Monday, September 14, 2009

Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Gretchen Carlson and Alisyn Camerota caps/pictures.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox News Cable Fox and Friends.


Another great Wednesday morning with Gretchen and Dr. Jennifer Walden on the caps above. So what can you say about Gretchen and Fox & Friends this Wednesday?

Just post your comments.

Tuesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox News Cable Fox and Friends.

Nice red dress this Tuesday morning.

Monday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures/photos @ Fox News Cable Fox and Friends.


Gretchen looking so tan this Monday morning.

Weekend: Alisyn Camerota caps/pictures/photos @ Fox News Cable Fox and Friends.


Alisyn looks great on this red dress.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck caps/pictures/photos from The View.


Elizabeth Hasselbeck, what a pose on these caps.

Just post your comments and your reaction below.


Don't forget to post your comments for your favorite news reporters and favorite caps this week.

THANKS to all who posted their comments.

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  1. Wow caps...
    Great to see Gretch again.

  2. Ditto! Gretchen Carlson was hotter than ever today!!! I guess she loves to be admired by men and she's obviously been reading all the blogs and comments in cyberspace about all of her male viewers and admirers! You go, Gretchen! Gretchen 's gone wild! I luv u!

  3. Hey, how about some E.D. Hill caps from The View!Although. I must say those Elizabeth Hasselback caps are super hot and running folks in ditches!

  4. Has anybody else noticed for the last 14 days (not counting the days she is off ), maybe more Gretchen has done atleast one and usually two segments where she has her legs uncrossed and her legs pointing straight toward the camera. Always a chance for an upskirt when she does . On Purpose ? What do you guys think ?

  5. Yeah. I've noticed that about Gretchen , too about uncrossed legs. She may be doing that on purpose. One woman once said that women knows what shows and that why do they spend so much time in front of mirowrs.