Monday, December 19, 2011

Third Week of Dec. 2011

Megyn Kelly caps @ Fox News.

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 12/19/2011:

More of Gretchen's caps. (This is the best pic quality we can get)

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 12/20/2011:

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Not much happen this Thursday so here's your request to cut Larry Gatlin from Monday's caps.

Friday: Juliet Huddy caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 12/23/2011:

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. I agree with your comment about last week:
    FOX seriously doesnt get any hotter that it was last week. Juliet-adorable, Gretchen-amazing week, Megyn-words escape me.

  2. Greaty to see Gretchen this Monday on that dress. Megyn is careful now she always put her hand there. She doesn't want it to happen again.

  3. As a staunch fan of Gretchs or any other Fox ladies underwear I'd like to amend that. Of the Capmans most recent photos, #21 is 1 of the sexiest shots I've seen in a long time. Its not an upskirt proving once again Gretch is a cure for E.D.

  4. Gretchen Carlson started out this week with a super hot MILF alert showing off her big gams! She loves doing that especially with a male guest on the curvy couch! I love that little red dress she wore Monday! Catfish, you go, girl!

  5. I love those Megan Kelly caps!

  6. I love those MK caps, too.

  7. Hi Guys,
    Capsman, The sexy swede uncrossed her legs
    at exactly 2hr 13mins showing us her panty
    while talking with Larry Gatlin, where is the footage. I have the footage saved on my
    (dvr)come on what gives,the sexy swede is doing her part, were missing the upskirt caps.

  8. It will be awhile to see Megyn Kelly again on those caps. But this one are great caps. I understand she'll be careful now. But finally we got something.

  9. I'd like to see that upskirt the 10:10PM guy is talking about. Also whoever does those cutout pics it would be great if he could cut that Gatlin guy out in Mondays shots. Thanks're the best.

  10. Gretchen has a conservative dress today, let us see what the rest of the week will be.

  11. I totally agree with comment: December 20, 2011 12:01 PM.

  12. Even when the old Swede Queen is a little conservative, I'm still nuts about her every move and loves the way she talks, laugh, and smile! Like the late reggae singer Delroy Wilson once said in song back in 1971; this message goes to Gretchen Carlson; "...You're a cool operator, girl I wish you were mine!"

  13. Only saw a quick glimpse of Gretch on the curvy, her dress was pretty & she looked pretty in it, but the dress was too long for my taste. I aint looking for pretty, I want a lot of skin & a view of her crotch so went back to sleep.

  14. Hi Guys,
    Thanks capsman you nailed it with the above
    caption of the sexy swede wearing the red dress, uncrossing those pretty legs and showing us her panty. Yeah, the video quality aint the best but you
    can clearly see the sexy swede is puttin on a
    show for us fans and clearly enjoying herself.

  15. Hi Guys,
    Thanks capsman, You got the caption video
    of the sexy swede showing us her panty
    wearing the red dress. Yeah, the video
    quality isn't as good as usual, but the sexy
    swede is clearly enjoying herself on the
    curvy couch for our benefit guys.check out the two tone silk color, not to shabby.

  16. It is true that we might not see another Megyn Kelly UP SK for a while but the fact that it happen is a Christmas gift that many of us would have been wishing for. And It Happened.
    Good 4 caps of Gretch it is clean enough to show us the goods so to speak. Just a wild guess but I would venture to say that she is a wild cat in the bedroom. But then who knows except for one.
    Thanks for posting the caps everyone that did.

  17. What! No Gretchen Carlson Thursday morning?
    The Italian-Jersey-girl-next-door was conservative this morning while taking the Swede Queen's place. I guess FAF with it's usually high rating could afford to take an occasional nose dive rating like today. Oh well, there's always tomorrow Friday.

  18. Guys,
    The Italian-Jersey-girl Alisyn Camerota did
    have a sexy swede moment this morning uncrossing her legs for the first time in 2 yrs allowing the camera to shoot upskirt
    footage. I will give the capsman a exact time
    to look for the caption. Alisyn looked pretty
    nervous during her sexy swede moment showing
    just a hint of blk panty.

  19. An Alisyn upskirt?? This definitely needs to be captured & put on display. Theres another Alisyn upskirt I've seen on YouTube...cant wait

  20. Capsman,
    The Italian-Jersey-girl sexy swede moment
    was at 2hr 10 mins exactly wearing the above
    white dress during caption. Alisyn is not in
    the same catagory as Gretchen, but it's a start in the right direction, maybe she will open up alittle bit more if we coax her alittle bit. Steve Doocey is the upskirt/panty blocker,watch his facial expressions when the sexy swede attempts to show upskirt captions to fans and viewers.

  21. Former "The Morning Show" co-host Juliet Huddy is doing a superb job in keeping the show's ratings up and rising on Christmas Eve 2011! She's the hot lady in red!

  22. That was a good find re: Ali's upskirt but thinking that the Fox ladies monitor any online blogs other than their Facebook pages may be a little far fetched. As far as Doocey goes, he seems like a decent guy, he's probably more frustrated with the cameraman & not so much Gretch. The stuff the ladies do with their legs while on the curvy is bound to happen, I'm just glad it does. So just relax fella, go for walk or something.

  23. I can't wait to see that photos of the Italian-Jersey girl next door with her Swede Queen moment!

  24. I love Huddy's attitude! She moves around alot and delivers. She definitely does not have a school girl attitude!

  25. RE:December 23,2011 7:54am
    This is a first,a Doocey fan,a decent guy,
    come on get real man.This is a upskirt site for foxnews babes.Who cares about whats his
    name guy.Anyone that has been with this site
    knows that the foxnews ladies were very upset
    in the begining when they found out that upskirt pics and captions were on the internet on this site. Now Dr.phil I am cool
    calm and relaxed, this site rocks, walks or
    something is so over rated. The gym is a more
    likely choice more babes and climate control.
    PS. this is not a decent Doocey fan site.

  26. A Steve Doocey fan site! A keep laughing when I read those comments.
    Merry Christmas to all anyway.

  27. This site should be called "NEWS BABES GONE WILD!"

  28. That's hilarious if someone thinks this is Doocey fan blogsite. Anyway Doocey has a lot of caps here. LOL.

  29. I'm not a big fan of Huddy. However, I love her bre@sts. Juliet keep wearing tight shirts honey. Display your wonderful fun bags with pride !

  30. I'm just saying Dooceys not the enemy, Fox news probably told the girls to monitor their leg moves. FYI if women want you to see something they'll darn well show you or not show you. They learn the leg manipulation tricks early on in life while in middle school trying to hide their goods from us boys who've been trying to check them out since forever...
    Huddys got no behind, skinny legs but a decent chest & dont look so good in HD.

  31. Again, Huddy kept the show's ratings high this is Saturday X-Mas eve 2011!

  32. The best looking Fox News Babe is old faithful Swede Queen Gretchen Carlson! She's got everything going for her! Hands down! She also has a free spirit and great attitude and loves to please her male fans so badly! The only one who ever came close to her who is no longer at the station was E.D. Hill.

  33. To this guy, December 24, 2011 1:01 PM, just cuz you say it dont mean its so, to the average guy Huddys parts just dont measure up. To this guy, December 24, 2011 1:34 PM...your 100% correct. To all, all you chance glancers, have a Merry Christmas!

  34. What a very and most pleasant surprise to have our long lost favorite hostess Ainsley Earhardt as a co-host on X-mas Sunday Fox and Friends looking lovely and hot in her little red to really boost the show's ratings to the hilt on Christmas Day! Wish she were there every weekend!

    Happy holidays to all!

  35. So nice of the South Carolina hot southern belle Ainsley Earhardt to start the week off on Monday December 26, 2011! The NYC tow truck businesses are enjoying an all-time high!

  36. Just an FYI, Courtney is out west now working at a local Fox station and ready to hatch another kid... in other words cross her off your F&F wish list...a moment of silence

  37. Where the h5555 is the moderator; on X-Mas break? This is now December 26, 2011; 7:55pm and no new comments!