Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan-Feb 2011: The View and Fox News Fox and Friends.

The View caps/pictures/photos from previous shows.

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show 01/30/2011.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show 01/31/2011.

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show 02/01/2011.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show 02/02/2011.

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show 02/03/2011.

Friday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show 02/04/2011.

Enjoy the caps as always.

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. I agree with your comment:

    Our "hot girl-next-door, sweetie" Alisyn Camerota did it again both on the Fox and Friends and After the Show Show! She helped raise the show's ratings!

  2. The View really got the view we like. Nice to Alicia Silverstone she's hotter now than before.

  3. Monday morning was a big school girl alert! Need I say more other then the ratings probably took yet another nose dive! Our fair queen could have just stayed home to entertain her husband and cause his ratings of her to go up instead!

  4. Ditto for the above comments re: The View! When do these episodes come on because I seem to miss them! Thanks so much cap man because otherwise I could never catch them except on this blog. As usual, The View is a SUPER DUPER MILF ALERT!!! I mean, those women really love running folks into ditches! THOSE WOMEN REALLY DON'T CARE WHAT THE PEOPLE SAY! YOU TALK ABOUT A REAL DAYTIME CABARET SHOW!!!

  5. Alicia Silverstone really doesn't care what the people! She ought to join Fox and Friends as a regular! She is in no way, shape, or form, a school girl. She is a confirmed MILF; who is really putting our fair Fox and Friends lady to shame! Just imagine, Fox and Friends ratings would really hit the roof, or better still, the sky!

  6. So Gretch family owns a car dealership based on this comment last week:

    I think Gretch drive a SUV because with all the snow how can she drive at 4:00 AM from NY suburds. During last year show she said her parents owns a GMC dealership so she might be driving a GM SUV.

  7. I disagree on Monday. If you look at caps you can see Gretchen's bra few times - yummm. Tuesday looks like a hot day also. She has super short grey dress shwoing lots of thigh

  8. Yes, a agree with above comments! She was super hot this Tuesday morning with raising the show's ratings the way only Gretchen Carlson can---by raising something else while running folks into ditches and driving this writer absolutely WILD!!! Luv ya, Sparkles darling!!!

  9. Yeah, I don't think Monday Fox and Friends is a SG alert. Look at Gretch on that dress.

  10. I guess you guys are right because Monday was not a s.g. alert after all. Our fair lady did show alot of cleavage and curves!

  11. I'd like to call fetchin Gretchen le femme fatale.

  12. Gretchen is Gretchen she knows what to do. Everyday no matter what dress she wears she looks great.

  13. Gretchen was hot again this Wednesday morning! I do hate, however, whenever Fox News cuts in with a long broadcast from Egypt or any other emergency setting and keep the cameras away from the studios and only play the anchor people's voices. Do you know what I mean?

  14. I do have to admit that Brooke Shields was really a school girl on FAF and on the ATSS! Old Gretch was ten times hotter than the legendery guest!

  15. Gretchen looked so hot this morning. What I would give for 10 minutes with her! BTW, no offense, but WHAT IS UP with "running folks into ditches?" Do you watch F+F while driving? I get that that's your catchphrase, I just think it's an interesting choice of words. I don't know about running into a ditch, but Gretch does make my pants fit tighter...

  16. Brooke Burkes looks great and so as Gretch on those Wed caps.

  17. Yes, I agree 100 % that Gretch looks hot this Thursday morning! Brooke Burke is also a super MILF beyond words!

    FYI: I got that phrase "Running Folks In Ditches" from an old 1974 super hit song from an old R and B and funk group named "Skin Tight" by the Ohio Payers.

    I always thought it was a convenient catchphrase.

    Just google song "Skin Tight" by the Ohio Players and you'll know what I mean.

  18. ALER ALERT - Friday is best show in long long time. They had dog segement and our girl bent over to play with dogs seevral times. Best was when camera was behind her and you had like 2 second closeup of her butt and you could clearly see she wears smal thin THONG

  19. There is something about the color red worn by the right person that really helps the show's ratings.
    Our fair beauty queen, Sparkles did just that on Friday morning! She put on quite a show! She was flaunting what she had beautifully and loves to please her male audience members!

    Again, like the Ohio Players once said in song; "Running Folks In Ditches!"

  20. Gretchen Carlson had a really hot week. She really helped raise the show's ratings by herself with the exception of one day with the help of another hot guest. Can't wait to see her again on Monday! Have a great weekend Sparkles!

  21. Red dress on Sparles, in any position---warrants big fat, juicy MILF alert!!!

  22. I love the two ladies in their red dresses. However, I'll have to say old Sparkes really outdid the old sweet and hot girl-next-door.

    They both looked great together!

  23. Our girl-next-door sweetie and hottie did it again on this Saturday morning looking red hot and helping to raise the show's ratings! Lu ya, Italian Jersey queen!

  24. Again, Alisyn Camerota did it again as always every weekend! She was great! She attracted more viewers the way only she could do! Can't wait to see her next weekend or better still next Friday morning on her sneak preview for her upcoming Saturday show.

  25. All three ATSS's Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were great! The lady anchors really helped the show's ratings to the hilt these times! I can't wait until tomorrow to see old Gretch again! Hope she had a great weekend!

  26. Gretchen Carlson was in rare form this Monday morning on FAF! She was BLUE hot; thus helping the show's ratings for the day!

  27. A saw the Gretchen Carlson puppy bowl in HD she was wearing a thong for sure

  28. I thought I wasn't seeing things when Gretchen Carlson was bending over in her hot red dress! So, she does like things, huh!

  29. Where can we find the puppy bowl in HD???
    someone please help!!! please!!! i love to see her g-string, thanks.