Monday, February 9, 2015

Second Week of Feb 2015: Ainsley Earhardt, Gretchen Carlson and The Fox News Ladies.

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Weekend: Ainsley Earhardt and Cheryl Casone caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ The Real Story.

Monday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Monday and Tuesday: Andrea Tantaros and The Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Wednesday: Andrea Tantaros and The Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson, Andrea Tantaros and The Ladies of Outnumbered caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Yeah! Great caps of Ainsley and Gretchen, keep them coming. This is good to start the week with lovely ladies.

  2. I agree with the above comments re:Gretchen and Ainsley! My girl Gretchen hasn't changed a bit!!! Still as hot as ever! I STILL LOVE GRETCHEN CARLSON TO DEATH and she knows it!!! Keep on driving me wild!!!!!

  3. Let the MILF Alerts begin...!!!!!

  4. Outnumbered ladies!!!

  5. On Outnumbered the two ladies on the left are the hottest and give the biggest leg shows ever on that show!
    They are also the two top MILFs of the show!

  6. Elizabeth Hasselbeck Fox& Friends 2/10/15 show
    gives two real nice upskirt shots. 1st upskirt is with Henry Winkler 1 hr 41 mins, 2nd upskirt is with sports illustrated swim suit model Hannah Davis 2 hrs 29 mins. lets see if dj can come up with some caps. Elizabeth Hassellbeck has been sexy as hell the last couple of shows. Elizabeth was working out with Chris Kyle American Snipers brother yesterday on set wearing a very tight leotard/spanx fitting work out outfit. Elizabeth is fully recovered from her abdominal
    sugury and looks amazingly fit. Elizabeth your body is bangin hott baby, three kids didnt have any effect on you honey. your as_ looks amazing, makes me and other fans stay loyal to your show, ps. nicely done push ups bad as_ pretty lady, kettle bell workout was kool also.mmmmmm :) you made my mouth water.

  7. ha, ha, ha , Ainsley and Tucker Carlsons weekend show still sucked, post pics all u want. show put fans to sleep. They had similar fashion taste, deal with it. lol, if you cant deal with honest bloggers opinions as
    fans or critics, to bad. or should we lie and say oh! Ainsley was great, she was awesome, she was a diva, facts and show were to the contrary. take the good with the bad foxnews show was boriiiiiiiiing............

  8. The Real Story , Gretchen (panty goddess) Carlson
    may not be spending money to remodel her set. But she sure is raising the hemline on her dresses showing off those juicy thick thighs and pretty legs for fans & viewers. Mrs. Gretchen you have always made male fans drool watching you do your thing in from of Foxnews camera's. Keep bringin the heat baby, its cold outside. :) Gretchen you warm us up pretty lady, I must say you are looking fabulous on set these days. lickable, likeable,luvable ..... lol yeah! you get the picture baby. we fans are fans of yours for along time to come.

  9. FoxFirst 5:00 a.m. Heather Childers looked amazing wearing a fab chic tight short dress. Way to go Heather, you rocked that sexy dress, legs,legs & pretty legs Whew, southern sweet as_ honey.mmmmmmm luv your tight sexy package, awesome show Heather. Thanks :)

  10. Andrea Tantaros is consistently the hottest honey of Outnumbered! She puts all of those others ladies to shame! The others are sometimes boring!

  11. Oh my Gretchen, and now my Andrea.

    1. Totally agree; the two top divas of Fox News!

  12. Thanks for the Elisabeth H. caps for Monday very sexy.

  13. Thank you ladies for doing one Hel_ of a wonderful job at Foxnews sitting on set in front of the camera's.
    Happy Valentines Day Best Wishes to each and everyone of u beautiful gals this weekend. Hoping u all enjoy 50 shades of grey movie debue, whom ever
    monitors this site's blogging, your software package sucks! this new site does weird sh_t when bloggers type. not kool ya know what I mean. :)

  14. Our pretty blonde california Fox 28 news gal Carolyn
    Bruck, anchors the morning news show here in Columbus, Ohio during the week. Has been taking a backseat to our pretty weekend news anchor Maria Durant, who has not been stingy with us fans sharing her panty/ gusset on air. (ratings) thumbs up. Well I guess Carolyn Bruck has had enough, during the Friday morning 8:00 a.m. show at 19 mins. She was talking about Disney cookies with her male anchor pal, decided to dismount her chair to give a cookie to her weather man. During her dismount of the chair she uncrossed her pretty thick as_ legs showing us loyal viewers a perfect upskirt inner thigh shot right to her panty, but not showing it. Then she looks right at the camera and swings her left leg wide open revealing a sexy delicate panty. I swear u could see the outline of her _ussy lips. Yeah guys I _hit u not, I was drinking a glass of water and almost choked spitting some water out. Carolyn Bruck just entered the Gretchen Carlson (PANTY QUEEN) zone allowing her panty to breathe on camera and to be viewed by millions of male fans, with a hint up _ussy lips pushin against the thin material. way to go girl. Happy Valentines Day Carolyn Bruck, Your definitely getting layed this weekend. :) nice panty mmmm....

  15. Wuuhuuu!!!!! Oh babe! Andrea Tantaros is red hot beyond words!!! Just can't enough of this Greek human aphrodisiac!!! She's overdosing with the love medicine!!! ANDREA TANTAROS, KEEP ON DRIVING ME WILD!!!!!

  16. Now if only the girls and the producers would only give up the super glue that show's ratings would really fly1

  17. Anna Kooiman did it again on FAF Saturday by helping the ratings! She dressed so deliciously well in her bright red get-up making such luscious eye candy ALSO SHOWING OFF HER THICK JUICY GAMS!

  18. Ooohhh...Gretchen, Andrea and Anna!!!!! Fox News' top three consistently hot Divas! All three are helping Fox's ratings!

  19. Oh yeah! My girl Anna Kooiman did it again this Sunday the day after Valentine's Day in her white get-up! I can't get enough of this sweet southern diva!

  20. Thankgoodness bloggers are back, totally agree guys
    with all ya.

  21. This Valentines weekend, our local fox 28 news gals
    win out over fox & friends. Carolyn Bruck awesome panty shot 2/13/15 & Maria Durant comes through on the weekend shows, sharing her gusset. a great weekend for local fox 28. mmmmm thank you ladies hot & sexy warming us loyal fans up during the polar freeze.
    Carolyn Bruck your a blonde goddess from Cali. luv those thick juicy inner thighs,your panty a bonus . If us normal red blooded american guys were vampires, you would have three sets of two little puncture marks on the inside of those pretty thighs baby,mmm no bites on the neck. lol :) fun fantasy

  22. Our gals at FoxFirst 5:00 a.m. Anisley & Heather. OMGosh ladies! Wow what can we guys say. Ainsley wearing that (chic) leather skirt looking hotttt. Heather wearing that tight form fitting figure flattering dress.mmmm both Southern Sweet ladies looking delicious. Heather Childers if you were a lolipop I would so enjoy taking nice long slow licks of your sweetness wink, my dear. you looked incredible Heather during 2/16/15 show, amazing show,no shortage of pretty legs. thanks Heather Childers.mmmm :)

  23. Elizabeth Hasselbeck F&F 2/16/15 show. Elizabeth was looking fabulous, pretty dress,pretty legs oiled up, hair & makeup, sheer perfection liz. Made all male fans stand erect. nicely done pretty lady. You have definitely been stepping up your beauty game lately for F&F, we male fans luv you and your sex appeal Liz. thank you. luv the Henry Winkler pics above on this website, Henry's facial expressions were priceless, funny you rocked that dress Liz ,awesome.

  24. Outnumbered on Monday February 16, 2015, the Monday
    after Valentine's Day, is super sweet and hot eye candy! Kennedy, who sat in Harris' spot on the curvy couch really put Harris to shame! Kennedy had those thick juicy and long gams in full display!
    WuuuHuuu!!! All the other ladies are fine, too!!! A super MILF Alert for today's Outnumbered! This show's ratings are sky high!!!

  25. Tantaros,Tantaros, Sexy as_ Andrea, Tantlizing Greek beauty.Damn! this gal is serving it up guys. She is a classy sassy gal, knows she's hottt & sexy.
    I hope one of you fine Jersey boys is hammering that fine as_ of hers pullin her hair makin her sqeal in pleasure. she needs it bad guys.You can tell she is and has been boy crazy for yrs.

  26. Kennedy show, 2/16/15 10:00 p.m. I'm really starting to really dig this chick, she's a little bit of a potty mouth and a hellion. I've watched a couple of her show's and she does a really nice job, pretty funny, dresses sexy as hel_ and is pretty informative. This
    show tonite start's out with her sitting at a glass top table and the camera zooms in on her shooting a fantastic upskirt panty shot. mmm Kennedy I'm luvin
    U showing us fans your panty, pretty lady. I must say you have very nice taste when it comes to choosing a panty for your show. You flashed a white lace panty on the show Outnumbered when you were wearing a white dress. Your no Andrea Tantaros, but still very sexy, and pretty amazing to watch, even if you are off the market. Thanks Kennedy, Your 50 shades of grey show was so funny, ps. You held that (big) cucumber in your hand like real pro. lol

  27. welp, Mr. Cap man, so nice to see you back in the saddle again after nearly 10 months! Now, how about last week's caps getting posted, please!

  28. Outnumbered show 2/17/15 Kennedy wearing a very chic blue dress looking cute as hell. The show starts out with a tight camera shot of Dr. Keith A. then pulls back and Kennedy is sitting in for Harris. she is sitting beside Andrea T. Guys the first thing U notice is Kennedy is sitting on the couch with a very short dress, legs uncrossed and the show is only just starting. I notice immediately that Kennedy want's some panty camera attention today, plans to put on a panty show for us pantyholics. 30 secs into the show and Kennedy is airing her panty to millions of viewers. She sits pretty legs uncrossed the entire show allowing the camera to shoot her danty, delicate little silk panty in all its beauty.mmmm Kennedy I could really get use to U letting your panty breathe on air pretty lady. Gretchen Carlson style. I'll bet at the end of the show youir delicate little panty was so moist you could'nt walk outside until U went into the ladies room slipped them off and held them up to the hand dryer lol, Oh yeah baby you know what we like Kennedy, keep bringin it pretty lady. I luv it when you allow us fans to gaze upon that danty delicate little piece of silk. We all know what a nice little treat is peeking out from underneath of that silky material baby. fun fun
    thanks Mrs. Kennedy your way kool, even if your off the market. yeah! you bested Andera today Kennedy #1 , Andrea #2 hah-huuuuuuu

  29. I really hate when this blog is dormant! I wish it would stay active, alive and fresh with comments as well as pics! What do you guys think?

  30. Why did this blog suddenly become dead-ended? Come on; be alive again w/ new pics and comments!

  31. I can't believe Kennedy wore slacks on Thursday edition of Outnumbered this week on Feb 19,2015! This is totally unlike the women of Fox News! What happened?

  32. Come on already! I wish this blog would once again come back to life like it did two weeks ago! What's happening? Somebody please tell me!

  33. Well cap man; please come on back to life!

  34. I'm really disappointed with both Ainsley Earhardt and Heather Childer because they dress ultra conservatively these days! They might as well either dress as nuns or else just stay at home to entertain their husbands only and keep out of the public eye. At this point I don't think they are really helping the station's ratings. I'll have to say honestly that I miss the good old days; especially of Ainsley Earhardt up until six months ago before she made the sudden change. The same thing applies to Ms. Simonetti of Fox Business.

  35. The best of health and a speedy recovery to the cap man re: his health challenges.