Sunday, June 3, 2012

This June: Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson and more...


Which Gretchen's caps is the best so far?

A. Month of March set of caps.

b. Month of May set of caps.

Megyn Kelly caps sent by "Ranger":

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Ainsley Earhardt caps @ Fox and Friends First sent by "DJ":

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Tuesday: Patti Ann Browne and Ainsley Earhardt caps @ Fox and Friends First sent by "DJ":

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson And Andrea Tantaros @ Fox and Friends caps sent by "Ranger":

Fox and Friends After the Show Show 12/07/2012:

Friday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

More of Gretchen Carlson caps sent by "DJ":

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Megyn looks amazing on that white dress,
    Alisyn looks great this weekend,
    And Gretcen looks wonderful on that gray dress.
    Look at the last cap of Gretchen on that gray dress Brian's hand is ready to land on her...

  2. I just love those Megan Kelly caps! She has a nice, round derriere and looks like she may be wearing a thong!

    Cap man, please keep those Megan standing pics coming because it's rare that you are able to take sitting poses with her entire lap showing because of the positioning of the desk; and I understand. So always the next best thing; and the only thing possible these days are those standing poses; preferably rear view ones.

    Kudos to you, cap man!

  3. All the Gretchen Carlson caps; as usual, are the cream of the crop!
    Megan Kelly looks absolutely great and hot and even Alisyn looks great with the rear view shots!

    With all of those above caps, looks like aphrodisiacs are in the air; with the Sexy Swede starting that aphrodisiac fever!

  4. On Fox and Friends First, which is starting the week off good and strong, my favorite southern belle Ainsley Earhardt as well as Queens, New York's own Pattie Anne Browne (especially and showing more) are both sweet eye candy with aphrodisiac icing showing their lovely gams! What a way to start off a Monday morning! Yum-oh! Oh, lovely Staten Islander Lauren Simonetti also made a nice surprise appearance as well!

  5. So great to see Gretchen Carlson in her hot pink outfit showing what she is most proud of displaying o make us gents happy and glued to the screen!

  6. I'll have to say my gal Gretch was a tad conservative this Monday morning. Ainsley was at least 10 times hotter than the Swede Queen this morning. However, Ainsley passed up the opportunity to do push ups whereas Gretchen wouldn't have given it a second thought to do live push-ups! Although Ainsley showed way more legs this morning than Gretch, Gretchen has something that Ainsley does not yet have---GUTS!!!

  7. Yeah, I also like that cap of Gretch in gray dress where Brian is like gonna touch her top. Will Gretch let him?

  8. Cute comment made June 4, 2012 10:54 PM. Yeas, I think Gretchen would let Brian touch her; especially since she seems to like him and also knowing she has a free spirit! I sure wish I were in his shoes!

  9. Both Ainsley Earhardt and Pattie Anne Browne; also both Virgos, look absolutely lovely and hot this Tuesday morning---keeping Fox and Fiends First ratings sky high and rising!

  10. Gretchen Carlson looked bright and hot this Tuesday morning showing her best assets thus helping the show's ratings!

  11. I've noticed on the Live with Kelly show that ever since Regis Phillbin's retirement from the show Kelly Ripa has been ultra conservative with her wardrobe choices.

  12. Alls I gotta say, who cares where these broads are from or what their astrological signs are... if they show whats up their dresses, skirts is all that matters... buncha bozos you are!

  13. There seems to be a bright yellow dress wearing pattern among three anchorwomen this week. First Alisyn Camerota then Gretchen Carlson and this morning on Fox and Friends First Ainsley Earhardt. Ainsley was a tad bit conservative in it. Pattie Anne Browne was even more conservative in her white outfit. Both women looked good though.

  14. Gretchen Carlson looking great and hot in her blue dress this Wednesday morning! I'm so glad she decided to volunteer and love that stupid bowling pin out of the way of her view! Way to go, Gretch! That's why Gretchen Carlson rules!

  15. A penny for your thoughts re: comment made June 5, 2012 10:52 AM.

  16. Kimberly Guilfoyle was conservative mood Wednesday on The Five.

  17. After all week of dressing semi conservative, Gretchen Carlson was real eye candy this Thursday morning in her navy blue outfit this morning showing her most beautiful asset which helped crown her Miss America in 1989!

  18. And let the blog graffiti writers write on!

    As the beat goes on!

  19. It is so nice to see the lovely Jamie Colby on America's Newsroom this Thursday morning to raise the show's ratings to an all-time high! I wish she could be on that show regularly!

  20. Gretchen's arms look so muscular in those blue dresses especially, go Gretchen!!!!

  21. Heather Childers ending the week beautifully as well as Pattie Anne Browne on Fox and Friends First by maintaining the show's high ratings providing sweet high candy.

  22. I agree with June 7, 2012 4:59 PM! Like our First Lady, Gretchen Carlson has earned the right to bare arms!

  23. Gretchen Carlson, on this Friday morning, is hot beyond words! Thatshort little grey dress, with thin shoulder straps and plunging neckline showing plenty of cleavage, looks like a slip! Yummy yummy yummy!!! GRETCHEN CARLSON, I LOVE YOU MADLY AND KEEP ON DRIVING ME WILD!!!!! Catfish is doing it again!

  24. Gretchen ended the week with a bang. Green strapless dress with mega cleavage showing. Her thick thighs and shapley legs on full display for our pleasure.

  25. Oh what a way for the Sexy Swede to end the week. Sweet cleavage and those thick Titus. MILF of the year.

  26. That Andrea...the embodies sensuality, yesterday on The Five she oozed sex. The kind of girl if you bought a drink for in a bar & she liked you, the 2 of you would be at each other inside of an hour. Like most alpha females she'd pretend to want to dominate but in reality wants to be dominated. Then when its all said & done, because shes so busy she'd probably be the 1st to leave.

  27. It would be an absolute miracle if a real MILF shows up co-hosting, on either Saturday or Sunday or both days, Fox and Friends this weekend.

    Otherwise expect the usual Italian Jersey girl next door.

    Let's stay tuned, folks.

  28. 6:60 AM comment: The dress was mint green not grey.

  29. I just love those strapless or thin strapped short dresses that Gretchen Carlson wears! They look just like slips.She seems to be the only anchorwoman who wears them and that's why Gretchen Carlson rules!!!

  30. Gretchen Carlson has that devious look in her face; her facial expressions and the look in her eyes! She's like that female tiger or tigress softly growling or purring ever so eager to dare to attract or seduce her male viewers by whatever means she finds necessary! The proof of this is every time she shows her Bermuda Triangle she has a smirk on her face! Growl!!!!! Go get 'em, tigress!!! I love you madly!