Monday, March 1, 2010

Gretchen Carlson 1st week of March 2010.

Gretchen Carlson best caps/photos/pictures @ Fox News Channel Fox and Friends.

Gretchen in pink dress. Just post your comments.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show Video 02/17/10

Gretchen Carlson caps/photos/pictures this week @ Fox News Channel Fox and Friends.

Other Fox and Friends After the Show Show Video:

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. I would just love for Gretchen Carlson to utter these very words; "I just want to show (or like to show) my legs;" just to give me reassurance! I will say that her actions are louder than words! What do you think, guys?

  2. Love it Cap Man...thanks for all your trouble. The pictures of her in pink, GC010, 2nd from the bottom on the right... It looks as tho Gretch is saying...'Let me put this thing away before someone gets hurt.' Gretch is truly the best and we can never get enough of her good thing.

  3. It's always so nice to see Gretchen Carlson! I never get tired of her! She delivers the goods so well!

  4. My girl Gretchen Carlson was SUPER HOT this morning MARCH!!! SHE PUT ON QUITE A LEG SHOW THIS MORNING!!! GREAT WORK CAP MAN!