Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This April again: Outnumbered Ladies and Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Andrea Tantaros and the Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos, sent by "DJ".

Weekend: Anna Kooiman caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Monday/Tuesday: Andrea Tantaros and the Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.


Wednesday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Heather Nauert caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Sandra Smith, Andrea Tantaros and the Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Friday: Sandra Smith, Andrea Tantaros and the Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Wow! These Ladies are really driving me crazy....

    1. Agree 1000 %! They are all catfishes---making my nature rise!!!

  2. Yeah, they are driving me crazy too like a mustang. That white dress is Andrea's shortest dress that I've seen. And Kennedy M. is showing what she got too.

    1. I agree with the above statement! Now if only Andrea would cross her legs in the other direction she would be indescribably exciting!!! She seems like she's dying to please her male fans!!!

  3. Wow!!! A room full of strong doses estrogen and aphrodisiacs in the air!!! What a combination; especially with one lone guy in the middle of it all!!! Wish I were always the one lucky guy!!!

  4. Anna Kooiman rules!!!!! She puts all her other two Carolina southern compatriots to shame!!!! This sweet as pecan pie a la mode southern belle is also consistently hot unlike the other two!!! Maybe some day she'll have her own show as well!!!


  6. Outnumbered was a bit tame today. Harris and he other woman in the middle of the curvy couch were totally comservative while my gal Andrea in white as well as the Russian hottie in red who sat on the outer wings of the curvy couch were both hot as usual!

  7. So nice to see Heather Nauert finally sit on the other side of the curvy couch and Elizabeth H. was hot and lovely today as well.

  8. This should be the hot legs network.

  9. check the legs on the woman on the show "morning drive" on golf channel .....in the morning.....very nice

  10. I wish Andrea TanTaros WOULD CROSS HER LEGS THE OTHER WAY!

  11. Weekend FAF is like my weekly decadent dessert of the week for my eyes!!! (forget about eye candy)! Anna Kooiman is like a most delicious slice of southern sweet potato pie or pecan pie a lamode!!! She puts all those week day Fox babes to crying shame!!! She consistently raises her hemlines and loves pleasing her male viewers as well as co- workers!!! She's real live warm comfort food for the eyes; and proud of it!!! From her pretty smile and long, beautiful legs, Anna Kooiman has it all!!! And no to mention her southern charm, too!!!

  12. Outnumbered ladies cross your legs the other way and Andrea in white is the hottest thing ever. Elizabeth has been bringing it lately and is quickly moving up my rankings. Gretchen will always be the queen with short dresses daily and an up skirt always around the corner wish she was still on that curvy couch.