Thursday, February 7, 2019

Fox News Ladies 2019...

The Outnumbered Fox News BLOG is on the right.

Morgan Ortagus @ Fox Business News caps/pics/photos, sent by "DJ".

Emily Compagno @ Fox and Friends caps/pics/photos, sent by "DJ".

Janice Dean, Ainssley Earhardt and Jillian Mele @ Fox and Friends caps/pics/photos, sent by "Ranger".

Anna Kooiman in swimsuit caps/photos/pictures sent by "DJ".

Reposting Gretchen Carlson's caps on her last days on Fox and Friends, sent by "DJ".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures/photos and news reporters.

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  1. Great to see these beautiful ladies.

  2. Props go out to the ultra sexy Raschel Diaz. This past week Raschel put on a show. So much cleavage, so much thigh on display. Thank goodness for Telemundo in the morning !!!

    1. Oh yeah babe! I totally agree! Telemundo puts all of Fox News to crying shame! Fox News ought to take note!

  3. The above pics ought to be captioned "Steve Doocey and the 3 Prudes"! Well at least Janice Dean took it up one tiny notch to show off just as much knees as Ainsley and Jillian. Before Janice Dean uaed to cover her knees completely.

    1. Lol !!! I agree completely my friend. Compared to the other pics on this site. Those pics look out of place.

  4. I start to like Emily Compagno.

    1. I totally agree! Emily Compagno has been on fire lately. She was great on weekend fox and friends last week!

    2. Agree. She is getting more condistently hot lately.

  5. For a change Jedediah Bila has been on fire all weekend! For the first time in months she finally decided to show off some thigh and so those desk flowers did not block her view.
    And Kat Timpf was on fire as well on the Greg Gutfeld Show!
    Elizabeth Prann was on super hot fire as she we t home with the grand trophie of weekend hottest for this weekend!
    On a whole great weekend! Now I'll sleep late during the week until the Kennedy Show aires at 9pm!

  6. Where did Emily C. came from? CNN?

  7. My gal Kennedy was on fire on her show Monday night in navy blue tight little dress displaying her creamy thighs. Leg duel took place at party panel with Alexandra Wilkes competing to show off more thighs. At the end Kennedy caught up and retained her crown! Great show to start off the week!

  8. Ainsley was her usual boring self with knees showing dress. Weekdat Fox and Friends is nowadays nothing but a prudefest at most.

  9. Whelp; in between the constant pulling down; Ainsley looked good today in navy blue print dress as her lovely legs and thighs showed!

  10. Outnumbered was semi boring today with everyone including (sadly) Kennedy today. Here's hopibg Kennedy will make up for it either tonight on her own show and/ tomorrow on Valentine's Day.

  11. Who is that lady with Morgan Ortagus?