Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Favorite News Anchors, who's the best?

Getting ready to dance.

More of Gretchen and Alisyn.

Our next posting will be Patti Ann with Gretchen and Alisyn.
Here's some of the caps below that we will post soon. We will post more of them.
This will be the best caps ever. I hope you'll agree.

This is why we watch the news because we love watching them, right?
Just post your comments!
We'll post more of Gretchen and Alisyn and soon Patti Ann and Molly Line.
Again, just let us know who else you want to see.

Don't forget to check the BLOG Archive for more caps. And leave a comment, tell us which caps you like the most.

So, who do you think is the best News Reporter? Just post your comments.

Thank you.


  1. Thanx for the great caps. Gretch/Aly are two of the most alluring women on TV. They enjoy getting frisky during the podcast after F&F...very sexy!!

  2. Great caps. Wouldn't mind bedding these cuties. LUV to see their sweater meat.

  3. They deliver the news every morning with great intelligence and with their beauty and legs, it's great to wake-up in the morning wathing them. That's why this news program ratings are still high.


  4. Patti Ann and Gretchen are two of the most beautiful ladies of fox. Up to now I can't decide who's the best among the two. I like both of them. Their personality are great...

    I hope you guys agree, I'm I right?

  5. 'Gretchen The Cowgirl' has got to be the SEXIEST thing I've EVER seen on her. Sort of like E.D. Hill (then Donahey) dressed as the Halloween witch. Just cannot be topped. God, she's beautiful.

  6. Hey, Gretchen, darling, baby, come here, come to daddy, come to daddy!

  7. I seems that every time there is a marine or other armed force guy in uniform, Gretchen Carlson decides to really display and deliver her goods very well and to the hilt! She also puts the "M" in the word MILF!