:00 a.m.
    You seem to be coasting somewhat distracted of late.
    Not really into yourself and your sex appeal on set of late, what gives. You seem somewhat bored or that's
    how you come across of late on set. Your just going
    thru the motions routine at Foxnews. I hope and fans hope that you get back to being the sexy, hott, hotty of the past couple yrs. Heather Childers your a (10),
    blonde, bangin hot body, best _ss in the business, prettiest legs at Foxnews. Thanks Heather we fans enjoy you every morning while drinking our fav cup of hot java. :) PS your pretty southern smile is contributing to global warming. lol

  17. Kennedy, we luv ya you( Hot Mess). Be watching your evening show daily, luv your sense of humor and show. PS. Fans realize your off the market, but
    we still really dig you, your sexy baby, still got it. You keep the male fans on the edge of our seat with those pretty legs, short skirts, potty mouth. mmmm luvin me some Kennedy.

    1. Agrreed!!!Kennedy's another one added to the Fox News MILF List!!!

  18. What a huge disappointment for Saturday April 11, 2015 edition of Fox and Friends!!! The entire show seemed to have taken outdoors while three hosts were standing; including my favorite Anna Kooiman! Oh well there's always tomorrow!

  19. agree 4/11/15 4:00pm outdoors show was non-
    eventful, but Anna made up a little bit on Sunday's
    show. Anna even mentioned on Saturday's show
    she would have her dog buddy Baxter on the show.
    She even mentioned she would have to (gussey) up for his appearance. She didn't, us fans were somewhat dissappointed to say the least. :)
    ps Anna we still luv you & your sweet southern charms.

  20. mmm... Marie Durant Fox28 local news gal here in the midwest looking so hot & sexy this weekend.
    The Sunday show was definitely much better, Maria
    Durant sat on set with her legs uncrossed looking right at the camera enjoying the moment. The camera
    angles allowing a couple of sweet upskirt spanx gusset shots for us loyal fans of hers. She was sitting
    on set at a high top table with her male co-host reporting top news stories with her legs uncrossed
    for the camera & fans. Guys this news gal is such
    a babe, a couple of months ago she allowed the camera to shoot up her skirt almost the entire show.
    She must of somehow got word of this site and bloggers commets about her showing off her pretty legs & sexy silk panties. The reason I bring it up
    is now she wears spanx and is stingy with her gusset
    spanx shots, months ago she was wearing silk panties under short skirts. So fellows don't think our
    comment's about these ladies don't get noticed and
    read country wide. Oh Yeah! Maria Durant we fans
    luv your hot body, sexy thick legs. PS we also luv
    it when you show off your spanx gusset/ silk panty
    for us loyal fans. mmmm.. thanks Maria our favorite
    local Foxnews 28 gal pal.

  21. Hi Guys, Im curious who would you fellow bloggers
    like to see sitting on the Outnumbered couch with
    the greek goddess Andrea Tantaros(1) Ainsley(2)Kim
    G. (3)Gretchen (4)Nicole P. mmmm that would be a
    show to remember. who do you guys think would be
    a great combination of ladies for a Outnumbered show.

  22. 4/13/15 Firstlook 5:00a.m. show Ainsley & Heather
    you Southern Sweet gals looked amazing, especially
    Ainsley.mmmm Oh Yeah! fans luvin us some Ainsley
    while drinking first cup of java. Heather your dress was simply to long, but you still looked sexy chic. We
    fans preferr the skirts shorter on our Southern Sweet gals showing off those pretty legs ladies, don't be
    shy now for us loyal fans. :) all in good humor ladies thank you both you do a terrific job at Foxnews.
    ps. You two are cherry & two of Foxnews best female
    _sset's.:) have a wonderful day ladies. be checkin out
    your show daily at 5:00 am

  23. get rid of those damn glass tables blocking the view