Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gretchen Carlson, Rebecca Gomez Diamond and Ainsley Earnhardt caps/pictures @ Fox News Cable.

More caps/pictures of Gretchen Carlson this week.

You can also watch this on Featured Video Section of this blog below.
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Friday: Ainsley Earnhardt caps/pictures @ Fox News Cable Fox and Friends.

Thursday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures @ Fox News Cable Fox and Friends.

Yup, the world renowned gray dress is here again this Thursday. Do you think today is the best Fox and Friends show? We'll have the poll again for this week tomorrow.

Wednesday: Gretchen Carlson caps/pictures @ Fox News Cable Fox and Friends.

Gretchen looks great in this light blue dress. And what can you say about this side view pose?

Rebecca Gomez Diamond of Fox Business News
For those who did not see Fox Biz Host Rebecca Gomez Diamond. Here again are her caps/pictures:

So what can you guys say about Rebecca is she good on hosting the show Happy Hour on Fox Business News or she has a chance in modeling career???

Are you guys also watching Fox Business News?

ABC News, NBC News, CNN News and CBS News. Do they have ladies like in Fox News?


Don't forget to post your comments for your favorite news reporters and favorite caps this week.

THANKS to all who posted their comments.

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  1. They both look great. What more can I ask for. Thanks.

  2. Gretchen looks great in blue - I think she is wearing the world renowned greay dress on Thursday

  3. The ATSS sucked on grey dress day, they were off location which I always hate when they do that, or stand for the entire ATSS, and when they did show Gretchen is was split screen, and now she is off FRiday so I really hope you have some caps of her in the dress

  4. Shes off tomorrow??? Bummer. Agree on the ATSS portion but on 1 of the film clips Gretch & Doocy did an interview where she she sat on a tall stool, but you only got the side view. Good thigh shot but I want to see the triangle.
    Man do I want to do good things to her...

  5. Wow, the gray dress is here again. I think it's been a couple months since I last saw it. Gretch looks great in the gray dress again. And so as Rebecca on the gown. I hope it's Monday again can't wait to see Gretch again.

  6. Oooh Mistress Gretchen, your encore performance of Gray's Anatomy was most impressive.
    Enjoy your well earned vacation.
    We look forward to your return to the "curvy couch".

  7. Gray dress rules end of story. BTW - Nice yout tube vidoe of Gretchen in the blue dress on a stool - dammmmmmmm

  8. Just watched the ATSS for Friday and thougth another boring ATSS where they are on location, but they brought up some ladies from the audience to sing on stage, pretty hot blond showed cleavage few times bending over into the microphone :)

  9. Oh, Gretchen I'm gonna miss you this coming week. Anyhow, enjoy your well-earned vacation and have a safe and healthy one, please! Don't forget to take pictures of you enjoying fun in the sun!You looked super hot in that grey dress! It's a tie between the little red and the little grey outfit which are the best! Luv ya much!

  10. Wow thats a bit much 'Luv ya much'???

    Ainsley on Saturdays ATSS looked so hot and almost pulled off a leg switch but caught herself before she could pleasure us. The cameraman was out of position anyway. All his shots are straight on, he needs to be to her right as her left leg is crossed over her right leg, and closer to the floor.

  11. Cant believe Tuesday is getting its ass kicked. Gretchen showed the most leg that day and thats what I go by, the more skin that shows the better, the more leg that shows the better, the shorter the skirt the better. What else is there? Cant be the color. Who cares about that? I stand by my vote.

  12. I was hoping you caught the blond that was up on stage singing on the ATSS, since nothing else goingonlast few days

  13. Alisyn Camerota was quite hot Monday in her little blue outfit! She wasn't bad today either in another blue outfit! Guess she's trying to keep the ratings of FAF high even when Gretchen is on vacation! Way to go, Aly!

  14. Gretchen Carlson's usual song in her head; especially when she is showing the most thigh;"...well, I don't care what the people say! I'm gonna show my lovely legs...Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,Oh...!"

  15. Given! all the girls are HOT!! But also deliver news very well. Not a weak one except the Gretchen I'm from Mn. You rock:) my fave for yrs jas been Patti Ann. & Lourie Dhue, where are you. Sexiest legs along with Mary Hart!