Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug 2015: Fox Business AM and Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

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Sandra Smith, Nicole Petallides and Lauren Simonetti @ Fox Business News AM caps/pictures/photos, sent by "DJ".

Ainsley Earhardt @ Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos sent by "Ranger".

Elisabeth Hasselbeck @ Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos sent by "Ranger".

This Week: Gretchen Carlson @ The Real Story caps/pictures/photos.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Yeah, drive me crazy Nicole P.
    Those Ainsley caps are also winners.

  2. Nicole P is a super MILF as always; and proud of it!!!

  3. So nice to see Kimberley Guilfoyle gracing the curvy couch on Tues FAF in for Elizabeth H. However, the ATSS was a little boring to me; although everyone was on the curvy couch.

  4. Nice caps there of Liz surfing.

  5. I sincerely wish Anna Kooiman all the best in her marriage! I also hope she stays the same sweet and luscious as sweet potato pie self!

  6. Gretchen has been looking so sexy lately. As the summer has progressed, her skirts have a gotten shorter. I love when she shows off those thick thighs and awesome legs !

    1. Man, I totally agree!!! Gretchen Carlson is still #1 and rules!!!

  7. I hope Anna Kooiman is not going to change and become suddenly shy as a result of her getting hitched!

  8. Don't get excited Elizabeth was wearing a golf skirt.
    Kooiman's getting married? Good for her, she's a good kid.

  9. Gretchen Carlson was at her very best on Friday's edition of the Real Story! I love that interview she did with body expert Tonya Reiman; both showed a whole lot of legs! Cap man, please post this!

  10. Well, let's see what this weekend's Fox and Friends brings. I hope Anna Kooiman is back and the same!

  11. I don't know if any of y'all agree but that women Jonna Spilbor is damn fine. Those puppies are amazing and she's always flaunting them off. She had em on full display a few weeks ago.

    1. Oh yeah!!! I agree this woman is fine!!!

  12. It was nice to see Anna Kooiman back on Saturday Fox and Friends! She had on a lovely red dress but slightly tamed down; but not completely school girlish. Stay tuned to tomorrow FAF as well as both day's ATSS.

  13. Saturday Fox and Friends provided delicious eye candy from Anna Kooiman and also the guest from North Shore Animal League on the curvy couch giving such an huge leg show! She put our sweet southern weekend hostess to shame! This rarely happens to her1

  14. Oooohhhh Yeaaahhh, baby! Anna Kooiman is still Anna Kooiman!!! Sunday she was hotter than ever and raised her hemline to thee hilt and showed off the most delicious eye candy and she is still just as sweet and luscious like a slice of freshly baked sweet potato pie with a scoop of ice cream on the top!!! I love that purple dress she wore on Sunday FAF!!!
    If Anna Kooiman keeps this up she may end up with her own like Gretchen Carlson!!! Anna Kooiman, we love you!!!

  15. Mr. capman, I'm requesting weekend FAF caps; including the one with Anna Kooiman and that lady from the North Shore Animal League!
    Also another cap from Friday with Gretchen Carlson seated with body language specialist Tonya Reiman would be greatly appreciated; please! Thank you!