Monday, September 15, 2008

More Caps from Fox & Friends after the Show

We'll post the rest of these caps below of Ms. Gretchen Carlson in GRAY dress and Cowboy Hat on Wenesday.

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We will try to post the Fox and friends caps/pictures here everyday.

These are news reporters who deliver the news, let us know what you think about Ms. Gretchen Carlson and Ms. Alisyn Camerota. Let us know also what you think of this blog site. And, if you still want this blog site to continue posting the Fox and Friends after the show caps. Please leave a comment.

CHECK the blog everyday for new caps. Again, please leave a comment on who do you want to see.

More caps will be posted on Wenesday.
This time she's wearing the short GRAY DRESS with a COWBOY HAT.
Caps you haven't seen. Just check it out.

Thank you.


  1. I like watching their show every morning. They deliver the news fair and I like also their studio set-up and their outfits they have great legs.
    Thanks for posting the caps. Keep posting them.

  2. Gretchen is a babe. Great caps of her being herself

  3. Gretchen is a babe. Great caps of her being herself

  4. Terrific site! I LOVE seeing Gretchen in the morning. She has a great personality, sense of humor, and intelligence. PLUS, those sexy legs...Wow! I'm so glad she shows them off. Hope the hemlines rise this Fall (she said they would) so we can fully appreciate her delicious body. Keep up the good work!

  5. I agree, cant get enough of Gretchen, love me some Gretchen thigh

  6. gretchen is a very beautiful sexy women. she has some of the best legs on FNC. with a great personality.

  7. I couldn't agree more than all of the above comments! My fantasies are going wild with that beautiful, Swedish bombshell! I just love her!