Monday, November 23, 2015

This Turkey Week: Fox News Ladies caps/pictures/photos.

The Outnumbered Fox News is on the right.

Nicole Petallides and Cheryl Casone @ FBN AM caps/photos/pictures send by "Ranger".

Weekend: Sandra Smith @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Monday: Heather Nauert and Elisabeth Hasselbeck @ Fox and Friends caps/photos/pictures.

Tuesday: Bye bye Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

This Week: Gretchen Carlson @ The Real Story caps/photos/pictures.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. I love the caps again of these lovely ladies. Keep driving me crazy.

  2. The women who really make it big at Fox News are the ones who are abscessed with showing off their legs! The bigger the obsession, the more successful they become! Nicole Petallides so far has the biggest obsession!!!


  3. thank you much cap man for the terrific caps above! They are all surely man pleasers!

  4. Looks like Heather Nauert is getting tired of being left out so now she seems to be following the foot steps of my girl Anna Kooiman!

  5. So, it's official Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving Fox and Friends. Your wish come true guys. So what do you say now? Who should replace her?

    1. I' say bring back Gretchen Carlson! (won't happen; wishful thinking)!
      Nicole Petallides(again, won' happen but wishful thinking)!
      Anna Kooiman!!!!! first choice
      Kimberly Guilfoyle--2nd choice--she needs to be more consistent

  6. Hey cap man, please post Gretchen Carlson because so far she's been on fire both Monday and Tuesday! Thank you!

  7. Bye bye Elizabeth Hassellback! Best of luck to you! It's been real!

  8. Maybe, hopefully Elizabeth Hasselbeck will do a "last hurrah" men pleaser appearance during her last days on Fox and Friends for memories sake!

  9. Gretchen in red dress those are great caps and she still has it. Thanks

  10. And I will say this again, Gretchen is still the QUEEN!

  11. It is so great for Anna Kooiman to be back on Saturday FAF after a couple of weekends w/o her! Although just a tad bit more conservative thsn usual, this southern belle still delivered her goods well and showed off her beautiful legs as well in her red dress! She still managed to put all her substitute hostesses to shame! Way to go Anna! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. I just love those beautiful, juicy, thick legs of Gretchen Carlson! I could never get enough of them!

  13. Like Gretchen Carlson, Anna Kooiman moves around or at least moves her body (i.e.:dances around while seated occasional; as opposed to sitting still like a wallflower!.

  14. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday FAF with the lovely and hot Anna Kooiman! Her beautiful and thick legs were in full view!

  15. Gretchen just gets sexier with age. Those thick thighs, those awesome legs. She drives me crazy. She's the hottest Milf on Fox News. She always leaves me wanting more.

  16. I toally agree with this statement:
    November 29, 2015 at 3:28 PM

    Gretchen just gets sexier with age. Those thick thighs, those awesome legs. She drives me crazy. She's the hottest Milf on Fox News. She always leaves me wanting more.