Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Best News, Best Caps are Here From Fox and Friends!

Alisyn and Gretchen at Fox and Friends after the show.

Patti Ann and Gretchen at Fox and Friends after the show.

These are the BEST CAPS OF Gretchen and Alisyn, so far this year.

And these are the BEST CAPS OF Gretchen and Patti Ann, so far this year.

Other Foxes Beauties.

Julie Banderas and Megyn Kelly. What can you say about this two ladies. And let us discuss about their outfit, everything about them and who is the BEST TV reporter. Just post your comments.

Our next posting will be the best caps of Gretchen Carlson with Jenna Lee, plus Alisyn with Patti Ann.
Here are some of the caps below we will post more soon. Plus we'll post a mystery reporter, we need your help to identify her.

Jenna Lee of Fox Business with Gretchen.

So, are these the best caps yet this year?
And given a chance which fox news babes would you like to date and why?
Just post your comments.

Don't forget to check the BLOG Archive for more caps. And leave a comment, tell us which caps you like the most.



  1. I want a double date with Gretchen and Patti Ann, they have the beauty and brains. Plus great legs. I like it when they deliver the news.

  2. These are the ladies guys always want to date.
    One of the best news caps I've ever seen. Great work there.

  3. Great pictures. How about some pictures of Megyn? She is simply beautiful and extremely intelligent.

  4. Patti Ann Brown, Courtney Friel, Ainsley Earhardt, Julie Banderas (Sorry if I misspelled anyone's names) AND the BEST news coverage in the entire world? What more can ya' ask? We LOVE all of you Fox Ladies! Keep doing what you do. Thank you! Chris

  5. Fox definitely has the hottest women in news. I can't find an ugly or average looking woman on any of their news shows. Let's not forget that they are all intelligent also.

  6. Now i know why they call that channel"FOX".Sweet!

  7. where's Kimberly

  8. I only watch for the legs!