Sunday, December 4, 2011

This December 2011 Fox News caps.

A milestone for our blog this Dec. 7, 2011 we hit our mark of 1 million page views. Our target is to add another million in a couple of years or less.

Since a lot of you still visit our blog archive and want to keep it. I will pay for the extra storage instead of removing those 10,000+ caps, pictures and hundreds of videos.

Thanks for blogging with us all these years.

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 12/05/2011:

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson and Cheryl Casone caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 12/06/2011:

Wednesday: Juliet Huddy caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 12/07/2011:

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 12/08/2011:

Friday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 12/09/2011:

Since you guys are talking about Alisyn and Kimberly's red dress, here's Gretchen in red, caps sent by "Ranger".

Kimberly Guilfoyle caps @ Fox News "The Five".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

Visit the blog archive for more caps.

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  1. Looks like red will be the color for this month. Only Fox I think allows a very short skirt like Kimberly G. is wearing. That's why I keep watching on Fox.

  2. The next vote should be made about Who looks better or hotter in the red dress; Alisyn Camerota or Tamsen Fadal?

  3. Make that Kimberly Guilfoyle or Alisyn Camerota in the red dress. A type-o! Sorry about that!

  4. Gretchen's blue dress this Monday was conservative but she still delivered. I hope Tuesday will be something like Kimberly G. red dress. I'll keep dreaming it's free anyway.

  5. what is the future of this blog then? if it just means we wont be able to look up pics of the past then i'm good with that. if it means money out of my pocket, well then thats an entire different issue. let us know cap man. whatever the future is i just want to say you've done tremendous work here making a lot of guys happy & that shouldnt be overlooked because happy carries on througout the day and its contagious. i salute you capman.

  6. I would have to think Kimberly would win the vote hands down. I don't see the appeal of Alisyn. All the others, yes. Does Alisyn really get better ratings than Molly or Ainsley? Don't get it.

  7. I just want to know if people still want to keep the archive. If a lot of people wants to keep it then I'll pay for the storage. Nothing will come from your pocket guys.

  8. Yes, both keep this blog alive as well as the archive! They are both invaluable (beyond value) to me!

  9. Tuesday cap of Gretchen showing her, you know what it is. It's amazing, I wonder what color is that. That's not white but what color would it be...

  10. Gretchen Carlson was hot both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week! Even Monday with her conservative dress, she still fought to keep the show's ratings up as well as her male viewers! Carlson rules!!!

  11. To Anony... Dec6, 2011 9:48 pm
    It looks like it's the same color as Tamsen Fadal. But what color is that?

  12. That color which Gretchen wore on Tuesday is called violet. Isn't she lovely? (Hence, Stevie Wonder's song title of song in 1976-1977)!

  13. Well, former Morning Show hostess Juliet Huddy kept up Gretchen's tradition of keeping the show's ratings sky high this Wednesday morning! She is definitely not reluctant to show what she's got!

  14. What we are talking about is the color of whats under that violet dress on the 8th caps for Tuesday. Not the dress color. And yes she's lovely!

  15. After the Sexy Swede's day off she came back with a purpose and stunned her audience with the tight sweater and short silver skirt. MILF of the year is locked down once again by this Cougar.

  16. Gretchen with a short skirt and red nails. WOW! Peter missed his chance last year when Gretchen told him to rub her toes.

  17. Fetchin' Gretchen was her usual hot-and displaying-big-gams self today just loving her male viewers and trying so hard to please them!

  18. Anybody who has any complaints about any of the above caps, including Alisyn and Juliet, really needs to get their heads examined!

    Of course, Fetchin' Gretchen always takes the lead of undisputed head MILF! Then very close are both Kimberly and Tamsen!

  19. The Sexy Swede gives her fans a parting shot of her sexiness and finishes the week in a tight top and short black skirt. She is still the hottest thing in the morning.

  20. What a way to end the week with Fetchin' Gretchen doing what she does best in her black and red! I sure wish I were in Peter's place with her last year for I would not have missed that chance!

  21. Hands down, Gretchen Carlson looks best out of the rest, in the red dress!

  22. Former talk show host of "The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet" was definitely hot and doing what the Swede Queen does best by keeping Saturday morning's show rate high! She also has a tall height as an advantage!Anybody complaining about this Saturday morning needs to see a shrink!

  23. Its not a complaint, its just an observation so dont get your depends in a wad. When there's hotter women than Huddy & Camerota, and there are, Molly & Courtney are two that enter my demented mind, it would be nice to see them instead. Its just a preference because when Camerota or Huddy are on I dont bother watching, dont watch on weekends or when they sub for the queen bee Gretch. Besides I'm already seeing a shrink but for different reasons...

  24. Camerota maintained the show's ratings this Sunday. I think Huddy raised the show's ratings even higher yesterday than Aly did today! That's my opinion. However, I can't wait until the Swede Queen returns tomorrow morning! She's the hottest woman on Fox News now!

  25. I wish Gretch's dresses/skirts were as short as the costumes the Rockettes had on...heck wish all the Fox ladies dresses were as short. Yea & no pantyhose but definitely brightly colored undies.
    Hey got any Tamara Holder in your archives? Would love to see what you got of Tamara.

  26. We have caps for Tamara Holder. You can use the SEARCH above the blog archive, just type her name.