Monday, May 16, 2016

Middle of May 2016: Fox News ladies.

The Outnumbered Fox News is on the right.

Friday: Ainsley Earhardt @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures sent by "DJ".

Weekend: Anna Kooiman @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Anna Kooiman @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures sent by "DJ".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Wow! Ainsley gave us an uppie surprise last Friday and Anna also drive me crazy over the weekend. Good job ladies.

  2. Ainsley was hot on Tuesday as well in her red dress!

  3. Wow! Gretchen Carlson looked super super hot on Tuesday The Real Story in her little red sleeveless and tight dress showing off he thick juicy legs! Man, what juicy, hot, and sweet eye candy! MILF Alert!

  4. Megan Kelly can be described as le femme fatal! In plain English; almost fatally hot! Wow! he has the power to put really strong, tyrannical men to their knees and crying "uncle!" What do you think folks? Normal or nuts?

  5. I can't WAIT TO SEE Megan Kelly's PREMIER OF HER NEW prime time show! I understand she'll provide more eye candy than she has in the past; based on the sneak previews

  6. Tuesday Fox and Friends was the pits! Ainsley was back to her old tricks of acting a school girl. Unlike Gretchen and Anna K. who loves their audiences (particularly male), this woman is so self conscious that she only thinks about herself and the committee of they and appears to not like her audiences (particularly male)! That's my take. And you wonder why I wish to go into hibernation. That really burns me up! Nuff said, have a nice day readers.

    1. Make that Wednesday May 18, 2016 Fox and Friends.

  7. It was so nice to see Heather Nauert grace the Wed May 18th Fox and Friends After the ?Show Show curvy couch (1st time in a long time)! She made up big time for Ainsley Earhardt's school girlishness! In fact, because of Heather Nauert the ATSS was great! Heather Nauert; unlike Ainsley, loves her fans and is not self conscious! A big shout out and kudos to Heather Nauert!

  8. Quite frankly I'm fed up with three things; Ainsley Earhardt's schoolgirl behavior; the lack of other bloggers on this blog and the extremely slow or snail pace of both postings of comments and pictures.

  9. I'm still counting the days or hours before the return of Anna Kooiman on weekend Fox and Friends; commencing on Saturday May 21st at 6 AM!

  10. It was such a pleasant surprise to see my favorite gal Anna Kooiman on Fox and Friends Fri May 20th! Ainsley, with her usual school girl tactics was overshadowed and outdone by someone who she'd dare not compete with! Ainsley better watch out because she is absolutely no match with Anna Kooiman! Anna Kooiman saved the day with Friday Fox and Friends!Now, tell me folks, am I right or wrong? Your thoughts.

  11. ANNA KOOIMAN PUTS AINSLEY EARHARDT TO SHAME EVERYTIME! I wish Ainsley would take lessons from this southern sweetie!

  12. My gal Anna Kooiman does it again on this Sat May 21st starting off this weekend showing off those lovely thick and juicy gams in her fuscia dress; making me forget about Ainsley Earnhardt covering up all her assets (like a typical school girl)! Man, I wish Anna Kooiman could replace her fellow southern girl!


  14. Weekend Fox and Friends Rules!

  15. I was just looking at some past pics of Fox and Friends and Fox and Friends First pics dating back from 2012 up to present and boy, what a difference! Ainsley was really hot up until sometime last year. Heather Childers used to be hotter. Anna Kooiman was hot then and is still hot! What ever happened to poor Ainsley to make her change so drastically? Conclusion: Anna Kooiman was and is still number one!

  16. Sunday Fox and Friends was a slight let down because for the first time in four months Anna Kooiman dressed conservatively in a loose dress slightly above her knees. I guess even the biggest anchorwoman superstars who consistently keep the ratings up are entitled to ocassional conservative moments here and there. Thankfully, this is extremely rare for our favorite southern sweetie. She did look pretty; though and still hotter and less disappointing than Ainsley Earhardt's current hot moments! ANNA KOOIMAN STILL RULES AND WE ALL LOVE HER!

  17. And so another fox and friends weekend closes. Now for another boring weekday Fox and Friends. I wont have any trouble falling asleep during the week!

  18. Monday morning is coming off on a boring start with the lovely and sweet but also very disappointing Ainsley Earhardt. Therefore, I decided to turn to CNN to watch the much less boring Alisyn Camerota. She looks so much better and is helping CNN ratings!

  19. I equate this blog with Ainsley Earhardt as being equally annoying. Reasons; this blog moves at a snail's pace and Ainsley's school girl behavior respectively.