Sunday, January 13, 2013

And we're back this January: Fox News caps.

Gretchen Carlson caps from last week on Fox and Friends.

Ainsley Earhardt caps from last week on Fox and Friends.

Ainsley Earhardt, Patti Ann Browne, Cheryl Casone and Lauren Simonetti caps from last week on Fox and Friends 1st.

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends sent by "Ranger".

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Patti Ann Browne, Heather C, Sandra Smith and Lauren Simonetti caps @ Fox and Friends 1st.

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Tuesday: Patti Ann Browne, Heather C. and Lauren Simonetti caps @ Fox and Friends 1st.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Wednesday: Patti Ann Browne, Heather C. and Lauren Simonetti caps @ Fox and Friends 1st.

Thursday: Ainsley Earhardt, Cheryl Casone, Heather N. and Lauren Simonetti caps @ Fox and Friends 1st sent by "DJ".

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Friday: Anna Kooiman, Angie Harmon and Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Friday: Ainsley Earhardt, Patti Ann Browne and Lauren Simonetti caps @ Fox and Friends 1st.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Welcome back Mr. Capman and happy new year to you! I'm so glad you are back on the saddle! Take good care of yourself; my friend!

    Thanks a million; as always; for providing such great caps especially our three favorite Diva MILF; namely, #1. Gretchen Carlson; #2. Ainsley Earhardt and last but certainly not least our English lass from across the pound a real undisputed classic)!

  2. Thanks for welcoming me back.
    I'm sick for almost 2 weeks, I thought it's the end but it's not. So, I'm here again blogging with you guys for 2013.

  3. Gretchen Carlson; a/k/a "Her Royal Thickness" is getting the week to a good start showing what she loves to show us guys!

  4. Gretchen is back, and so is Mr. Capman. Life is good.

  5. PAB continues her reign as GODDESS! I did notice that she didn't have Gretchen do her nails this week. I hope that at least she had Gretchen Fetchin' her coffee!

  6. Take care're numero uno in our book man.

  7. I am in total agreement with the comment made on January 13,2013 at 7:42am !!

  8. Yes, LIFE IS GOOD. It is a good life. It's great to be alive.

  9. Looks like Dana Perino wants to get in on the MILF act these days! Looks like "The Five" is rubbing off on her (or at least from Kimberley Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros)!

  10. I would never have guessed that was Pattie Anne Browne in the hot pink dress. She dyed her hair. She is elegantly conservative; yet not exactly hot but warm.

  11. The Sexy Swede looks hot in her red leather skirt, and the interview with the new Miss America she displayed those gorgeous gams giving her public an eye full of sexyness.

  12. Gretchen Carlson; a/k/a "her royal thickness" (the new nickname for her) was at it again in her pink outfit being entertainment for men!

    Cheryl Casone was helping the show's ratings as well! Add her name to the DIVA or MILF; or DIVA MILF list!

  13. Wednesday morning on FAF was a repeat performance for her royal thickness except she wore a hot navy dress with ruffles! Wuuuhuuuu!!!!!

  14. Mmmm mmm! Gretch looked hot today in her blue ruffley dress this Wednesday am... she pulled the hem up just enough while on the curvey I think. Had to leave but it looked like there was max potential for a proper upskirt today. Keeping my fingers crossed that Gretch uncrossed her legs & it was captured...

  15. I guess the contestants in the Miss America pageant inspired Gretchen. Because, she has been putting on show this week. I love how her skirts get shorter and shorter during the course of the show. Yes, Gretchen knows exactly what she's doing. She gets turned on, knowing she turns us on. Keep it up Gretchen !

  16. Hey capman, here is a request, please. How about some "Katie" caps; especially from Wednesday Jan 16, 2013. She was really hot and raising her own show ratings single-handedly like Gretchen Carlson is good at doing! Thank you much!

  17. Oh, Mr. Capman, please don't forget Wednesday's FAF first and especially FAF with Gretchen Carlson because she was super hot especially in some of her poses!

  18. I'm sorry but as fare as I'm concerned Ainsley Earhardt out-MILFed everybody except for he British lass in all of the above caps in her little blue dress! She gave the biggest leg show so far!

    1. Sorry guy but if your still stuck on the british woman still being the hottest on what has been posted, then you are definitely watching for the wrong purpose. Lady Gretchen is still the matriarch for the show.

  19. Please don't forget today's FAF caps because I missed the entire Thursday show! Thanks!

    Also, please include FAF first caps as well, please. Thanks.

  20. Lauren Simonetti is gorgeous. Her thickness rivals Gretchen and the British chick. I hate the fact that she comes on F&F First. I'm never awake when that show comes on. The executives at Fox need to move her segment to Fox & Friends. I can imagine Lauren and Gretchen sitting stools across from each other. That would be a awesome sight.

  21. To January 16, 2013 11:34 PM comment: That's a very good point! I totally agree that Gretchen is the matriarch for the show! She's a number one classic! Nobody moves around like she does nor does push-ups in a skirt in front of the firemen nor gives as many peaks of the beautiful Bermuda triangle like her!

  22. Lauren Simonettie is a number one MILF of FAF first! She consistently wears minis and gives a huge gams show! I have yet to see her appear as a school girl! As far as FAF first hotties, she wins the Gold Medal this week! Second place is Ainsley Earhardt(Silver) and Heather Nauert and PAB are tied for the Bronze Medal!

  23. Old Gretchen ended this week with a bang by not disappointing her male viewers! Well done, Gretch for the entire week!

  24. To the cat up above, the pics of the Brit broad are hand down the best in a leg show. Gretch has yet to show that much thigh...ever.
    Gretch is the queen of the upskirt. No one has given us as much as she.
    Speaking of cats, the cat that looked like he wanted to get Gretch to show her cat (had to be a guy cat) but Gretch is a strong woman, she dont part those sweet thighs until shes ready. Rest assured eventually she will.

  25. Andrea T looked sooo sexy this past Friday on The 5. She was in a snug cream colored dress that emphasized her ample bosoms and accenutated her hips of truth... Her dress was short enough to display her upper thighs but sadly not short enough to reveal her veiled essence. She is a blest sexy beast.

  26. Aly in hosiery again today, what a treat, 2 days in a row her luscious legs are enhanced in sheer black pantyhose. Aly KNOWS her gams look spectacular and she is workin' the curvy couch. She is posing & preening like a damn peacock. She has a devilish grin cuz' she's launching stud misslies.