Sunday, August 19, 2012

Third Week of Aug: Fox and Friends caps...

More of last week caps sent by "Ranger":

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Heather N. and Ainsley Earhardt caps @ Fox and Friends 1st.

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson and Fox and Friends 1st.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Wednesday: Heather Nauert caps @ Fox and Friends 1st sent by "DJ".

Thursday: Cheryl Casone and Heather Childers @ Fox and Friends 1st.

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Gretchen wearing a long red dress. The longest one I've seen.

Friday: Gretchen Carlson and Ainsley Earhardt caps @ Fox and Friends.

Friday: Anna Kooiman, Heather N. and Heather C. caps @ Fox and Friends 1st.

Kimberly Guilfoyle caps @ Fox News "The Five" sent by "DJ".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. I agree with your comments about last week caps:

    And the winners for this week's added caps were:
    Alisyn Camerota, Ainsley Earhardt and Heather Nauert; The latter being the absolute hottest, the first named being the second hottest and the middle went down to third place this year!

    Heather Nauert won the gold medal! Alisyn Camerota won silver medal and Ainsley Earhardt won the bronze medal.

  2. It is so delightful to see our old friend the curvy couch queen (you know who) high on aphrodisiacs and looking lovely in her little grey revealing alot as well as delivering her goods!

  3. Looks like Gretchen Carlson is going for the gold,from her starting line on morning Monday August 20, 2012!

  4. Gretchen started the week off with a bang. I love when she wears that green dress. Her lovely cleavage on full display. Those amazing thick thighs and lovely legs. Gretch knows what we like, and she enjoys showing it. The Suede Queen is a true MILF in heat. No one works the curvy couch like Gretchen !

  5. Kimberly looked smoking hot today on the five, one can hope that there will be pictures of her exposing her sexy gams. She also did a quick spread on today's show.

  6. I can't wait to see the FAF first and especially the FAF caps for Monday August 20, 2012!!!

  7. Here is the medal announcement for Monday August 20, 2012:

    Gold Medal: Gretchen Carlson
    Silver Medal: Heather Nauert
    Bronze Medal: Ainsley Earhardt

    Note: Instead of taking steroids or other drugs, these news divas take natural aphrodisiacs to enhance their performance!
    Congrats to them all! Stay tune for tomorrow's competition!

  8. Gretchen is such a tease. One day she's half naked, then the next she's conservative. She always keeps me coming back for more. On another note. Patti Ann Brown has had some legendary Red Eye appearances. Her boobs are amazing yet she doesn't show them off on F&F First. Step your game up P.A.B. !

  9. Monday the sexy Swede sang her favorite motto re: personally pleasing every single individual male audience member.

  10. Concur on the Kimberly take...ohhh man those fishnets she was wearing, Andrea looked hot too but darnit, she had the table in front of her.Kimberly...same thing today, she looks smokinghot.

  11. Here are Tuesday's medal winners for the show's Fox and Friends first, Fox and Friends, The Five:

    Gold Medal (hands down by a landslide):
    Silver Medal (down one position from yesterday):
    Bronze Medal (maintaining):

  12. Today's Gold Medalist just made the WILF list! Congrats to her!
    Kimberly Guilfoyle really helped her show's ratings big time!

  13. Tuesday's Gold Medalist really gave the Silver Medalist a run for her money!

  14. So far this Wednesday morning, looks like our favorite curvy couch queen is going for the gold! She's been taking her aphrodisiacs as well!

  15. As one who loves his brunettes much more than the blondes... thank you DJ for those Kimberly caps, those poses are hotter than anything Gretch has provided. Really not sure of Gretchs hair color but I do know the color of her underwear & that makes her the queen... Gimmie a Kimberly or Andrea panty shot & we got us a debate. LONG LIVE THE UPSKIRT!

  16. And today's Wed, Aug. 22, 2012 medalists are:

    Gold: Gretchen Carlson
    Silver: a tie between Heather Nauert and Ainsley Earhardt
    No Bronze Medal entries today.

  17. Although Gretchen Carlson is my favorite followed by Ainsley Earhardt and Heather Nauert and Megan Kelly; who are all blondes; I totally agree with comment: August 22, 2012 5:50 PM.

  18. Nicole Petallides is another favorite brunette of mine!

  19. Kimberly Sure turned up the heat a few days ago. I very much agree with the comment; we need a "Kimberly or Andrea panty shot" She has a set of legs that don't quit, but then there is nothing "not good" about her. HOT no matter which angle one may see of her.
    Not to be left out at all is Alisyn. A very beautiful set of legs, but that is just part of her. Everything about her is great. Loved the shot of her laying on the bed. Wonderful angle she is in. No effort needed on expanding that thought seeing her there. FOX has got the most SWEETEST group of women with out a doubt. No doubt in my mind that they are all as sweet as honey.

  20. On this Thursday morning looks like Gretchen Carlson took a reduction on her aphrodisiacs and decided to go for the silver; or even the Bronze Medal rather than the gold. I sure hope I'm wrong.

  21. One added thought; Kimberly seems to have a great problem: seems her legs are having a rough time of staying together. One can only guess why. It could be that it is just to hot there. Hmmmm

  22. It's too bad Fox and Friends First and The Five do not have an after the show show. If one misses either show; unless the pics are posted, one is out of luck and have no idea what they've missed!

  23. Lara spencer has really turned up the heat in the afternoons. Upskirt every show in the last segment. THey also close the show where she always goes out an catches the football and runs around. Last week she even jumped on Pogo stick reminded me of Kiran Chetry and her pogo stick

  24. Well, I guess the Gold Medal should go to Lara Spencer.
    Hey cap man, some Lara Spencer caps, please!
    While I'm at it, how about some Megan Kelly in black dress, standing in front of panel behind the scenes caps as well! One fanal request, if you could post some more Kimberly Guilfoyle "The Five" caps (only if she appeared and if she is hot), please. Thank you!

  25. I received some Lara Spencer caps but the pics quality wasn't that good so please send them again once the pixel are adjusted. Thanks.

  26. The vote will be decided and the judges of the final medalists for the week will be announced by this Friday afternoon.

  27. Question for whom ever: How do you get the screen pic/caps from a DVR to a Pic file/jpeg?
    feel free to email me instruction


  28. Question: Who do you think this week's gold medalist of news anchorwomen should be?

  29. Fox News ladies rocks this week, I hope next week we'll get more of these. Have a great weekend fellow bloggers.

  30. Gold medalist this week? With Gretch green dress this Monday she's still number 1.

  31. I'll have to say there is a tie between three lovely divas this week; namely Gretchen Carlson, Ainsley Earhardt (after Friday on home makeover with white outfit) and Kimberley Guilfoyle!!! All three wins the Gold Medal! Congrats to all winners this week! Have a great weekend fellow bloggers!

  32. Another boring Saturday and maybe tomorrow Sunday will be boring as well on Fox News.

  33. SURPISE SUNDAY!!!!! The whole Monday crew of Fox and Friends; including the lovely GRETCHEN CARLSON is on the air!!! Watch the weekend show's ratings take a giant leap!!!

  34. Sunday morning FAF this week is worth posting its caps! Aphrodisiac power!