Monday, May 16, 2011

Third Week of May: Tamsen Fadal of PIX, Molly Line, Ainsley Earhardt and Gretchen Carlson.

Introducing: Tamsen Fadal of PIX New York.

Just like Gretchen, Tamsen will do everything for the ratings. Gretchen did pushups in a dress just like this last week outside the studio. But Tamsen did it on the news desk.
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Fox and Friends After The Show Show 05/16/2011:

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Fox and Friends After The Show Show 05/17/2011:

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Nothing interesting in After The Show Show this Wednesday. It's all standing room only.

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Friday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After The Show Show 05/20/2011:

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Enjoy the caps as always.

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  1. Thats a stiff competition. And that's a Gretchen challenger.

  2. Tamsen may be a short woman but those legs of hers make her look 6' tall.

  3. Maybe Tamsen and Gretch bought their dress on the same store they are tailored the same. Those legs will make us drive us into the ditch again.
    BTW, Molly Line looks great on that red dress, amazing.

  4. Oh! Ainsley, you didn't just drive me into the ditch but you're killing with what you show this Monday. It's the best ever in your entire career. I hope tomorrow Gretch will do the same of even more.
    Fox is the only news I watch everyday and you know why.

  5. Fox needs to step up its game. These other shows have the hot ladies doing crazy stuff on air like Fox used to. Pushups on top of the desk in a short skirt. Game over.

  6. I see Ainsley and Molly both got tired of being classifies as schoolgirls! They both decided to join the fetchin' Gretchen bandwagon and help both the show's ratings and the tow truck business!!! Tamsen Fadal is another one helping both those business!!! A LOUD AND CLEAR MILF ALERT SIREN SOUNDS!!!!!

  7. This is why I love to watch the news without that news desk. There's a lot to see than a news with a desk. Unless they do pushups on their desk. Fox NEws and PIX of NY are head to head, I keep my 2 tv on every morning. These 2 stations are really my source of my news and you know why.

  8. Whose that lovely lady in the brown outfit with the dog next to her. It looks to me like it could be Janice Dean, the weather machine? Is it? Please help me out folks.

  9. Best leg / panty show in months!!! (snif) it was so beautiful I wept!

  10. Gotta love FOX. You can tell the camera guy was dying to zoom in on the skirt in the dog segment. but since it was a guest they went back and forth. As soon as she crossed her legs they never went back to that zoom in shot.

  11. That's not Janice Dean in the brown dress. She's a author of a dog book that's why she's at F&F.

  12. Wow what can you say, the Sexy Swede gave us what we have been waiting for and shows us exactly why she is still on of the hottest MILF's on the tube.

  13. Oh boy, that after the show show by Ainsley is amazing. Love those zebra panties and I wonder if fox can count how many times people keep rewatching that video, lol.

  14. FYI: American Morning on CNN (6-9 et weekdays)
    has added a couch to their set. The ladies have been playing with it like a new toy.

    Lots of full monty camera angles of leggy ladies Christine Romans & Kiran Chetry.

    Many of you probably remember Kiran from Fox B4 she moved to CNN, but perhaps your not so familiar w/ Christine Romans. She anchors a biz show on weekends, but recently was added to the morning newscast

    Chris is an intelligent, articulate, attractive woman w/ beautiful legs.
    Most of the time her wardrobe is modest & conservative, but when she cuts it loose Christine rocks!!


  15. Thanks so much for the info: re: the lady in the brown dress. I also later on found out she was someone else. Her name escapes me, though. She sure was close to being a weather machine look-a-like!

  16. Whoever it is thinking that the lady in the brown dress is hot just proved to me you must be about 90 years old. Again shes probably a very nice lady but hot??? Come on fella get a life or go for a walk in the park.
    This Thur am the CNN ladies finally did their version of the curvy couch and put on a leg show. Not as great as the leg shows on Fox but its was worth a look see. On F&F the dress Gretch had on looked like it had max potential she even gave a nice but too quick under thigh shot. Woo wee would I like to dance tween the sheets with Gretch.
    I'm out!

  17. You are fight; the lady in the brown outfit was nice but not hot; though. She was more of a school girl type. Her look-a-like is considerably hotter than she is!

  18. The same universal MILF song is sung in all of the above caps of super hot ladies; including one or two recently converted MILF and former school girls when they try so hard to please each individual male audience member: "He's a good guy, yes he is! Just as sweet as he could be! Well, I don't care what the people say! I'm gonna show my lovely legs! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...he's a good guy, yes he is!"

  19. Here4's hoping our Swede Queen; also known as sparkles has a safe and healthy weekend. We'll see what this weekend brings. Molly Line is also welcomed. Of course with Italian Jersey girl next door sweetie's ever changing schedule we can't always depend on her being on the curvy couch on weekends because of her many fill-ins. I hope she has a restful, safe and healthy few days off as well.

    I hop the show's ratings will continue to climb this weekend.

  20. Friday Gretchen looking hot with great cl*avage. I wish I had seen the 6am intro when she walks in and always leans over to set papers on desk. That must have been nice b*ob shot if anyone has it

  21. Courtney Friel made a short appearance on Friday Fox and Friends. She's a nice girl but she might as well just stay home and entertain her husband and take care of her new born baby. Other wise, she's not really helping the show's ratings any. I mean, the way she sits is like a confirmed school girl and she might as well sit behind a desk if she decides to make any appearances on television. She's the total opposite of Gretchen Carlson; I'm sorry.

  22. Ainesly hot saturday. Super tight skirt and nice leg shot at the end by the pool. You guys remember when they had pool and they threw Juliet Huddy in the pool, dare to dream

  23. Wow! Ainsley Earhardt sure looked good this morning. She really helped the show's ratings this morning! She's really trying hard to lose the title of school girl!

  24. Dude, google images of Courtney you'll find pictures of her in a bikini, shes revealed plenty. Its going to take a few visits before shes comfy on the curvy & losens up those birthin thighs of hers. Friday they had Geraldo and briefly spoke about Schwarzenegger, you could see Gretch squirm ever so slightly because shes guilty of doing the mess around with a married man earlier in her career. Dont think a baby came out of the affair but shes just as bad as the governator

  25. Thanks for the reassurance comments made on May 21, 2011 1:37 pm.

  26. Molly Line looks good this Sunday morning. Wish she would move around more and act less like Courtney Friel. She could even now take lessons from Ainsley Earhardt.

  27. Jennifer Griffin was hotter than Molly Line this fine Sunday morning! The former ought to be a Fox News regular on FAF because surely the show's ratings would climb!

  28. Molly lookin hot Sunday. Dress had nice slit and she would lean back and raise her thighs up - yummmmmmmm. Cant wait to see your Ainsly caps from Saturday. Thats the best I have seen her look. Even the profile showed what a nice round butt she has. A new fan.

  29. Yeah, I'm becoming more of an Ainsley fan these days, too! The new and improved Ainsley!

    Molly is getting hotter and hotter as well!

  30. Molly looked lovely, elegant and hot in her white dress this Monday morning! She was even hotter on the ATSS! It looks like she is competing with our gal Gretchen Carlson as to who could turn more heads and raise the show's ratings the most. Molly Line also has her nice, tall height as an advantage! Can't wait to see her this coming Friday morning when she returns to the curvy couch; as well as the entire weekend!

    In the meantime, I'm looking forward to seeing Fetchin' Gretchen Carlson tomorrow morning as well as Wednesday and Thursday; the original gal who runs folks into ditches and still does; big time!