Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Juliet Huddy and Gretchen Carlson caps/photos/pictures @ Fox News Cable Fox and Friends.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures @ Fox News Fox and Friends.

Tuesday: Juliet Huddy caps/pictures @ Fox News Fox and Friends.

What can you say about this message posted yesterday:

"Gretchen better look out, a younger Juliet Huddy is knocking on the door."

Can somebody else replace her on Fox and Friends???

Just post your comments.

Don't forget to post your comments for your favorite news reporters and favorite caps this week.

THANKS to all who posted their comments.

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  1. Nope! Please no! Nobody can replace Gretchen Carlson! My advice to Gretch: stop taking so much time off if you wish to keep your job! You are too fine and hot and intelligent to let go!

  2. I agree, No one can replace her, I was hoping for side cleavage yesterday but just missed it, camera guy needed to move over a bit, that white blouse had potnetial

  3. Huddy is too boney...somebody get her a cheeseburger.
    Gretch is nice & filled out. Hmmm.. her meat is probably nice and soft with a little bit of jiggle, but also firm. I must be going camping cuz I'm pitching a tent thinking about Gretch. I been getting needed sleep so I havent been watching F&F since Monday...