Monday, March 25, 2013

Last Week of March: Nicole petallides and the Fox News Ladies caps.

Sunday: Nicole Petallides and Alisyn Camerota caps sent by "DJ".

Saturday: Alisyn Camerota caps @ Fox and Friends.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson and Maria Molina caps @ Fox and Friends.

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson and Maria Molina caps @ Fox and Friends.

Tuesday: Heather N., Heather C. and Lauren S. caps @ Fox and Friends 1st.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson and Maria Molina caps @ Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson and the ladies of Fox and Friends 1st.

Friday: Gretchen Carlson caps @ Fox and Friends.

Friday: Patti Ann Browne, Lauren S. and Ainsley Earhardt caps @ Fox and Friends 1st.

Ainsley Earhardt caps sent by "Ranger".

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. Wow, look at Nicole P. again.

  2. It's too bad I missed Sunday FAF because although Ali-cat was conservative, Nicole P. made a surprise guest appearance and ran rings around the Italian girl next door from the Jersey Shore and really raised the show's episode rating for that day! Nicole P. we love you! Always nice to see you and we'd love to see more of you!

  3. The Sexy Swede has upheld her title these past two days, although today the Goddess of Gams shows plenty. You would also think that it is sweltering in New York with the excellent low plunge and sweet cleavage that satisfies the passer by on looker. Welcome back Lady Gretchen it is good to see you again.

  4. Maria Molina was another stiff competitor for Gretchen Carlson yesterday on the curvy couch!

    On another more exiting note, Tuesday morning "Her Royal Thickness" is making up for yesterday by showing what she loves to show best---and alot of it---in her little grey dress! Wuuuuhuuuuu!!!!!! Keep on driving me wild!!!!! I love you!!!!!

  5. Fetchin' Gretchen is ravishing today. her bodacious bronze bod spilling out of her skimpy gray dress. The curvy couch is smoldering from the awesome display of her thick MILF'y physique. The geeks rendered speechless, gawking & drooling at "Her Royal Thighness" as she teases & torments them.

    Yes indeed, she is wearing THAT famous gray dress!!!

  6. gretchen's gonna need to step it up to keep the crown, those other gals blew her away while she was gone, showing more then she's shown in a long long time

  7. Lady Gretchen looking quite conservative this morning, yet showing enough leg to keep her loyal followers glued to the set. There may be some who will call today's dress boring not realizing that after these two days she can afford a reset.

  8. Her Royal Thighness (or thickness) did it again Wednesday on FAF., However, I still think she was way hotter yesterday in her legendery little grey dress!

    BTW, who is that chic in the micro mini-skirt in the last above caps?

  9. MILF's motto song as they try ever so hard to please each and every male viewer as well as co-workers "He's A Good Guy (yes he is)! They are never, ever shy and never care what the committee of "they" say!

  10. I agree with all the comments above. Capman can you add some Lauren S. Pics from Monday's Fox and Friends First. She looked ultra sexy, and she to was showing off her awesome thick thighs. Also, I think it's time for another, who looks hotter poll. Lot's of eye candy to choose from. I would love to see Gretchen vs Nicole P. Or Lauren S. vs Anna Kooiman. It's finally starting to feel like spring on the east coast. All the women on Fox News are showing off their best assets. Keep driving us wild ladies.

  11. Wow! Did you guys check out Her Royal Thighness in the yellow dress sitting with Maria Molina? I mean our fair Swede did what she loves to do best (although only on occasional surprises)! But anyhow what pleasant surprise! She didn't let her competitors get her down! She's the only one who is famous for it! (Hint: the last time was on December 3, 2012)!

  12. Old Gretchen was her usually hot and lovely self this Thursday (the day before Good Friday)morning!

  13. PAB Thursdayand Friday, all is right with the world!

  14. Patti Ann in a sort pink dress today! These will be the caps of the week.

  15. Two typss of ladies on Fox. PAB and others who are only.gorgeous.

  16. Yup, Patti Ann looks great this Friday morning.

  17. Wuuuhuuuu MILF MILF MILFAlert!!!!! Gretchen Carlson sounded the alarm this Friday to end the week! I love those knealing poses when she's outdoors next to the dogs! Happy Easter, Gretchen Carlson ---we love you!

  18. Here's three (3) comments in one:

    #1. PAB did look great Friday morning! She was unusually hot!
    #2.Correction re: Gretchen Carlson kneeling down to the dogs;" they were actually pet rabbits or bunnies.
    #3. I always love Gretchen Carlson in her little medium dark blue dress or navy blue dress because she reveals the most; especially her thick, lovely tootsies! (which she is so proud of and loves to display)!

  19. Correction: I used "tootsies" as the wrong word for "gams"or simply "legs" or "thighs."

  20. Gretchen Carlson put a famous former co-anchor of The Today Show and current hostess of her own talk show (who shall remain nameless) to shame big time!!!!! I bet if Gretch would be a guest star of that new talk show she would raise that show's ratings by 1000%. What do you guys think, huh?

  21. I'll call this Saturday's FAF "Let down Saturday!" The only thing that could possible boost toady's FAF show ratings is an appearance by a super hot surprise guest on the curvy couch who will entertain the men by providing delicious eye candy.