Sunday, December 8, 2013

Second Week of Dec: A Healthy You and Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Carol Alt caps/picture/photos @ The Healthy You Fox and Friends.

Saturday: Anna Kooiman caps/picture/photos Fox and Friends.

Sunday: Anna Kooiman caps/picture/photos Fox and Friends.

Monday and Tuesday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck caps/picture/photos Fox and Friends.

Wednesday: Ainsley Earhardt caps/picture/photos Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck caps/picture/photos Fox and Friends.

Friday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck caps/picture/photos Fox and Friends.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. I kinda agree with your comments:

    There seems to be a new breed of Fox News women on Fox and Friends these days ever since Gretchen Carlson has left the show. These new young chippies all share a major disease called "listening to the committee of 'they' " disease! What helps feeds this disease is the excessive use of super glue!

    In retrospect, neither E.D. Hill nor Gretchen Carlson ever had that disease nor ever used crazy glue! A penny for your thoughts; guys!

    1. Agreed. Bring back "Fetchin' Gretchen" and let the panty parade begin.

  2. Anna K. looks ultra sexy in those caps. She brought her A game to the curvy couch,this past weekend. Her body is fit, and those thighs and legs are awesome. Keep up the good work Anna, you've gained a new fan.

    1. Agreed! She certainly made history; especially Saturday morning!

  3. Monday FAF was somewhat routine and a little ho-hum.No MILF alert. No aphrodisiac usages apparent. This episode was a prime example of "committee of 'they' disease!" Super glue sales was also up!

  4. The blonde in the caps with Anna is hot !!!

  5. Hi Guys, I just dont know what to think about this situation at FoxNews on the curvy couch. We have hit a wall the end of a six year panty fest, its over. It
    was exciting and fun to watch. As long as FoxNews is #1 its going to be all about superglue on the set. The babes are just not feeling the revealing of their panties to the fans, its legs only for the foreseeable
    future. Oh well, Fox&Friends just plain sux anymore,
    nothing worth waking up for "legs" I dont think soooo.
    It had to end sooner or later, fun while it lasted.

  6. It's really nice to see Carol Alt and Liz.

  7. Hi Guys, Happy Holidays to all , It is my hope that the ladies of FoxNews will get festive and share some Holiday cheer with us Fox fans. I hope they send us some holiday panty footage during this month of Dec, being christmas and all. Wishful thinking, maybe
    come on Mrs. E, represent, rebel, take over the set like our ex gal pal Mrs G. she didnt care about following the rules,Gretchen showed her panty daily on the curvy couch in front of the country.your only gonna be in the spotlight for so long, beauty fades quick in TV land.Your only pretty until the new younger beauty shows up to replace you.

    1. I violently disagree with the last two sentences of above comment!

  8. Saturday no Soupy Sales reruns doing his "Mouse" dance! Juliet Huddy was the substitute hostess.

  9. More The Real Story, Carol Alt and Julie Banderas on the Real Story caps; capman...please!!!

  10. Oh, Liz I started to like you with those short dresses.

  11. Hey, Dec 13 2013 at 8:13 a.m.What's up with the word "VIOLENTLY" :) U can simply disagree with the comments. It is just an opinion based on what professional women in the News Media Business are presented with at certain times in current careers. News Corps are always searching to find the perfect young"BARBIE DOLL" imagine to fit the situation and keep ratings high. Now if U were offended by those last two sentences, its reality, and often reality is harsh,so simply referr back to the first sentence.
    "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" and best wishes to all. Sorry if U
    were offended by last two sentences.

    1. No problem, my friend. No problem! Happy holidays to you as well!

  12. Wuuuhuuuu!!!!! Could this be MILF Alerts in the making?