Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last Week of Sept: Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos.

Fox and Friends caps/pictures/photos send by "DJ".

Saturday: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Sunday: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck caps @ Fox and Friends.

Tuesday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck caps @ Fox and Friends.

Wednesday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck caps @ Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the Ladies of Fox and Friends.

Friday: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the Ladies of Fox and Friends.

Gretchen Carlson classic caps sent by "Ranger".

Since I love cars, I want to feature some of the best cars in the world on this blog.

For this week: The Lamborghini Veneno, 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Beautiful Fox ladies.

  2. Well, Alisyn Camerota finally made history this Saturday September 21, 2013 on Fox and Friends---but not from the curvy couch! She raised the show's ratings like she's never done before in the history of Fox News Channel! The above Muderella caps are worth a million words---just look for yourself! Now my approval rating for the Italian girl next door from the Jersey Shore has jumped from a 2 (second to lowest) to a 9 (next to highest) in just one episode!!!

  3. After years of swearing by Crazy Glue, Ali-cat finally and suddenly decided to throw the product in the tube away forever!

  4. How Alisyn literally jumped through all those hoops, etc and STILL manage NOT to show anything is beyond comprehension. Theres one view with maximum potential but its taken from 50 yards away so you cant see anything. Sorry but its a fail in my eyes

  5. Alysin removed any thoughts they had of removing her from sat morning. Cam you imagine being the guys under her. Camera guys tried to get some without being too obvious. For a skinny girl, her thighs looks nice on some shots

  6. Did she have black panties on are shorts

  7. Did she have black panties on are were they shorts

  8. Well Mr Turtle, Ali refuses to show whats underneath but I'd bet the farm that she was wearing spanks under her dress. Ali knew ahead of time and prepared for it.

  9. Hasselbeck had a white panty upskirt today

  10. Ali-Cat never looked so good. Wow!

  11. The Fox ladies are like luxury cars. We can't afford them. LOL

  12. Hasselbeck showed on Tuesday that she learned from Gretchen Carlson by doing out with the crazy glue and in with the aphrodisiacs! (like out with the old; in with the new; like a new year)! ...and up goes the ratings!!!

  13. Liz is doing it again this Wednesday morning! Heather Nauert is also a beautiful addition to regulare FAF as well! Both ladies are doing a great job raising the show's ratings by taking their daily dosages of aphrodisiacs and getting that "M" alarm to sound off!

  14. Elisabeth is doing very well and even Ainsley and Heather have stepped it up. I can't wait to see what PAB brings next time she is on!

  15. So Gretch is back on Monday at 2:00. I will watch for 1 week. I expect at least of couple of days of 5" heels, a mico-dress/skirt and NO DESK at least part of the show. Otherwise, 1 week only.

    1. Thanks for the great news about Gretchen Carlson! I agree with hoping that there is no desk for her!

  16. Oh I love that car.
    Where can I get one?

  17. Looks like we really have a new queen on the curvy.

  18. Wow!!! What a week full of MILF alerts galore!!!!! Elizabeth Hasselbeck has really proven she could be the new curvy couch!!! Even Maria Molina now doesn't want to be left out and she's showing more legs! And it is true that even both Ainsley and Heather are now stepping it up!

  19. Ever since Alisyn made history last weekend, my attitude has totally changed with her on the weekends! Now I can't wait for the weekend FAF to see what the Italian girl next door from the Jersey shore is going to entertain us men with!!! She's another example of a Fox News lady who doesn't want to be left out of the MILF league!

  20. I had no idea this Saturday was Alisyn Camerota's last day on the After the Show Show! Now that I think of it; no wonder she did what she did last Saturday! It was a last hurrah (in the form of a MILF alert)!

  21. What a disappointment for this Sunday edition without Alisyn Camerota on the curvy couch! I never thought I'd say both the previous statement and what I'm about to say; things won't be the same on weekend Fox and Friends without that loveable Italian girl next door from the Jersey Shore; a/k/a known as Ali-cat!!!
    I'll also say what a let down to have Anna Kooiman on the curvy couch today. Although she may have a body that's second to none; she just doesn't know how to flaunt it! She doesn't show anything and never sits the right way to show anything! She may as well just wear slacks or sit behind a desk! I really think Fox News on occasion get rid of some of the hottest anchorwomen (or "anchorettes") and replace them with some the most strange looking school girls just to be spiteful. This morning is no exception! I think I'll return to bed and cop some more zeeees!

    Now; your thoughts?

  22. The 4 Musketeers with @gcarlsontv @DXie jtfy celebrating Gretchen's 25th anniversary of her crowning…
    Check out this pic of Gretch on her twitter page, very busty!

  23. Hey cap man; don't forget Alisyn Camerota caps of her final Saturday main show as well as that ATSS! As far as I'm concerned you may skip Sunday caps because unless I missed something; they are truly nothing to write home about! It's up to you. That's just one viewer's opinion! Have a nice day!

  24. At this point, Katie Couric is an ex-MILF and a born-again school girl! No need for caps of her!

  25. Wuuuuhuuuuu!!!!!!! Super MILF Alert!!!!! That is the hottest I've ever seen Alisyn Camerota!!!!! She did an even hotter last hurrah than Gretchen Carlson did on her final FAF show! Why,the"Italian girl next door from the Jersey shore" even put the "sexy Swede"to shame!!! Is that history made or what? Now my new cheer cry is "More more Alisyn!!! We want Alisyn!!!!!"