Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alisyn Camerota, Patti Ann Browne and Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures @ Fox News.

Friday: Alisyn Camerota caps/pictures @ Fox News Cable Fox and Friends.

What can you say about F&F this week 4 days without Gretchen?

Miss America Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures @ David Letterman Show:

Gretchen 20 years ago. What can you say about Gretchen's look in 1989?

Just post your comments.

Thursday: Alisyn Camerota caps/pictures @ Fox News Cable Fox and Friends.

Alisyn looking great in green dress this Thusday.

Patti Ann Browne of Fox News caps/pictures @ Red Eye.

Patti Ann aka Princess Fist in Face.

And here's Gretchen again.


Don't forget to post your comments for your favorite news reporters and favorite caps this week.

THANKS to all who posted their comments.

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  1. I like Alisyn and Patti Ann but I miss Gretchen a lot. Please come back soon Gretch.

  2. Me too , come back mistress. Although, i have to say, never been a real Allyson fan, but on Friday ATSS, she did the Gretchen move and leaned back with her legs crossed, real nice thigh shot - you go girl

  3. Whoa..... Gretch looking great then and now. Not much has changed 20 years ago.

  4. The only thing that changed with Gretchen now and 20 years ago is that she is now soooo much hotter now!with her wardrobe! She was always lovely!

  5. Id have to agree that Gretchen Looks Much better today than in the earlier years. I guess it is the fact that as a women matures that the best things be come even better. She knows how to carry herself and in her case give that upskirt slip. Well in any case Alisyn and Gretchen making the TV screen hotter by the day.

  6. Gretchen is back, caught the last minute of the show, looked like some nice cleavage going on, hope some nice caps of our girl

  7. Gretch looked like a friggin alien back then... Funny how the concept of beauty changes.