Monday, March 12, 2012

Megyn Kelly and Fox and Friends caps.

Megyn Kelly caps @ Fox News America Live.

Weekend: Alsiyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 03/12/2012:

Tuesday: Heather Nauert, Heather Childers and Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 03/13/2012:

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Alisyn Camerota with the Jersey Shore cast @ Fox and Friends.

Friday: Heather Nauert and Anna Kooiman @ Fox and Friends First.

Gretchen Carlson caps sent by "Ranger":

Heather Childers caps @ Fox and Friends First sent by "DJ".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. That Heather Childers really rocks!!!

  2. Only Megyn Kelly gives us that kind of view and she also rocks.

  3. Thanks "DJ" for the Heather Childers caps. She is my new favorite lady on fox. I didn't know she was that stacked ! I would like to see Fox rotate the female anchors on F&F First. A steady diet of Ainsley , Anna, Heather throw the lovely Jamie Colby in there and I'd wake up early every morning.

  4. And Gretchen rocks this Monday. Look at those caps.

  5. Gretchen rocks his Tuesday morning as well!

    The above caps are all super MILF alerts!!!

    Megan rocks as well as the others!

  6. Heather N. and Heather C and then Gretchen and here's the VS models, what a Tuesday Fox and Friends. It's a great start of my day.

  7. You can go on about your blonds but 1 of em had on way too much makeup, the other just no sex appeal.Gretch is the only blond. Also Kimberly & Andrea. In my humble opinion brunettes rule.

  8. I may have missed something with the Friends First Show while I was gone, so my question is what happened to the two hotties that were hosting the show, I wake up this morning and see a miniature F&F show, and to make it even worse, NO SEXY SWEDE, nothing against Alsiyn, but she doesn't come close to Gretch. I can tell how this day is going to go.

  9. The two blonds on fox and friends first are hot, but those lesg must be glued tight after they cross their legs. the only time they uncross them is when they swivel away from camera. Thats why Gretchen will always rule

  10. Yeah, what about those brunette MILFs? You can't forget them, either! Nicole Petallides is one, remember?

    Aside from that, what a boring Thursday morning without Gretchen and the Italian Jersey girl showed up instead.

  11. Allyson does nothing for me. Any more caps of the Fox and Friends First blonds?

  12. Well, the Italian Jersey girl-next-door worked overtime (it seems) when she showed up on FAF to substitute for the Swede Queen.

    I can' t wait for Monday to come when old Gretch returns to raise the show's ratings.

  13. Friday without Gretchen Carlson---BOOOORRRIIIIINNNGGG!!!!!

  14. Wow, the blondes are here again this Friday to raise the Fox ratings. Great job ladies to end the week.

  15. How many vacation leave does Gretch have each year? When I counted it this is her 14th days off and its only March.

  16. To the comment made on March 16, 2012 5:47 PM: I COULD NOT HAVE AGREED MORE!!!!!

    Other than that, this seems like the same old booorrinnng weekend of FAF with you know who as the hostess. I'm just counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Gretchen Carlson returns to the curvy couch on Monday I hope!

    I could never figure out for the life of me why Gretchen Carlson finds it so necessary to take so many days off! I wish she would just stop. it!

  17. I love Megan Kelly in that red dress; standing and giving her audiences a big rear view!!!

  18. List of Diva MILFs of Fox News Station.

    Number one on the list:Gretchen Carlson. And the list goes on as follows:
    2.Nicole Petallides
    3.Megan Kelly
    4.Ainsley Earhardt
    5.Heather Childers
    6.Heather Nauert
    7.Anna Kooiman
    feel free to add to the list. This is just the beginning.

  19. What a very pleasant surprise to have one of our favorite hot southern belles Ainsley Earhardt on Sunday Fox and Friends to cause the MILF alert alarm to sound off with a loud siren in her little red dress!

  20. Ainsley Earhardt seemed to be, like Gretchen Carlson, super high on aphrodisiacs this Sunday morning because she looked like she was really in heat dressed in bright fiery red giving us a huge show!

  21. Gimmie Kimberly and/or Andrea, these babes are almost the hottest of all the ladies most of you guys adore. TheĆ½ are however behind Gretch,& this aint nothing to be ashamed of either but throughout Gretch has been unrelenting in displaying her assets when she is able to. Being 2nd to Gretch's #1 is something to take pride in. Then again they could be #3 to the Englander, her thighs are the most delectable I'v ever seen.
    Say goodnight Gracey

  22. Hey, how about some Sunday March 18, 2012 caps of Ainsley Earhardt! I've never seen her so hot in my life!!!

  23. There is something magical about little red dresses; especially short, tight ones, that brings out the sexiness and MILFness of a woman.
    Imagine what it does to someone high on aphrodisiacs!