Monday, February 2, 2015

First Week of Feb 2015: Andrea Tantaros and The Ladies of Fox News.

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Monday: Andrea Tantaros and The Ladies of "Outnumbered" caps/pictures/photos.

Tuesday: Andrea Tantaros and The Ladies of "Outnumbered" caps/pictures/photos.

Wednesday: The Ladies of "Outnumbered" and Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Thursday: The Ladies of "Outnumbered" and Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos.

Friday: The Ladies of "Outnumbered" and Jamie Colby caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Andrea Tantaros is a diva. And Gretchen Carlson is still the queen.

  2. Shut my mouth, Thank U DJ for the Andrea Tantaros
    captions on Outnumbered. Andrea Tantaros & Harris Faulkner were both smokin hot and totally delivered for fans, one of the best Outnumbered shows ever. Total leg show, dresses hiked way up, no spanx on the 2/2/2015 show.mmmmmmmm delicious ladies :) thanks. nice camera angles for a change. whole body shots.

  3. Ainsley Earhardt is looking amazing these days, the older she gets the better her butt looks. Ainsley I luv when you wear your dresses extremely tight showing off that wonderful sexy figure of yours. mmmm Southern Sweet baby luvin me some blonde bombshells Ainsley & Heather Childers. Two of Foxnews prettiest. thanks ladies. see u both at 5:00 am. :)

  4. Andrea looking Tanterrific as always.

  5. Looking forward to our gals & outnumbered today at noon. Lets keep Andrea & Harris warming up the curvy couch singing "baby its cold outside"
    Harris & Andrea keep bringin the heat ladies tight skirts long legs ladies. We fans luv & appreciate all the long hours & hard work u gals put in to make a great show for us fans Thank U ladies :) ps no spanx..

  6. I would like to contribute to the posts, but I have no idea how to begin with capturing screen shots. Can anyone help? I just need to know what I need to get started. I'm not that technologically inclined, but I want to help the cause!

  7. is there another site like this around dedicated to fox news?

  8. Brooke Baldwin CNN 2/3/15 from 2:00 pm.- 4:00pm.
    D_amn Brooke is looking good today, CNN has the right camera angle & Brooke Baldwin really works the camera angle well, fab chic dress, nice long pretty legs, plenty of panty/gusset action. Thanks Brooke FoxNews could learn a few tricks from you and your show.mmmmmmmmmmm nice pretty lady.

  9. Thanks capsman & DJ AWESOME caps thumbs up,best captions in along time. luvin me some Andrea Tantaros caps.

  10. Foxnews programs have been #1 in the ratings for sometime. I feel of late especially with Foxnews programs are so agenda (politics,politics,..) related they numb our brains. Viewers & Fox fans need visual stimulation to keep us paying attention to the news headlines daily, The ladies of Foxnews are a added bonus for us loyal Foxnews fans. The ladies of Foxnews are beautiful, intelligent & sexy. Successful in their news careers. Thank you ladies for keeping the news broadcasts interesting & exciting for us fans. Although we fans all have our favorite female news gals. Mine are Queen Gretchen Carlson #1 Kim Guilfoyle #2 Ainsley Earhardt & Heather Childers #3 Elizabeth Hasselbeck #4 Anna Kooiman & Heather Nauert #5 Andera Tantaros #6 can be #2 if she wanted to.
    Harris Faulkner, Julie Bandares, Jamie Colby, Gerri Willis, Nicole P. all these ladies rock in my opinion and are my favorites.

  11. Goodmorning guys, I think we all agree Foxnews has the prettiest news gals, some better than others. I think we all can agree that as we travel through our daily routines work, gym, eatery's to include other public gatherning places. We interact we women who are often much more attractive & beautiful than our Foxnews gals. The difference is these gals are not on tv in front of the camera. All dolled up to arouse male viewers tight form fitting short dresses & pretty legs. Foxnews marketing manager's do an excellant job of hiring only young attractive educated females looking to rise to the top in the news media business. The thing these ladies must realize is they are only in the top slot as long as ratings are high and they doll themselves up to the maax. Attracting male viewers attention.My point, Laurie Duhe, E.D. Hill Rebecca Gomez, Kiran C. to name a few past Fox beauties that were in top slots a few years ago.Where are they now.hhmmm.

  12. Hi, 2/5/15 outnumbered show was a very interesting show today. Harris & Andrea are rocking the mike, really have good energy and are making us male fans drool. Harris has been super duper flirty with the camera these last few shows. She & Andrea work well together. Harris Faulkner a couple months back verbally stated on outnumbered while topic of discussion was about wearing spanx/ upskirt public pics. Harris Faulkner said verbally she didnt mind if strangers looked up her skirt and saw her nude spanx gusset. Sooooo bring it Harris, we want to see your goodies baby! mmmm we know your stuff is sweeeet a_s honey, pretty lady. Yeah your off the market so what we are just trash talkin yuh, baby. We luv all your curves, your no stick lady, your the real deal sexy appeal lady All american red blooded female, bringin the heat. lol remmeber spanx are outlawed, silk panty only. swing batter batter swing. :)
    PS. We fans know Harris U and Andrea's panties get so moist during the show if you took them off and threw them against a wall they would stick to the wall.
    Oh lady's went there. lol.....

    1. The only thing creepier than this comment is how the majority of the posters here feel they have to be anonymous. What's the story there? I'm not ashamed if someone sees me here. Just sayin'.

    2. chef 72, Being anonymous and blogging about Foxnews gals, whats to be ashamed of.
      nothing on this site is x rated all thats posted is pics of foxnews gals sitting on a set talking news headlines. Then u got to go and be judgemental. We all just luv individuals such as yourself, No bad vibes, nobody is interested, this site is still not up and running fully, no bloggers. so it really doesnt matter .

  13. This is really the Fox Legs Channel.

  14. Hello fellow bloggers where are you comments, come on guys. Did anyone see Monica Crawley
    on the real story talking about terrorist burning the Jordanian f16 pilot alive. She was interviewed by Gretchen and actually used the following words talking about
    our govt security policy. Accusing them of "Pussy footing" around with terrorists, not kidding guys. it was awesome, you should have seen Gretchen's face.

  15. Fox & Friends Elizabeth Hasselbeck & Ainsley Earhardt dressed in fab red colored dresses.
    Bonus we have swim suit models,Harris Faulkner, yummy! Elizabeth luved the sleeveless red dress and upskirt panty shot , I just wanted to compliment you about holding your own against the swim suit models,
    as a wife & mom of three children. Honey! you looked
    pretty da_m good this morning. Thanks for getting dolled up, its pretty cold outside. Ainsley luved your tight red dress, you warmed our hearts. Ainsley wear them dresses that are tight and show off your curves pretty lady, your well worth the price of admission pretty lady. Southern sweeet & tasty. lol mmmm... see u this weekend. ps. dont be a schoolgirl, someone hide the superglue please from Ainsley hint.
    time to anty that panty Ainsley this weekend, you been using the superglue far to long.

  16. Andrea T. looks amazing this Friday.

  17. agreed feb 6 2015 11:43 pm Andrea T. "looks Amazing in tight white dress" Andrea gives me goosebumps. enough said. lol all in good fun.

  18. Fox& Friends Saturday morning show with Ainsley filling in for Anna. Ainsley looked nice, show sucked,
    turned channel to local Fox 28 channel and watched our local hottie Marie Durant. Marithe rocked the set during the show. So long Ainsley Saturday show was lame, but local news saved the day. Nothing to bragg about with regard to Ainsley or the show. oh yeah! Tucker Carlson & Ainsley both looked nice & dressed about the same sense of fashion .

  19. Harris Faulkner Fox Report Sunday evening looking
    amazing on set wearing a extremely tight form fitting dress. Harris was showing off her curvy figure to fans
    and viewers. Thanks Harris you rock, plus added bonus no spanx to be seen on those pretty thick thighs of yours when your legs are crossed. mmmmm
    your sweeeet, & such a treat. your hubby is such a lucky fellow to enjoy the assets and beauty you bring to the relationship. lol all in good fun :)

  20. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, 2/9/15 Fox & Friends looking
    very chic this morning, her sleeveless two tone dress
    rocks on the set. mmmmm Thanks Mrs. Elizabeth for
    always bringin (sexy) to morning show. ? Elizabeth
    at 41 mins. into the show Stewart Varney walks onto the set U give him a real nice quick upskirt. nicely done. your sweeet as honey.