Sunday, December 15, 2013

Third Week of Dec: Gretchen Carlson, Carol Alt and the Fox News Ladies.

Gretchen Carlson and Julie Banderas caps/pictures/photos @ The Real Story.

Weekend: Juliet Huddy caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Tuesday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the Fox News Ladies.

Wednesday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the Fox News Ladies.

Thursday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the Fox News Ladies.

Friday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the Fox News Ladies.

Carol Alt caps/pictures/photos @ A Healthy You.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Great to see Gretch and Julie Banderas, they will raise the ratings. Carol Alt was conservative this Saturday but the cameramen were trying to get more from her by those camera angle.

  2. Yup, Carol Alt was too bitten by the conservative; non-aphrodisiac bug this weekend.Guess what; so was Elizabeth Hasselback this Monday morning.

  3. Heather N. captured my eyes today.

  4. What happen to Anna K. haven't seen her for awhile.

    1. She's probably on Christmas vacation since she works on the holiday

  5. Heather N. has been a bit conservative these days. She's boycotted aphrodisiac related products as well and decided to buy crazy glue.

  6. It seems like Tuesday Fox and Friends was totally aphrodisiac free and crazy glue stuck!!! I'm glad I missed that episode and got extra sleep instead! The show ratings went down one notch for sure because yours truly didn't watch it!

    1. She opened the show with an upskirt, literally the first minute of the show

  7. Hi Guys, What the heck is happening at FoxNews this Holiday Season with FoxNews. Has someone at the very top issued a extra dose of "SUPERGLUE" this Holiday Season, I am totally speechless, heck guys they might as well just go ahead and dress these pretty gals in dress slacks.We are in an official "PANTY DROUGHT" gosh is this horrible, I use to luv FoxNews, now it just plain _UX.
    Even when we get a upskirt shot from a pretty gal the camera is 100 ft away, well maybe not that far but we cant make anything out. This just plain _UX.

    1. Can't blame the girls. Look at pictures 18,19,24, and 26. Heather Nauert, Maria Molina, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck had their legs open, and the camera guys either had the camera slightly off angle, or the background lighting made the view dark between their legs. This is a case of Kill the Messenger, not the sender, lol.

  8. Most on here think if it not Gretchen it is no good. Elizabeth has given alot of upskirts, one of which was in the pics above. But come on folks, it's not a porn channel where they spread eagle for you. If you want that go to a porn site. And to the powers that be, thank you for all the pics you post here

  9. Liz H. always wear a black one unlike Gretch it's always white.

  10. Heather has a natural gap at her knees & if she didnt cover that opening with her hands, what seems like practically all the time, it would be forever an upskirt when shes on the curvy. She does nada for me anyway.
    I'll take Anna K, Kimberly G, Ainsley, Eliz H over Heather any second of the day.
    Have a request for the Capman. Before you take your Christmas holiday, me & about a million other freaks would like it if you could post a best of Gretch's pantyshots. It would be the best present ever. Thanks

  11. I like when Heather N. wears dresses that show off her cleavage. She has some awesome legs. You can tell she's a little freak. I wanna see a panty shot from her. On another note, Lauren S. used to show off her thighs and legs weekly. Now she's stands during her segment. Complete waste of air time. She had potential, but that ship has sailed.

  12. Gretchen, E.D. Hill, Kimberly and Ainsley loves the color white while Elizabeth prefers the color black. Personally I prefer the color white because it stands out in the crowd under any circumstances! Black fades out quickly into a shadow and even disappears! The white always raises the ratings!!!

  13. Hi Guys, I think part of the issue lately is "EXPECTATION" from panty fans of the "PANTY QUEEN" Gretchen Carlson. Who raised the bar so high during her reign that no gal can ever get away with the panty shots Gretchen did. I speak for myself here, I want to see which gal still has a little freak in them. As far as porn, heck anyone of us can access a porn site, but if you've seen one porn site, you've seen them all. That's why I visit this site, it's clean fun with commentary, Prettynormal news gals with the occational upskirt panty shot which is way kool. Nothing raunchy.It's just been such a dry spell with the ladies and cameras not working together to give us panty shots like in the past. E.D. Hill, Banderas, Courtney Friel, Gretchen. These gals had us panty drunk every morning, and the comments were sky high along with ratings on this site. Gretchen showed us every panty she owned in her private panty collection day in day out while sitting on the curvy couch at Fox News 06-13.

  14. This Saturday on Fox and Friends our former field reporter and weekend hostess finally decided to raise the show's ratings and pay attention to our bloggers' complaints and do something about them! Quite frankly, this writer is tired of watching Soupy Sales reruns of him doing the mouse dance!

  15. Anna K. has an annoying habit of folding and clasping her hands on her knees which hides everything. She also often crosses her legs in such a way that nothing shows....................................She might as well just where dress slacks. This sums up this Sunday edition of FAF and the adventurers or misadventures of our former field reporter.