Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kiran Chetry last day @ CNN, Juliet Huddy and other Fox News caps.

Someone really wants this site to go down. I received some photo attachement with virus my laptop doesn't able to boot now. So posting might be delay while it's being repair. Thanks.

The poll was closed and Gretchen won with a very big margin, 73% voted for her only 27% for Ainsley. A record number of 222 voters voted last last week. Thanks for blogging with us.

Who looks great in green dress?

A. Gretchen Carlson.

B. Ainsley Earhardt.

Last week results: For the green dress, Ainsley won again but just a slight margin 88 votes against Molly's 80.

Kiran Chetry caps last day @ CNN sent by "DJ".

Looks like she gave all her best on her last day. Bye Kiran.

Weekend: Juliet Huddy caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 08/07/2011:

Monday: Grechen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 08/08/2011:

Tuesday: Grechen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 08/09/2011:

Wednesday: Grechen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 08/10/2011:

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly @ Fox News.

Friday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

More Gretchen caps from Thursday Fox and Friends sent by "Ranger".

Tamsen Fadal caps @ PIX 11 Morning Show.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. I'll miss Kiran on TV, I hope she get back soon at other station.
    Not bad for F&F weekend Huddy delivers.

  2. Awww! Kiran Chetry will be gone from CNN! Too bad, so sad! I'll miss her badly as well! I didn't know she had her last day there; and I missed the event! I hope she gets hired on another station soon and for me to know which station! She did a superb job helping to raise CNN's ratings single-handedly and I know she'll do the same wherever she works again.

  3. Yup, Juliet Huddy always delivers!It is safe to say that she has a great attitude and is not shy! For sure she flaunts what she has!

  4. Good luck Kiran in whatever you do...Huddy sucks

  5. Kiran Chetry was one of the first super diva anchorwomen of Fox New Channel back in the day along with ED Hill and, of course Gretchen Carlson; who is the only remaining one from back then.

  6. Kiran Chetry gave us all a show of our lives and a time of our lives on her last day with CNN! She gave us a huge show we'll never forget and made sure of it, too! She loves her male fans as well!

  7. Kiran and Huddy looks great but look at that last cap of Gretchen this Monday. That side view tells it all about Gretchen, I don't care about my skirt. I can't take my eyes off that cap. Thanks for posting all the best caps for the day.

  8. Gretchen Carlson is just one hot babe who truly doesn't care what anybody says about her free displaying of her goods so long as they like it!

  9. Kiran Chetry did everything deliberately, short of taking it all off on her last day with CNN! If it were legal on national television she would have dressed up in her one-colored suit! Only thing is her b-day is not until August 26!

  10. Kiran Chetry sang the same song Gretchen Carlson always sings in her head regarding each of her male viewers as her last and final hurrah!

  11. Kiran Chetry's general attitude towards every individual male viewer and admirer; whether she knows them or not; "He's good guy, yes he is! Just as sweet as he could be! Well, I don't care what the people say! I'm going to show my lovely legs! Oh, oh, oh, oh,oh... he's a goo guy, yes he is!"

  12. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wake me up when fox and friends steps up their game. WPIX has countless babes doing exercises in dresses, playing with dog... NBC has the girls all over as well. C'mon FOX get the babes in some action. Remmber ED in dunk tank, Huddy riding motorcycle, Gretchen getting breakfast in bed......

  13. Gretchen Carlson has been on fire the last 2 weeks. Her thick thighs have been on full display. Every outfit has been sexier than the next. I have a feeling she's going to close out the week strong. Maybe an upskirt ? One can only dream.

  14. Yeah, Gretchen is on fire. Since you mentioned about riding a bike, I know Gretchen ride a bull and a bike.

  15. Ditto! Gretchen Carlson sho' nuff' is on fire all week long!

    That fire seemed to have spread to Tamsen Fadal on PIX 11!

    Gretchen's fire is contagious and is spreading to other networks to cause other newswomen to want to compete badly!

    That fire is setting off the MILF alarm to sound off!

  16. Gretchen's new promo:
    The sexiest legs you'll ever see
    The hottest MILF on morning TV
    Fox & Friends is THE place to be
    Week days at 6 spank your monkey with me!!!!

  17. Wjho is that lovely lady being interviewed outdoors by Eric Bolling? I think it's Howard Stern's lovely wife if I remember correctly.

  18. Gretchen looks great again this Thursday. Nice to see Megyn Kelly back at Fox.

    Why did Fox News removed the ATSS video this Thursday???

  19. Yes, so nice to see the lovely and irresistible Megan Kelly back on Fox New again after maternity leave. Don't you just love her? Who couldn't in their right mind?

  20. MILF's favorite song in their head is the same as Fetchin' Gretchen's song; need I repeat it!
    Always an enticing one!

  21. Tamsen Fadal is my Arab-American delight favorite hottie! She loves to flaunt what she has!

  22. Now CNN without Kiran Chetry is no longer in the race to compete with Fox and PIX 11. CNN is now minus one MILF and has no more; period!

    I'd still say Fox is number one because non of the women ever wear pants and PIX women has a choice. The only two divas are Laurie Dhue and Tamsen Fadal and I almost forgot the Italian New Yorker hottie whose name I forgot. So that makes it three.

  23. hope you fix your bug capman...we need you

  24. Tamsen Fadal is just dying for a spanking from one or more of her male admirers on her big fat round beautiful derrier!

  25. What a big gams show Gretchen Carlson has been putting on; especially in that little yellow dress!!! She is proud of those hams and loves to show them!

  26. Tamsen Fadal is another MILF who is driving me wild!!! She, like Fetchen Gretchen, is great Howard Stern Show material! They have so much in common; I swear! The only main difference is that Gretch is a little taller but they are just about equally as hot and free-spirited! They would do anything to attract their male audiences and are also not shy and never listen to the committee of "they!"


  27. What ever happened to Molly Line and Ainsley Earhardt? They seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth!

  28. What's up with the weekend caps of Fox and Friends? Just because Juliet Huddy is hosting doesn't mean that the caps should not be posted.
    I know with some of you guys she is somewhat controversial in that only about 50% of you guys like her. But, still I think caps of her should be posted. I personally don't see anything greatly wrong with her. At least she is not a school girl.

  29. To Anonymous who said what's up with the weekend caps...
    Can't you read what was posted by the capman, somebody sent some caps with virus and his laptop doesn't able to boot or startup. The caps posting will be delay. Try to read what was posted next time.

  30. I hope someone caught it and will post it, the Sexy Swede who looked pretty in pink this morning, had two good upskirt shots. I hope to see them.

  31. Great panty capture by Ranger, Gretch in the white dress, had to enlarge the image (i'm such a sicko) to see it but its there. Good job.

  32. Gretch toyed with her ATS viewers this Monday, if the hem of that dress goes up an inch...just 1 inch and there'd be a panty shot, there may still be one approximately at the 2:45 point but its a stretch. Wonder what it would take to part those thighs.