Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome 2016: Fox News Ladies caps/pictures/photos.

The Outnumbered Fox News is on the right.

Saturday: Molly Line Friends caps/photos/pictures sent by "DJ".

Sunday: Juliet Huddy @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Monday: Megan Kelly caps/photos/pictures sent by "DJ".

Monday: Anna Kooiman and Heather Nauert @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Tuesday: Anna Kooiman @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Wednesday: Anna Kooiman and Heather Nauert @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Wow! Molly Line doing the push-ups, I remembered Gretchen doing that.

  2. Oh yes! I remember that, too! I hope she follows Gretchen's footsteps in helping the ratings as well!

  3. The pics above are all of school girls to start the year off; except for Kennedy!

  4. Whelp, I guess for whatever reason, everybody is starting off the new year conservatively dressed; including gretchen and surprisingly anna kooiman! I'll have to honestly say that Heather nauert even surprised me pleasantly because on Monday's ATSS, for the first time in Fox news history, on the curvy couch #1. she crossed her legs on the right side and #2. she was even hotter than Anna Kooiman! Heather Nauert was hotter than the normal hotties!

  5. Mr. cap man, please post Monday Jan 4th The Kelly File interview of Megan Kelly and the threee actors in the millitary film ! She finally decided to break trADITION and did a live inteerview without being behind the desk and showing her entiree lap while interviewing the soldiers fo the film! What a classic Megan Kelly and rate raiser!

  6. My : Anna Kooiman was back to her own hot and lovely self while

    gretchen was a boring school girl on her show.

  7. Thanks cap man for this Megan Kelly pics.

  8. Correction re: Monday comment.It shuld have read: My take Tuesday January 5, 2016; Anna Kooiman was back to her old sweet and hot self on Fox and Friends helping the show's ratings! Meanwhile, on that same day, for the second day in a row on the first week back from vacation, Gretchen Carlson was being a boring school girl!

  9. It was so nice for Gretchen Carlson to return to her lovely show ratings self again on Wed Jan 6, 2016!

  10. Wow!!! That's all I have to say about Heather Nauert on We. FAF ATSS!!! I guess she got tired of taking a back seat behind the hot, sultry and sweet Anna Kooiman! This is the second time this week that Heather Nauert was hotter than Anna Kooiman! Mr. Capman, please post Wed. ATSS! Thanks!

  11. Although I don't like the fact that Heather Nauert crossed her legs on the wrong side on Wed. ATSS; she still looked super hot and showed quite alot!!! She was even hotter than my girl Anna Kooiman!!!

  12. Wow! Anna and Heather, what a great combination.

  13. On Thursday morning (that is early morning)Fox and Friends First, Heather Nauert really put Heather Childers to shame by helping the show's sagging ratings big time!!

  14. Again, Heather Nauert beat her competition Thursday! This time she "out-MILFed" Sandra Smith on the ATSS curvy couch! Cap man; please post! Thank you!

  15. So nice to see Anna Kooiman on Saturday Jan 9th where she belongs---on the curvy couch; looking hot and gorgeous---helping the ratings!

  16. Both Anna Kooiman and Heather Nauert topped the Fox News Babes charts this first week of 2016!

  17. Wow!!! Heather Nauert in that little royal blue dress---even put my favorite gal pal to shame this Wed. on the curvy couch!!! MILK Alert!!!

  18. This past week really didn't do any justice for the ever hot; legendary Gretchen Carlson (or should I say the Wash.D.C. studio settings)!Also, not enough in home studio guests @ NY home studio. Hopefully this coming week will be better for Gretchen Carlson to shine!