Sunday, November 13, 2011

Third Week of Nov: Fox News and British Morning Show.

Gretchen Carlson won last week in our poll, 55% voted for her while 45% of our voters voted for Molly Line. This one is close. But they say no way that Gretchen is going to be defeated as the queen.

British Morning Show "Daybreak" caps sent by "Ranger".

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 11/14/2011:

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 11/15/2011:

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 11/16/2011:

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends Video 11/17/2011:

Friday: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends Video 11/18/2011:

Cheryl Casone and Gretchen Carlson caps sent by "Ranger".

Mary Calvi CBS News NY sent by one of our blogger:

Is this the Mary Calvi you guys are talking about sitting on a transparent glass desk.

Cheryl Casone @ Fox business News snet by "DJ".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Alisyn did a good job of keeping the ratings up this weekend.

    Gretchen will always be the queen on Fox.

    And the British are showing what they got too.

  2. Gretchen Carlson is starting off the week beautifully and spicy hot with her little navy blue party dress looking her usual hot self! She's being her hoochie mama self!

  3. All of the above caps are nice and hot! Yes, Alisyn Cameroon did do a good job in keeping up the show's ratings; especially in her purple dress! That's my Italian-Jersey-girl-door for you!

  4. You guys are too easy to please...they need to show me some nastiness & then we'll talk. Those Limeys wanted to show their underpants & not London or France

  5. Cheryl Casone is another fine southern MILF from Texas.

  6. I remember a song back in 1982 by a group called Vanity 6 entitled "Nasty Girl." I think that song describes our Swede Queen to a tee!

  7. A song from The Flower drum Song movie in 1960 entitled "I Enjoy Being A Girl" would be very fitting a song for Gretchen Carlson to sing. It's a classy but not so trashy song like "Nasty Girl".

  8. Gretch gave up classy years ago when she had an affair with a married coworker at a different station or when she flashes us with a true upskirt... nasty suits her just fine. Dont mean shes a bad person, shes probably a good wife, mom, coworker, it simply means she is what she is & nothing more or nothing less.

  9. Nice to see Gretch and the Brits this week. I hope it gets better and better.

  10. Call it what you want, Gretchen Carlson gave us some sweet eye candy and made my nature rise this morning as usual with her little black skirt and red top. Besides looking hot, she looked absolutely colorful and lovely. The blonde hair matched her outfit beautifully.

  11. Tuesday Gretchen Carlson was super hot in her little short blue dress! She has no problem in displaying what she's got!She loves raising her hemlines to raise guys' eyebrows! She's forever "OD-ing" on aphrodisiacs!

  12. Gretchen has potential on Wed. Real low cut top. I think we will see some nice cleavage today. I bet the pre 6am was HOT when she leans over to type on laptop. Wish I had gotten up early today

  13. Wednesday Gretchen Carlson was red hot in her little hot pink outfit this morning continuing to show how naughty but nice self; thus raising the show's ratings to the hilt!

  14. Again, Gretchen Carlson put on a great eye-candy show this Thursday morning! One can tell that the Swede Queen loves her male audience members!

  15. Personally, aside from the Limey Ladies I dont see anything to get excited about this week, nothing to get ones nature rising or for mama nomenclatures. In short, the view is nowhere if theres no underwear.
    Not knocking you Capman, you & the more recent contributors are doing outstanding work. , aint nothing like some pretty legs so I will look & enjoy.

  16. Gretchen is always the queen of Fox News Channel. But where is Molly Line, I hope to see her again on the couch.

    I noticed some of the caps here are being posted at Gretchen's Facebook page. Some are complaining about the pics and caps.

  17. and how would any of the stuff on here end up on Gretchs FB page... OK! FESS UP YOU CAD!

  18. Please don't copy or download the caps from this blog and post them to Gretchen's Facebook page.

    Thanks for your cooperation

  19. Yeah, I agree that it is uncalled for to paste Gretchen Carlson's stuff on her Facebook without her permission---in addition to being not genuine.I'd like to be reassured that she posts stuff, herself, on her own Facebook page.

  20. It's too bad Gretchen Carlson was not on FAF this Friday. However, our Italian-Jersey-girl-door did a great substituting job for her! She really kept the show's ratings high by being her usual daring self by raising her hemlines sky high to also stay on the competition circuit as well as to keep the male viewers happy as well as increasing! say what you want about her size, but she's using what she has and flaunting it beautifully. She does not have a school girl attitude!

  21. Who could ever forget E.D. Hill! She put the "M" in the acronym "MILF!" How about some old E.H. Hill postings, please Mr. Cap man!

  22. Alisyn filling in for Gretch is a big fail...glad I slept through FAF

  23. This Saturday edition of FAF barely maintained its rating this morning.

  24. It would be so nice if Gretchen Carlson would make a surprise appearance on Sunday FAF tomorrow to once gain boost the temporarily failing show ratings as a result of today's drop. The next best thing is for Ainsley Earhardt or Molly Line to make a surprise hosting tomorrow!

  25. As far as I'm concerned, FAF had the same ratings today, Sunday, as it did yesterday! Well, we are all waiting for Gretchen Carlson to boost the ratings up once more starting tomorrow morning!

  26. I can't wait for two things: #1- When Gretchen Carlson returns on Monday o do what she does best to her male audience members and #2-the coming week's caps postings for the MILFs of the week!