Monday, September 29, 2008

Gretchen Carlson, Alisyn Camerota, Patti Ann Browne, Jenna Lee, Megyn Kelly and Mystery Reporter.

Gretchen left after the Fox and Friends show and did not stay after the show this Friday. Anyway we'll post all her best caps this week on Sunday or Monday, plus the caps of sexy and beautiful Megyn Kelly. Have a great weekend.

Did you guys remember this caps above. I forget when was this. Just post your comment if you remember when was this episode of fox after the show.

Hey guys,
For those who can't get enough of our favorite news reporter here's more caps and we will post more of this caps above SOON...

Thanks to all who leave their comments on this blog like RICH, CHASE, MRWINKIE, SAWIT, JOSE and to all comments by anonymous.

Did you guys join the Fox and Friends sweeptakes last June which the grand prize was a breakfast with Gretchen and the rest of the guys. It's like dating Gretchen although it's in the morning. Here are some of the caps below.

Breakfast in beb with F&F.

What can you say about the Fox News sweeptakes breakfast in bed. Just post your comments.

Below are some caps/pictures of Jenna Lee and Gretchen Carlson as we promise we will post.

Here's some caps/pictures of Patti Ann Browne and Alisyn Camerota.

Post your comments here about your favorite TV reporter.
And let us discuss about their outfit, everything about them and who is the BEST TV reporter.

Below are some caps of Megyn Kelly which will post more on our next posting.

These are the caps we capture with the best smile of Megyn so far this year. Do you agree? Just post your comments.

And also, below we will post more of this on our next posting. We know you guys can't wait for more of this.

QUESTION for this week: Mystery Reporter.
We want to know who is this FOX NEWS reporter in these caps below.

If you know the name of this reporter or anything about her please post your comment.

The caps above of our mystery reporter was downloaded several months ago but we forget which site. Do you know her name? And it looks like she is a New York Fox News reporter base on the caps. Another question is, why do FOX News allow their reporter to wear a dress like this which show almost everything. Is it for the rating? Or you can wear whatever you want on this network?
Fox hires all beautiful reporters that's why they are ahead than NBC, CBS and ABC NEWS.

Please post your comments. Don't forget to check the blog archieve for more caps.
We'll also post some caps from Weather Channel and

Thanks again guys for leaving your comments.

And its been a terrible week for me, my 401k is now down by 35%. Anyway enjoy the caps,


  1. Great caps there of beautiful news reporters. I like watching their shows.

  2. WOW, Gretchen with few buttons open on the shirt, Looks like she is checking herself out

  3. WOW, Gretchen with few buttons open on the shirt, Looks like she is checking herself out

  4. Flaxen blond hair
    Sparkling green eyes
    Firm ample bosom
    Gorgeous sexy thighs

    Oh Mistress Gretchen
    Your the SEXIEST woman alive!!!!

  5. hola q lindas q estas estas muy sexy sino agregame.

  6. It is because of this astonishing beauty, Gretchen Carlson, my love for Swedish women has been reaffirmed. :-)

  7. she is hot sweet cleavage

  8. I have been checking your site for years.
    I make it a point to check skirt length everyday.
    Though I prefer the snug fittings skirts, there is something to be said for Gretchen's billowy dresses as we usually get to see some serious high thigh.
    The best part about Gretchen is that she never, ever wears pants.

  9. Karen Hepp - Fox5 News