Saturday, December 19, 2015

This Christmas Week 2015: Fox News Ladies caps/pictures/photos.

The Outnumbered Fox News is on the right.

Nicole Petallides and Cheryl Casone caps/pictures/photos sent by "Ranger".

Anna Kooiman and Heather Childers @Friends caps/photos/pictures sent by "DJ".

Friday: Anna Kooiman and Heather Nauert @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Weekend: Anna Kooiman @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

This Week: Gretchen Carlson @ The Real Story caps/photos/pictures.

Goodbye Elisabeth Hasselbeck @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Wednesday: Anna Kooiman @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Drive, drive, drive me crazy ladies.

    1. I agree, they are driving us crazy!

  2. Anna Kooiman was absolutly fantastic during the entire Fox and Friends weekend!
    It doesn't get any better then that!!! Anna Kooiman, love you!!! I especially love it when Anna throws a kiss to the audience as the show ends! Kisses back at 'ya; Anna sweetheart!!! Merry Christmas to you!!!

  3. Two of my favorite gals are stealing the above caps' show; Nicole Petallides and Anna Kooiman!!!!!

  4. It's been a pleasure watching Anna Kooiman take her game to the next level. Not to long ago, people in this very blog were dissing her. Talking about her facial expressions or lack of movement on the curvy couch. Well, fast forward to 2015. She has all of us eating out the palm of her hands. Anna has the body and the personality, to be the next host of Fox and Friends. Props to you Anna ! Your awesome !

  5. On Fox and Friends First; Mon Dec 21: For once, Lea Gabrielle outdid as well as put Heather Childers to shame for a change! For once ea decided to not be so school-girlish and stepped up her game; just a little bit though. But at least that's a start for this other southern belle from Virginia.

  6. Grechen Carlson was in aare form on Monday Dec.21 The Real Story ;showing off her award winning thick and juicy gams in not one; not two but three in studio live interviews!!! What a great show to start off the week!!! Cap man please post those Gretchen Carlson pics!!! Thank you!!!

  7. On Tues Fox and Friends First, again, Le Gabrielle outdid her co-host Heather Childers! She truly did a fine job in helping the show's ratings! Heather Childers ought to follow Elizabeth Hasselbeck's example and path! She ought to stay home and take care of her loving family---not to mention her husband! She is a complete school girl; especially today!

  8. Elizabeth Hassellbeck's farewell on FAF was great! In addition, Heather Nauert was in rare form; also boosting the ratings yet another notch besides the farewell itself!

  9. Yeah, goodbye Elisabeth! I'm excited to see the new lady on the curvy couch.

  10. It was so nice to see Anna Kooiman on the Fox and Friends curvy couch on Dec. 23!

  11. Again, it's always a pleasure to see the lovely Anna Kooiman on the weekday Fox and Friends curvy couch; delivering her goods well and helping thee ratings! Man, besides her man-pleasing assets, she has a pretty face with such a gorgeous smile!

  12. Great to see Anna Kooiman on x-mas day on FAF! Although she was a little tame today, she still looked great and beat her competition hands down!

  13. On Saturday FAF, Anna Kooiman outdid herself again!Luv ya Anna Kooiman!

  14. Fox and Friends weeday mornings are better with Anna Kooiman!!! This Monday Dec. 28th was the hottest I've seen Anna Kooiman in more thsn two weeks!The same is true about Heather Nauert (she really shocked the world with her little purple outfit)! Talk about a post Christmas shocker and show rater riser for both lovely ladies!!!!! WOW!!!

  15. Mon Dec 28th Fox and Friends First wasn't bad, either! Both ladies looked gorgeous and helped the ratings as well!