Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Week of Jan 2015: The Ladies of Fox News caps/pictures/photos.

Gretchen Carlson and Anna Kooiman caps/pictures/photos, sent by "DJ":

Monday: Heather Nauert, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Ainsley Earhardt and Heather Childers caps/pictures/photos:

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson and The Ladies of "Outnumbered" caps/pictures/photos.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Ainsley Earhardt caps/pictures/photos:

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson and The Ladies of "Outnumbered" caps/pictures/photos.

Friday: Andrea Tantaros and The Ladies of "Outnumbered" caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Simply beautiful!

  2. I agree on your comment NEON from previous post:
    "These ladies are just plain hot and sexy. It takes a lot of money to make these babies notice you."

    1. Yep...lots of money.

    2. It's not always about $. It certainly is a bonus. However, these ladies get rich guys coming on to them all the time. You'll be surprised how far you can get with a nice compliment.

  3. Nice caps of Ainsley there.

  4. Andrea T. is real a rising star for Fox. But Gretchen will always be the queen. Do you guys agree?

    1. I Agree 100%. Gretchen is still the sexist woman at Fox News. Legendary Status. She's as hot as ever.

  5. Hi Guys,
    Glad to see this site back up and running. Gretchen the undisputed "PANTY QUEEN" 06-13. She won by default, wearing sexy silk panties. The ladies now days are wearing nude spanx under garments due to higher ups in mgt making them mandatory. Anna Kooiman has even did a 180 degree turn wearing nude spanx, no more leg crossing. When she sits legs uncrossed on the curvy couch, her legs angle away from the camera. She is still embrassed about the previous upskirt shot with her dog that showed her wet/moist panty on set that day. Ainsley & Heather at 5:00 am are my gal pals, mmm Southern Sweet & lickable. lol Lets Lobby Guys To Get Rid Of Spanx On Set At FoxNews. SILK PANTY'S ONLY!!!!
    "Gretchen Carlson" Your always gonna hold the title in my opinion just because of all the UTUBE VIDEOS of your SEXY SILK PANTIES &THICK JUICY THIGHS.MMMM lickable....

  6. Guys, do we all agree that Gretchen Carlson needs to update her set for peets sake. Come on Gretchen spend some money and create a better set with better camera angles. "HINT........." lol...

  7. HI Guys,
    Im not a Andrea Tantaros fan simply because in all her years at FoxNews, she has yet to stop using superglue on those fab. legs of hers, not showing fans her goodies. If anyone knows of just one upskirt of Andrea Tantaros let me know cause I know of none. Yeah! she has all the right curves & is beautiful. I just think she is kinda a party pooper, to much like the Royals, to lady like. bs. no panty shots with that one. The shots U got are all U will ever have. Andrea Tantaros is no Kimberly Guilfoyle, now she is my kinda gal "FREAKY" Kim Guilfoyle has some freak in her game and is "SPICY" she doesnt mind showing off her goodies to fans. I'd lick her till the point she needed hydrating.mmmmm tasty that one. low miles... warrenty still in effect she's not even broken in good. lol," sign all single males up for that pretty Brunette"

  8. Come on ladies its time to PANTY up, its POKER time for us loyal fans. Gretchen, Kimberly, Anna, Elizabeth, Heather N., Ainsley & Heather C., last but not least our gals at "OUTNUMBERED" ANTY those lovely panty's ladies, Burn the Spanx please.

  9. Hi,
    I enjoy my FoxNews gals in New York City, but I also enjoy my local Fox 28 News gals here in Col. Ohio.
    One particular hottie is my favorite Marie Durant, she has a bangin hot body, pretty legs & she is a real sweetie pie on set and here in the local area. Marie Durant isnt shy on set in front of the camera. Maria will on certain occassions reward us loyal male fans of her News broadcast by showing off her pretty legs , panty/ pantyhose gusset. mmmmm, she is so sweet, a very sexy news lady. we really enjoy her. I was watching this SUPERBOWL Sunday morning show, I was bored with Anna Kooiman, changed the channel to Maria Durant Fox 28 wahla Maria rewarded us fans with a couple nice leg crosses & pantyhose gusset action.

  10. Hi,
    Thanks for the caps DJ as always "captions rock". I have been skipping Gretchen Carlson "The Real Story" & instead watching Brooke Baldwin at CNN. I am no fan of CNN, but dam_ Brooke Baldwin is smokin hottt and has a pair of the prettiest legs in the business, she doesnt mind showing them off. She is the real deal sex appeal.

  11. Ok, FoxNews puts together a show "Outnumbered" hires four hotties to sit on a curvy couch. These ladies wear the latest chic dresses showing off their
    pretty legs during the show. What I dont get is what the hell is up with the poor camera angles and the topic banner that cuts the ladies out of the shot from the waist down. Why the hell dress them up as chic hotties, cutting out the camera angles below the waist. Makes not a bit sense to me, mgt your goofs. Let them ladies breathe, like a bottle of fine wine thats just been uncorked. The ladies can manage their own images on set without being treated like teenagers at a high school prom.

  12. Wow, Outnumbered 2/2/15 Harris Faulkner rocked that red dress, she was smoking hot. "No Spanx" today.mmmmmm :) Thanks Harris, baby its cold outside, but not on the set of Outnumbered. luv your pretty legs, no more spanx on this pretty lady. wink. Awesome show, one camera angle was great.

  13. Andrea Tantaros outnumbered show 2/2/15. Andrea I owe U an apology, I am not a fan of yours in the past. I am now a fan after todays outnumbered show. Guys
    I set my DRV the to record todays show at 12:00 pm. I finally got to sit down and view the show at 5:00 pm.
    Upon intro to the show Harris Faulkner opens up talking, looking fab chic. Into the camera shot comes Andrea Tantaros wearing a fab blue dress looking like a million dollars " racked & stacked" rocking her dress. I immediately see what some of U
    guys mentioned up above in this blog. My goodness Andrea Tantaros has her dress hiked up to almost around her waist. Guys' I swear I thought I could see her belly button. Wow Andrea awesome show, you looked like a diva, really made my day, making me think about not being a fan. U won me over with your chic dress pretty legs and smokin hot body.mmmmmm Thank U Andrea