Monday, February 15, 2010

Juliet Huddy, Alisyn Camerota and Gretchen Carlson @ Fox News Channel.

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps/photos/pictures @ Fox News Channel Fox and Friends.

Monday: Juliet Huddy caps/photos/pictures @ Fox News Channel Fox and Friends.

Juliet Huddy for Gretchen Carlson this Monday.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show Video 02/15/10

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/photos/pictures @ Fox News Channel Fox and Friends.

Gretchen in red dress this Tuesday.

Fox and Friends Video 02/16/10: Gretchen Carlson in red dress.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/photos/pictures @ Fox News Channel Fox and Friends.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show Video 02/17/10

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson caps/photos/pictures @ Fox News Channel Fox and Friends.

Gretchen in pink dress this Thursday. Just post your comments.

Fox and Friends After the Show Show Video 02/17/10

Just post your comments about your favorite caps/pictures and news reporters.

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  1. It was so nice to see the lovely Julliet Huddy on Fox and Friends this morning. Although I always say nobody takes the place of Gretchen Carlson, the next best woman is Julliet Huddy because she is ALWAYS SUPER HOT like Gretchen!

  2. Wow, the red dress. You did it again Gretch.

  3. Wow... She did it again this Thursday, just keep it coming.

  4. History repeated itself this Thusday morning. Go Gretch...

  5. Gretchen, you go, girl! Between that little pink dress and doing the bump on the ATSS! You sure love to run folks into ditches! I also notice, too, that Gretchen lets her dress ride up high on the ATSS more so than on the regular show! On the ATSS, Gretch is definitely not shy and does not care what the people say!!! OOOOOhhhhh baayyybeeeee!!!!!

  6. That pink dress upskirt rules all previous chance glances of Gretch's under carriage..
    Fridays ATSS she teased her male audience by showing a lot of leg but turned the side so her golden triangle wouldnt show...I love this website.

  7. and by the way... the only reason Gretch took her shoe off the way she did was to give us a peek of her goods. There are more discreet ways to take your shose off. Why else would she stare at the monitor while she did it. She totally wanted to give us an upskirt.
    And the Cap Man captured it perfectly...good job Cap Man.

  8. My girl Gretchen Carlson was hot this past Friday especially on the ATSS with her little black skirt! OOOOhhhh she looked so good the way she sat!

  9. Alisyn Camerota was quite hot this Sunday, too in her little white outfit! Every now and then she gets real hot to make up for the other times that she's not.

  10. OOOOHHHH BAAAYYYBEEEEE!!!!! That little red dress that old Gretchen Carlson whore last week was ohhh soooo hot! That after the show show especially with that Pittsburg Pirates Hall of Famer showing the Barbee dolls and baseball trading cards with those uncrossed leg views of Gretch in her little red dress was enough to drive me wild!! I wish I were sitting next to her then! What do you think, guys?

  11. Think you meant wore and not 'whore', pretty funny tho. Also, if you're going to wish you were somewhere close to Gretch than wish you were between her thighs...laying down a hard hump.

  12. My girl Gretch did it again Tuesday March 2, 2010 with her little red dress! She even crossed her right leg over her left! This is just halfway through the show!!! She continues to run folks into ditches and not being shy nor caring what the people say about her being super hot!!! Gretchen Carlson, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  13. Hope all is fine with the Cap Man...
    Cap Man, come back brother, we need more of the same or as close as you can get.

  14. gretchen and alisyn need to show more skin it keeps us watching. my husband loves your show