Sunday, August 5, 2012

This Aug: Fox News caps...

Saturday: Ainsley Earhardt caps @ Fox and Friends sent by "DJ":

Sunday: Anna Kooiman and Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Ainsley Earhardt and Heather N. caps @ Fox and Friends 1st sent by "DJ":

Monday: Anna Kooiman caps @ Fox and Friends sent by "Ranger".

Tuesday: Juliet Huddy caps @ Fox and Friends.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Alisyn C, Ainsley Earhardt and Heather N. caps @ Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Alisyn C, Heather C and Heather N. caps @ Fox and Friends.

Friday: Anna Kooiman caps @ Fox and Friends.

Ainsley Earhardt caps sent by "Ranger":

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Fox News ladies are really hot just like the women in US Olympic team.

  2. WuuuuHuuuu!!!!! MILF!MILF!MILF!Bang!Bang!Bang!Aphrodisiacs' in the air...! Ainsley Earhardt is the Queen of Fox and Friends First as well as Fox and Friends Weekends!

    The Swede Queen is the reining Queen of them all!!!

    All of the above caps are driving me wild!!!!!

    This whole week past and hopefully this coming week Fox News babes rules!!!!!

  3. I'm still waiting for response to comment of August 5, 2012 re: which Fox News Babe would qualify for vice-over for 1960's Noxzema shaving commercial (in both voice and attitude).

  4. I guess the next postings of comments and caps won't be until late afternoon Monday August 6, 2012.

  5. nice surprise to see ainsly saturday, althoguth they could have her ride the sport utility vehilce at the end. hoping there was more on the ATSS on those things but not yet posted

  6. Mmmm, Anna Kooiman's gams, there so thick & juicy, very hot & sexy just like her mentor Gretch.

  7. The caps of the Limey chicks thighs are world class...simply the best of the best. The only way Gretch supasses thos pics are with her upskirts...

  8. Although it seems everyone on here is totally hypnotized by Gretchen I like Ainsley and Anna better. My favorite is Megyn Kelly although she rarely shows off her legs. Just my opinion lol. Thanks to all posting these pics

  9. OOhhhlaalaa!!!All of the above caps are lucious! Gretchen wins hands down with everything! She qualifies o sing the Noxzema commercial!

    1. I agree with your OOhhlaalaa!

      And this blue dress is the most sexy dress I've seen Anna K. ever wore. Even if Gretch is out again and gain the ratings still high.

  10. Anna K. Definitely stepped her game up on Monday. That is the best dress she has ever worn. Her body is fit and tight. She has awesome legs and thighs. She still needs to move around a luittle more. Gretchen is my favorite lady on Fox. However, Anna K. Might be heir to the throne.

  11. Heather Nauert....wuuuhuuu!!!! Those uncrossed pics!!! This girl was in heat!!!!! Another MILF alert! She followed Gretchen's daily dosage of aphrodisiacs! It looks like the more theses new girls stick around and get seasoned, the hotter they get! That seems to be the pattern on Fox News network!

  12. Anna K. was the hottest I've ever seen her. She, too, took her fair dosage of aphrodisiacs that day!

  13. Looks like, like the summer Olympics, the women of fox news and especially as of late, the ones of Fox and Friends First, are trying hard to compete with each other! Each one is trying to outscore or "out-hot" each other in going for the gold!

  14. Here's another thought: I really Fox News is trying to beat the ratings of the summer Olympics! That's why the women of Fox News are hotter than they've ever been!

  15. That limy chick is an all time classic whose made history and beat all the past, present and future Fox News Babes, CNN babes, NBC babes and other worldwide babes!!! She's a true WILF!!!!! Wuuuhuuu WILF Alert Alarm is an on-going alarm!!!! WILF keep on driving me wild I love you!!!!! I gotta find out her name!!!!!

  16. Hey cap man, how about some Monday Carole Alt pics, please! She's another super fine one beyond words; trying so hard to compete with the curvy couch queen!

  17. Anna Kooiman a "rookie" mistake on F&F, she left the lid open on the lap top, "spoiling" the view of her gams. She needs to chat w/Gretch & Aly about proper etiquette when she's "workin" the curvy couch.

    Better yet, just ditch the annoying table and use a I Pad , the damn table has ruined way too many hot leg shows.

    Nothing "ruins" a good leg show more than desks, screen graphics and boots.

    The gals on F&FF get it right, no desks and the long camera angles place the graphics below their feet on the screen, which results in full length "clean" views of their hot gams.

    Memo to the suits on F&F, your set is old & stale, ditch the desk and let the leggy ladies go "full monty" & watch the ratings take off.

    Rest assured you won't hear any objections from Gretch & Aly, those 2 savvy MILF's know the value of their "assets".

  18. With the exception of Fox and Friends First, quite frankly, I'm not missing a thing this week by not watching Fox and Friends. I really thought based on last week's caps of FAF with those hot substitutes for Gretchen Carlson that FAF would actually compete in ratings with the Summer Olympics in London. Not so this week, though. The only possible exception as far as guest hostesses was Carole Alt. I'll just watch the Olympics instead and wait for Gretchen's return next week.

  19. That Anna K is most definitely hot but until she reveals that smile underneath her dress she's just still just another 'pretty' talking head. Thanks Capman & Ranger.

  20. I agree with the statement made about the Day Break girl. She is gorgeous. Those thighs and that smilw wow ! Can anyone find some info about her please.

  21. All of the August 8, 2012 comments are right on target! Yes, ditch the annoying table on FAF! Anna K. needs to take lessons from Gretchen and Alisyn on how to work the curvy couch properly or else she's just another pretty wall flower or pretty talking head.

    And yes, FAF first has that major advantage of having no front desks or tables but just stools and side desks instead to give full views of the gorgeous women's assets!

  22. Fox and Friends First always rules!!!

  23. you guys need to check out good afternoon America. last two days Lara Spencer has had short skirt and half sat half stood on the stools with legs uncrossed and separated

  24. Hey cap man, how about dome good afternoon America with Lara Spencer,please! Thank you!

  25. Anna K. needs to not take lessons from another wallflower on how to sit but to take lessons from Gretchen and Alisyn. She crossed her legs the wrong way!

  26. Anna K. did one of infamous Courtney Friel poses. Looks like she was taking lessons from the former fill-in hostess on how to become a pretty wall-flower or a pretty talking head. In that case she's better off just sitting behind a desk or better still, on radio or even at home. Have a nice day Lady A.K.

  27. I can't wait for Monday morning for two reasons:
    #1. For Fox and Friends First---I can always depend on this show for such sweet eye candy and;
    #2. For Gretchen Carlson's return on the curvy couch on Fox and Friends!

  28. Weekend Fox and Friends, as far as I'm concerned, is "pot luck!" It's unpredictable. So are the weekend comments and caps postings timings!

  29. Funny part is, when it's all said & done, Gretch is the reason I keep coming back here. I need to see if shes blessed us again. Truth is, theres younger & prettier talking heads but no one gives like Gretch does...not no one, not nobody.

  30. August 10, 2012 3:28 PM: YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!!!

  31. After seeing those Friday caps with Anna K. I take back everything I said about her! I'm referring to the comments made on August 10, 2012 1:32 AM and 6:06 AM. Friday Anna K. ruled!!!!!